Website Landing Page vs. Microsite for Cannabis Businesses

When building your cannabis business’s online presence, you have the choice of using a landing page or a microsite. While they are often confusing to some as both options share similarities, there are differences that primarily lie in the purpose of use. 

The choice between the two ultimately comes down to what your end goal is. To understand further which option will work best for your business, we’ll cover the key elements of each choice.


What Is a Website Landing Page?

Your website’s landing page is usually the web page your customers would be redirected to when they click on your link. It is an individual web page rooted in your main website’s domain and often includes a call to action (CTA) for your users. Often, this could come in the form of sign-ups, purchases, and email list opt-ins. The goal of your landing page is to convert leads using the CTA.


What Is a Microsite?

On the other hand, microsites can often be explained as a website within a website. They are branded content sites rooted in your main website’s subdomain and often have their own independent URL. 

Companies that opt for microsites often choose them because they can provide a separate experience from the rest of your main website. They can offer an in-depth look into the product or service a business provides. 

While landing pages are for lead conversion, microsites are for brand awareness and engagement. Businesses often use them to educate their target audience instead of closing a sale.


Website Landing Page vs. Microsite

Landing pages are best for providing your consumers with a focused experience on a single service or product when entering your site. In terms of web design, they are quite simple and are geared towards serving a purpose. This often includes a strong CTA along with a clear description of the benefits of using your products. At the very least, your landing page should encourage users to act rather than browse through your site.

The great thing about landing pages is that they’re quite easy to set up and manage. Since they are rooted in the main website’s domain, you can easily track your landing page using the website’s analytics. And as long as the copy is well-written, you can expect results to be delivered cost-effectively.

The downside of using a landing page, however, is that you can only highlight one CTA. Conversions aren’t a guarantee, so you must ensure your content is engaging from start to end. But the challenge comes in packing all the relevant information on one page, such that it is clear and engaging. 

On the other hand, microsites have the benefit of providing a better and fuller experience for consumers. Due to its focused nature, a microsite can provide your customers with the information they need without the added distraction of your website’s other offerings.

Microsites are great for engagement because they can offer you more meaningful interactions between you and your customers. They can also yield higher opportunities for clicks and help you rank.

However, microsites aren’t as easy to set up and manage as landing pages. Not only are they time-consuming, but they can also be expensive to build. To create a microsite, you’ll need to purchase an additional domain and get website design services. And if you’ll need a new content management system for your microsite, it could be confusing to manage.


In Summary

While some may confuse landing pages with microsites, knowing the difference can help you get the results you need for your cannabis business. If you want to convert leads, a landing page would be best. However, if you want to focus on brand awareness and engagement, a microsite might be more appropriate for your business. Before making your decision, make sure you consider your end goal.

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