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with our specialized Google marketing strategies.

Our average client gets a 34% increase in traffic in 4 months
and an 88% increase in 12 months.

“We’re now ranking first on Google for searches in our state!”

“Work with Cannabud Marketing if you’re looking to outperform the competition”

“Our rankings have gone up immensely since the few months we’ve been with them already.”

Dispensary Digital Marketing to Increase Calls by 302%
(120K revenue generated in 2 months) 

how people interact with you analytics data

Prior to working with us. This client was seeing mediocre results in local search. In only 2 months they saw a 302% boost in calls to their business (245% increase in 1 month). This was almost equal to 6,000 calls to their business in two months. 

With a conversion rate of 30% and an average purchase price of $55. That resulted in over $120,000 of extra revenue generated for this client.

insights data

Aggregate data: 33,000 website visits, 14,000 direction requests & 8,500 calls

More Than DOUBLED Both Website (233% increase) and Call Traffic (238% increase)

analytics example
analytics example

Imagine what it would look like to DOUBLE your online traffic with a targeted customer base who is already looking at purchasing your cannabis products.

Trusted By Many Other Dispensaries

Does this sound like you?

Tired of working with unreliable freelancers who never respond back?

Having customers say “Oh I didn’t know you guys existed?” (Despite being open for months…)

Getting zero online orders?

Spending WAY too much money on Weedmaps?

Losing sales due to increasing competition?

If so, we can help!

This is Our Proven 3-Step System

To Drive More  Sales To Your Stores

Step 1: Build a Cannabis Website For Conversions & Aesthetics

How can you make your dispensary stand out from the competition?

Websites don’t only need to look good. They need to properly convince your visitors to purchase your products. If they can’t do that then no amount of marketing will help you sell more products.

We ensure that your website is both aesthetic and is optimized to convert your online traffic to sales.

You have already invested a ton of money time & effort into getting your physical store up and running. But your website is actually the front door of your business, because people find you ONLINE first and THEN they go into your store afterwards.

Whether you’re new or have some experience to the cannabis industry, it can be hard to know where to start. You don’t want your dispensary to look like everyone else’s.

With a well-designed website, visitors will immediately know what to expect when they visit. They’ll see all of their favourite products listed on one page and photos that highlight the best aspects of your business.

By working with us on the design and development of your marijuana website, we’ll make sure that your dispensary stands out from the crowd. We’ll work with you so that it looks exactly how you want, has all of the branding elements that will get results for customers, and generates sales!


Cannabis Web Design Example

Your customers will feel comfortable making contact with you on your site because they’ll know exactly where to find you, what time they need to come by for their cannabis products, and how much it’s going to cost them. We’ll work closely with you as we develop this site so there are no surprises at launch!

As a client of Cannabud Marketing, you’ll get every aspect of this site custom-built specifically for your business.

Step 2: Use Local SEO Strategies to Rank Your Dispensary in Google Maps

Have you ever gotten hungry or want to plan a lunch/dinner event with friends and type in “restaurant near me” in Google?

After that, you take the top results into consideration by looking at the reviews, right?

This is exactly the same strategy we use to get more people to come into your dispensary.

We use Local SEO strategies to rank your dispensary on Google Maps. Just as if you were looking for a restaurant, people also type in “dispensary near me.” Look at the top three listings and go to that business. 

It’s an easy way to drive foot traffic to your dispensary or grow shop, which leads to higher sales volume, better margins and increased loyalty from existing customers.


dispensary near me google serp example

We are experts at Cannabis Marketing and we do it right. Having your dispensary appear in the top 3 on Google Maps for your services is one of the most impactful things you can do.

The end result? You show up more on Google Maps and get a significant boost in sales.

Our cannabis marketing agency is one is the best in the business. We stay on top of all the latest SEO trends so you don’t have to. Our continual testing & optimizations ensure that you not only get to the top, but you stay there as well.

Step 3: Use Marijuana Organic SEO To Rank in The Search Results (Below Google Maps)

Underneath the Google Maps area sits the Organic section of Google. This is also incredibly important because you want to have your website show up in ALL areas of Google.

As I’m sure you’re aware, you probably are seeing competitors open up dispensaries what seems like every day.

Similarly, as time passes more and more dispensaries will be getting a website. This also means that you need to get AHEAD of the competition before they get ahead of you. Cannabis digital marketing isn’t getting any less competitive. This is why it’s incredibly important to get started now.

This isn’t something that you can just half do. Just like you can’t half run a business. Optimizations need to be done consistently every day in order to be competitive. If this was the case, then we wouldn’t be in business. Since everyone could apparently do their own dispensary marketing.

Does your marijuana business have the staff and know-how to do this? If not, you have come to the right place. Our cannabis marketing agency will make sure to do all of this for you.

Using our dispensary marketing strategies we’re here to provide you with maximum results for maximum return on investment. Not only do we work to get you maximum visibility on Google Maps. We also work to get you the same visibility below it as well.

south portland dispensary serp example

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Our Cannabis Marketing Agency is a full-service cannabis marketing agency dedicated to helping you do one thing. That is to generate as much revenue for your dispensary as possible. 

The problem is that most people don’t know how to market their business. They think they can just go out there and get a nice ad in the newspaper or put up some flyers on poles. Or even worse, think that “if they build it, they will come.”

This simply isn’t true. It takes an expert to do it properly, and we are just that: an expert. We have been marketing cannabis dispensaries for years now, so we know what works best when it comes to generating revenue for your dispensary.

By using our proven three-step system you will be light years ahead of what your competitors are doing.

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