The Top Marketing Agency for Cannabis Dispensaries

There are no shortages of SEO, social media & web design agencies. But there are very few that really know Cannabis. That’s where we come in.

We’re a dispensary-only digital marketing agency whose main goal is to deliver you the best results.

Our Proven 3-Step System

To Drive More  Sales To Your Stores

Cannabis Web Design Example

Step 1: Get Your Website Right

Websites don’t only need to look good. They need to properly convince your visitors to purchase your products. If they can’t do that then no amount of marketing will help you sell more products.

We ensure that your website is both aesthetic and is optimized to convert your online traffic to sales. 

Step 2: Drive Buyers To Your Site & Store

Ranking your website on Google is the #1 way for you to generate consistent sales online. Especially with the difficult (annoying) compliance issues that come with marketing cannabis.

Since we are organically growing your website on Google, compliance won’t be an issue. You won’t have to worry about getting your accounts suspended and having any interruptions in sales.

Step 3: Increase Sales

Use our Dispensary Edge Software to significantly increase the conversions your website has. We not only help you drive more traffic to your website with SEO. But make sure that traffic turns into paying customers.

Our Cannabis Digital Marketing Results

Not Just Good Results – But Happy Clients As Well

“We’re now ranking first on Google for searches in our state!”

“Work with Cannabud Marketing if you’re looking to outperform the competition”

“Cannabud Marketing has been able to get us on top of Google”

Dispensary Digital Marketing to Increase Calls by 302%
(120K revenue generated)

Prior to working with us. This client was seeing mediocre results in local search. In only 2 months they saw a 302% boost in calls to their business (245% increase in 1 month). This was almost equal to 6,000 calls to their business in two months. 

With a conversion rate of 30% and an average purchase price of $55. That resulted in over $120,000 of extra revenue generated for this client.

Aggregate data: 33,000 website visits, 14,000 direction requests & 8,500 calls

Over 100% increase in customers month over month

Prior to working with us. This client was also seeing mediocre results in local search. In only 1 month they saw over 100% increase in customers and in month two it doubled.

These results are also dramatically reduced as this was during peak covid. (Hence the direction requests decreasing)

To summarize, in only two months they saw over 200% total increase in both website visits and calls to their dispensary.

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