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Marketing Partners for Cannabis Dispensaries

We work exclusively with Cannabis Dispensaries in the United States and Canada.

Our Story

Welcome to Cannabud Marketing

At Cannabud Marketing, we’re not just a digital marketing agency – we’re on a mission to redefine what’s possible for your dispensary.

Our Mission

Elevate Your Dispensary

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the cannabis dispensary space, our mission is to help you navigate this dynamic industry. We provide cutting-edge digital marketing solutions that elevate your dispensary brand and connect you with your audience.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of both the cannabis industry and the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. From SEO strategies tailored to cannabis regulations to high converting websites, we have the expertise to drive results specifically for dispensaries.

People First:

Our approach centers around people first. We constantly explore new horizons, seeking inventive solutions to propel your dispensary brand forward. From pioneering marketing strategies to embracing emerging trends, we prioritize the human experience. By blending tradition with forward-thinking methodologies, we ensure your dispensary not only meets industry standards but sets them.


Cannabud Marketing is dedicated to more than just marketing; we are committed advocates for the transformative impact of cannabis. This dedication permeates every aspect of our work. We believe in the potential of your dispensary to create meaningful experiences and contribute positively to people’s lives.

About Brandon Quan

Our Roots

My name is Brandon, and I’m the founder here at Cannabud Marketing.

Before hopping into the world of cannabis, I was in charge of running a venture creation firm. This is where I dipped my toes into multiple industries and their many ways of marketing.

Following this, I created my own generalist SEO agency called Champions of SEO. However, upon realizing that I was limited in how much value I could provide.

I decided to specialize in working with cannabis dispensaries. From there the rest is history and Cannabud Marketing was formed!

If you want to check out more about me & the blogs I write you can click here.

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