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“We’re now ranking first on Google for searches in our state!”

“Work with Cannabud Marketing if you’re looking to outperform the competition”

“Cannabud Marketing has been able to get us on top of Google”

Increased Calls To This Dispensary by 302%
($120,000 revenue generated)

Prior to working with us. This client was seeing mediocre results in local search. In only 2 months they saw a 302% boost in calls to their business (245% increase in 1 month). This was almost equal to 6,000 calls to their business in two months. 

With a conversion rate of 30% and an average purchase price of $55. That resulted in over $120,000 of extra revenue generated for this client.

Aggregate data: 33,000 website visits, 14,000 direction requests & 8,500 calls

Over 100% increase in customers month over month

Prior to working with us. This client was also seeing mediocre results in local search. In only 1 month they saw over 100% increase in customers and in month two it doubled.

These results are also dramatically reduced as this was during peak covid. (Hence the direction requests decreasing)

To summarize, in only two months they saw over 200% total increase in both website visits and calls to their dispensary.

Generating $40,000 additional revenue per month

At 7,500 visitors per month and a conversion rate of 10% and an average cart size of $55. This client is seeing $40,000 of revenue generated when working with us.

Almost 15,000 website visitors

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In only a few shorts months we were able to grow the number of visitors to this dispensary to almost 15,000.

Double Traffic Growth in 2 months

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In two months we doubled this dispensary’s online traffic. Driving more online sales & calls to their business.

More traffic doubling

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This was a new client who was just getting started and had no online presence at all. We were able to fast track their growth almost immediately. They jumped from zero traffic to 250 then doubled to 500 visitors. Their calls to the business also doubled month over month.

352% Boost in Visibility

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Visibility is important to ensure your brand is seen. Increase visibility both on maps and in search. We were able to get them over 300% increase in growth in terms of brand visibility.

33% increase in traffic & 56% increase in calls

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This client has just gotten started and has seen a 33% increase in website traffic and a 56% increase in calls. We’re expecting to see even greater growth in the coming months.

146% increase in website visits and 520% increase in calls

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Again, seeing some tremendous growth in the beginning optimization phases when working with this dispensary. Getting over 140% increase in website visits and 500% increase in calls is an incredible start.

6000% increase in brand awareness on Google Maps

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Another client in the beginning phases of optimization seeing their GMB visibility skyrocket.

6000+ Online Traffic Visitors and still going strong

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The growth plateau hasn’t stopped yet! We’re still going strong!

Passed the 1500 session per month mark and still growing

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Seeing some strong growth continuing past the 4 month mark.

10x Traffic compared to same time last year

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This client has seen a 10x growth across the board compared to the same time as last year.

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