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Cannabis Websites Built For Sales

Your cannabis website is something you fully own. The unpredictable nature of operating a cannabis business on social media means you can get suspended at any time.

This is why you need a website that not only looks good but is built to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Create the optimal user experience with a custom-designed website so your cannabis business shines in a crowded market. At CannaBud Marketing, we help you develop a strong web presence that makes a lasting impression on customers, so they’ll have no choice but to purchase from you again. We build websites for cannabis businesses ranging from recreational dispensaries to medical marijuana business platforms and CBD brands.

We know that small business owners in the cannabis industry don’t have the time or resources for brand development, website design and development, industry research, and more. We handle all the complex web development steps for you, allowing you to focus on customers and team and company success. With our cannabis web design, you can reach more potential clients, boost website traffic, improve brand visibility, increase sales, and move products.

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Before & After

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Looking To Transform Your Own Dispensary Website?

At CannaBud Marketing, we provide conversion-driven web design, development, and measurement services to expand your customer base. Our experienced team specializes in design and development in the cannabis industry. We understand what success means for your business and won’t stop until you achieve it.

As a client-centric business, we customize our web design, development, and branding services to meet your needs. We offer the following cannabis web design services to all our clients.

Responsive Design and Custom Development

Our website design process includes in-depth industry research on target keywords, brand messaging, and site development. Our developers create each website with a user-friendly design that automatically adjusts to fit any screen size. We customize our clients’ websites with engaging, conversion-focused designs that make it easy for customers to locate and purchase products.

Our custom development team can create any website elements you can imagine. Whether you want interactive order forms, visual graphics, secure marijuana checkouts, or anything else, we can help. After we learn about your business, brand, and goals, we’ll create an intuitive site for your company to scale your needs as you reach new audiences.



Content is the meat of your website. Your content should sell your brand and products while adhering to ranking algorithm criteria. We can help generate optimized, engaging, and conversion-focused content that convinces shoppers to pick your company.

Our copywriting service covers every word on your website, from the alternative text behind your images to every H1, H2, H3, etc. Our team can help you create copy for your primary website pages, including product landing pages, e-commerce listings, product description pages, the about us page, your home page, and more. We also offer short-form copywriting that allows companies to publish fresh content consistently for improved rankings and website traffic.

Through our keyword and audience research, we can help you start a blog series relating to your products. For example, we can assist with writing blogs about the best strains, the different types of marijuana, and so forth. Blogs improve rankings and bring more conversion-ready clients to your website.

Real-time Digital Marketing Analytics

Businesses cannot improve without data. Our team uses real-time digital marketing analytics to form improvement insights and make educated decisions. We will track the most important metrics relating to your business’s goals from the start to see how our efforts progress.

We can evolve your strategy by viewing data over time. For example, if we notice that a few of your shorter blog posts are performing better than the longer ones, we can incorporate more short-form content in the future.

Our performance tracking covers every aspect of your website. We can measure overall traffic, engagement rates, abandonments, search engine rankings, paid campaign performance, and much more. We provide transparent progress updates throughout the process so your team can stay in the loop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website rank at the top of results across search engines for your desired keywords, like “medical marijuana near me” or “the best cannabis dispensary in Denver.” Google uses over 200 ranking criteria to determine which websites rank high.

SEO ranking factors include technical development aspects of your site, on-page content, keyword research, and off-page strategies. Our team has ample experience and knowledge in all SEO ranking factors, so we know how to optimize your website for success. We conduct keyword and target audience research, develop technically perfect sites, measure results, and optimize based on performance.

With an optimized website, your brand can reach more customers, developing strong authority, visibility, and trust. When you start ranking near the top for “marijuana near me,” competitors and customers alike will recognize you as the industry leader.

Our optimization processes include some or all of the following:

·       On-page optimization

·       Off-page optimization

·       Technical optimization

·       Local optimization

·       Keyword research

·       Site auditing

·       Competitor analysis

·       Blog content creations

·       Link building

·       Guest blogging

·       Content marketing

·       Citation building

·       Review acquisitions and management

·       Google Business Places optimization

·       Cannabis-friendly social media posts

Custom Cannabis Industry Websites With Room To Grow

Our team fully customizes all our cannabis websites to meet styling preferences, business goals, and audience needs. Seeing your business grow is our top priority. We design sites that are flexible, easy to adjust, and built for growth, so businesses can expand.

As more people discover your new website, we can continue helping you achieve actionable goals. When you work with CannaBud Marketing, you’ll get to work side by side with us, learning about the process hands-on. We can help you brainstorm ideas and turn visions into reality.

Our portfolio of custom cannabis websites speaks for itself. Our professional designs transcend basic templates and prove how high in quality your products truly are.

Boost Sales With a New Website Today

At CannaBud Marketing, we want to help you turn website visitors into paying customers. Our site design service offers comprehensive business results, from improved website traffic to strengthened brand authority and increased revenue. If you want to beat the competition and become the cannabis force in your area, we can help.

Schedule a free strategy meeting with our CannaBud Marketing team today to learn how we can transform your dispensary.

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