Useful Tips for Cannabis Marketing on Social Media

Just like any product, if you are a seller of cannabis products, your business will need to have a solid marketing plan to get the word of your products to your target audience. However, marketing cannabis is not as easy as creating posts on your social media and making them public.

Keep in mind that even if cannabis has been legalized in Canada and 33 US states, there are strict guidelines that you need to follow when you market your cannabis products on social media sites. You must find a way to successfully market your cannabis while remaining compliant to these guidelines.

Useful Tips for Cannabis Marketing on Social Media

1 – Market Your Products Using Educational Content

One way to market your cannabis products is to use educational content in your social media posts. This will increase social awareness and build trust when it comes to your brand as well as the use of marijuana. You may also use educational content to try and eradicate the negative stigma associated with the use of cannabis.

2 – Strategic Stories Help Your Marketing Campaign

If you have ever used social media, you know of the convenience and novelty of using the Stories features many offer to show the latest updates of what your friends are doing at that very moment. You can use Stories on Facebook or Instagram to showcase your cannabis products and any updates to your brand or product line.

3 – Showcase Your Team

Another great idea to gain the trust and confidence of your target audience is to share the back story of your product, as well as your cannabis team. Your audience will be delighted to get to know the team behind the products you are offering, and they will be able to trust your brand more as a result of it.

4 – Be Authentic

When it comes to marketing as a whole, being authentic and true to who your company is and what you can offer your customers is the key to building trust and gaining a wider customer base. Being truthful and honest about your products will allow you to resonate with your customers.

5 – Work With a Cannabis-Specific Marketing Agency

If you want to be completely sure that your social media posts and ads are in line with the guidelines of cannabis advertising, hiring a cannabis-specific marketing agency will do you good.


As a business owner of a cannabis business, you have to ensure that you have a marketing plan that can successfully advertise your brand and grow your business. However, you have to be aware that cannabis requires a different marketing plan than many other products, meaning that you will need to adhere to certain guidelines as you market your product and attract customers.

Hiring a marketing agency that specializes in marijuana will ensure that you will not be breaking any of the protocols when it comes to marketing your products online. Cannabis marketing professionals will be able to advise you as to which types of social media work most effectively in terms of marketing and selling your products.

If you are a cannabis company looking for help with your social media marketing strategies, Cannabud Marketing is your marketing agency of choice for all things cannabis. Let us take the reins for your cannabis advertising tactics. Contact us today and let us show you how you can improve your social media marketing plan.

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