The Latest in Cannabis Marketing – What You Need to Know

Cannabis markets emerge in the industry, and the market for it is saturated as more states legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana. It means you are likely to have fewer chances of standing out without a reliable brand. This is where marijuana marketing comes in. This strategy is important because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, so you have to be proactive in lawfully presenting yourself to your target audience. 

Cannabis advertising is ever-evolving, and the only way to stay ahead of your competitors is to stay informed about and keep up with the latest trends. Use this article as your guide to learning more about what’s next for cannabis marketing.

What Are the Current Best Practices for Cannabis Marketing?

Performing data mining and owning the customer experience is key to the top-performing cannabis brands’ success. It works by leveraging granular and personalized strategies when targeting customers as technology and the level of access to data continuously changes.

To grow your cannabis business and lead the change for customer data and insights, invest in educating and informing the current and prospective consumer about your brand positioning. Use custom micro-segmented audiences based on their income, psychographics, visitation patterns, and spending habits. This way, you can catch up as the market evolves.

What Is the Most Challenging Aspect in Customer Acquisition for Cannabis Marketing?

A lack of inventory where customers are in their ‘buying’ mindset is a common challenge in the cannabis industry. You may find yourself having limited advertising capabilities and difficulty influencing buying decisions, especially when using digital channels since they have regulations in place. Address this issue by equipping yourself with the proper tools to reach the right customers and taking advantage of data access and technology. 

Using the best marketing technology lets you generate customer loyalty and influence buyers to choose your product over your competitors. In other words, it’s not enough to just have the right systems. You need to use the data correctly to market your products to your target audience effectively.

What Are Other Cannabis Marketing Strategies I Can Try?

The best way to gain new customers is to understand your existing ones. Keep in mind that people-based marketing begins with knowing your target market. So prioritize doing that and establishing your relationship with them. 

With first-party data and insights from your current buyers, you can identify and target those most likely to support your brand and buy your products. Achieve this by performing thorough market research to determine why your current customers buy your products or visit your store or website. 

Afterward, attain your desired results by marketing to similar shoppers and creating brand experiences tailored to unique brand differentiators. Make sure to personalize your messaging across all marketing channels to reach various buyer personas successfully.



To reach your business goals, it’s not enough that you are aware of the importance of cannabis marketing and implementing different marketing efforts. Your success depends on how your audience sees you, so you have to learn more about the latest marketing trends. Keep the information stated above in mind and try incorporating it into your current tactics. To seek expert advice and assistance, feel free to contact reputable marketing agencies like ours.

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