“My First Cannabis Event Got Raided By The MED” – Jasmin J., Marketing Assoc. at Simply Pure


Attending your first cannabis event filled with bustling vendors, insightful discussions, and a vibrant community can be an exhilarating experience. But what happens when the event you’re attending gets unexpectedly raided by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)? Jasmin Johnson, a Marketing Associate at SimplyPure, had this experience, shedding light on the multifaceted world of cannabis marketing. From compliance struggles to creative social media strategies, her stories provide a fresh and educational perspective on the industry.

In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of cannabis marketing, the obstacles faced, and the strategies adopted to make a mark in this ever-evolving field.

Challenges of Cannabis-Related Businesses on Social Media

Navigating Platforms Like Instagram and Twitter

Social media is a double-edged sword for the cannabis industry. It’s indispensable for brand awareness but fraught with pitfalls that could lead to account takedowns and social media blackouts. For businesses like SimplyPure, these challenges are all too familiar.

The Battle Against Account Takedowns

Have you ever wondered how cannabis businesses stay under the radar on platforms like Instagram? The struggle is real. Jasmin Johnson, SimplyPure’s Marketing Associate, underscores the precarious balance between visibility and compliance. “We have to navigate constant account takedowns and sweeps,” she mentions, emphasizing the necessity of avoiding direct mentions of cannabis through alternative spellings and creative use of emojis.

The Impact of New Ownership and Policy Changes

The volatility doesn’t end with takedowns. Policy shifts under new platform ownership, particularly noticeable on x, formerly known as Twitter, further complicate things. These changes often result in diminished engagement and an overall shrinking digital footprint, disrupting carefully planned social media campaigns.

Workarounds and Alternative Strategies

Jasmin and her team have devised inventive workarounds to these social media conundrums. Instead of direct promotions, they focus on community partnerships and in-person marketing to drive foot traffic. Their emphasis isn’t on converting social media clicks into store visits but on building a strong, recognizable brand.

The Importance of In-Person Marketing Strategies

Face-to-Face Interactions and Community Engagement

While the digital sphere is necessary, nothing beats face-to-face interactions when it comes to building trust and long-term relationships with your audience. For SimplyPure, in-person marketing isn’t just a strategy—it’s the backbone of their success.

Building Brand Awareness Offline

Does in-person marketing make a difference? Jasmin believes it does. She explains that SimplyPure prioritizes brand awareness through events and community involvement. “You can’t underestimate the power of a well-executed live event,” she asserts. From handing out freebies to educational seminars, the company ensures they are visible and active in the community.

Navigating Legal Boundaries and Compliance

The challenge doesn’t stop at just planning to be visible. Adhering to ever-changing regulations is a constant uphill battle. Jasmin elaborates on the role of their operations manager and legislative expert, Wanda James, who work tirelessly to stay compliant. Events need specific licenses, gift cards as incentives must be meticulously documented, and every promotional activity is scrutinized to avoid legal pitfalls.

Creative and Compliance-Friendly Giveaway

Ever thought about why cannabis businesses avoid direct giveaways? Jasmin delves into this topic, explaining how tricky it is to organize cannabis-related incentives within legal boundaries. Simple mistakes can lead to stiff fines. To navigate this, they’ve experimented with compliant gift card giveaways and innovative educational material as promotional items.

Maximizing Digital Strategies: SEO and Well-Optimized Websites

Long-term Success through Digital Channels

Even with stringent laws curtailing certain advertising avenues, the digital world offers priceless opportunities when navigated correctly. One such area is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and having a well-optimized website.

The Importance of SEO in Cannabis Marketing

Does SEO matter for cannabis businesses? Jasmin confirms that it does, stressing its importance for long-term success. “Having a well-optimized website helps potential customers find us easily,” she points out. Effective SEO strategies ensure that SimplyPure ranks high on search engine results pages, driving organic traffic and bolstering their online presence.

Content is King: Strategies for Educational Content

SimplyPure places a significant emphasis on creating valuable, educational content that speaks to their audience. Whether it’s in-depth guides on cannabis strains or blog posts on legislative changes, their content aims to educate and engage. “Educational content is one of our marketing pillars,” Jasmin highlights, noting that it aligns with their commitment to consumer education and employee training.

Intranet and Backend Optimization

What’s happening behind the scenes is equally crucial. Jasmin sheds light on how a well-optimized backend, complete with proper metadata, fast-loading pages, and mobile-friendly designs, serves as the backbone of their digital strategy. This comprehensive approach ensures the company’s online presence is both effective and compliant.

The Role of Social Activism and Community Involvement

Influencing the Industry Beyond Business

Marketing in the cannabis industry isn’t just about selling; it’s about contributing to a cause larger than oneself. SimplyPure stands as a beacon of social activism and community involvement.

Championing for Social Justice

Have you ever thought about the profound impact a company can have on social justice? SimplyPure does. Led by Wanda James, they are pioneering social activism in the cannabis sphere. Their advocacy for equitable regulations and their strides in social justice are cornerstones of their marketing approach.

Legislative Influence and Compliance

Being involved at the legislative level provides them with a unique vantage point. Wanda James’ efforts in setting legislative regulations are a testimony to SimplyPure’s commitment to changing the landscape, making it safer and more inclusive for all participants. Jasmin Johnson acknowledges the learning curve involved in navigating this complex field but also highlights its essential role in their business strategy.

The Indispensable Role of Community

Does grassroots engagement matter? Absolutely. SimplyPure prioritizes community involvement, whether by organizing local events, participating in discussions, or contributing to initiatives aimed at social justice. Such a strong local presence enhances their reputation, earning them trust and loyalty from their community.

Jasmin Johnson’s Journey and Aspirations

From Academia to Industry Pioneer

Jasmin’s journey into the cannabis industry is as inspiring as it is educational. With a background in marketing and communications, she has seamlessly transitioned to her role at SimplyPure, bringing with her a wealth of academic knowledge and practical skills.

The Learning Curve and Adaptation

Ever wondered how someone new to the cannabis industry adapts? Jasmin walked the path of trial and error, learning from her predecessors and adjusting based on feedback. This adaptive approach has proved invaluable in navigating the labyrinthine regulations and dynamic market conditions of the cannabis industry.

Career Tips and Networking

As Jasmin suggests, networking can often be more beneficial than formal education in finding one’s footing in such a regulated industry. While she nurtured her skills academically at CU Denver, the connections she forged were crucial in landing her position at SimplyPure.

Future Aspirations and Expansion

What’s next for SimplyPure and Jasmin? With aspirations to expand to the East Coast—setting sights on places like Trenton, New Jersey—SimplyPure’s focus continues to be on community involvement and social justice. This ambitious expansion plan is driven by the same principles of compliance, community, and care that have made their existing operations successful.


The daunting world of cannabis marketing is fraught with challenges but also filled with opportunities for those who dare to innovate and stay compliant. Jasmin Johnson from SimplyPure provides a firsthand account of navigating social media pitfalls, employing effective in-person marketing strategies, prioritizing SEO, advocating for social justice, and forging a successful career in this unique industry.


1. How do cannabis businesses avoid social media takedowns?

Cannabis businesses often use alternative spellings and emojis to avoid automated detection systems on platforms like Instagram.

2. Why is in-person marketing important for dispensaries?

In-person marketing builds trust and long-term relationships, which are crucial in the cannabis industry where digital advertising options are limited.

3. What role does SEO play in cannabis marketing?

SEO enhances visibility on search engines, helping potential customers find cannabis businesses more easily, thereby driving organic traffic to their websites.

4. How does SimplyPure participate in social activism?

SimplyPure advocates for equitable cannabis regulations and commits to social justice, aligning their business practices with their core values.

5. What are some challenges of organizing cannabis-related events?

Legal compliance is a significant challenge. Events must be meticulously documented to avoid fines, and licenses are often required.

6. What qualifications are essential for a career in cannabis marketing?

While formal education is helpful, networking and a good grasp of industry-specific regulations are crucial for success in cannabis marketing.

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