Jorge Cervantes: “We’re Growing More Cannabis Than Ever”


In today’s deep dive, we unravel the elaborate tapestry of cannabis cultivation with none other than Jorge Cervantes, a luminary in the world of marijuana horticulture. With over 41 years of experience and the authorship of more than 50 books, Jorge shares invaluable insights into the evolution, commercialization, and legalization of cannabis. Sit back as we traverse this journey from the roots of traditional growing to the burgeoning global cannabis scene.

A Deep-Rooted Passion for Cannabis Cultivation

Jorge Cervantes’s foray into cannabis started after university encounters with the plant in Spain and Mexico. But what makes someone go from buying their first kilo to becoming a leading authority in marijuana cultivation? It’s a tale of passion, deep-rooted in the diverse fields of cannabis genetics.

Global Cannabis Genetics: A Melting Pot of Diversity

Cultivators like Neville Schumacher have significantly impacted cannabis genetics, transforming how we think about this versatile plant. Jorge Cervantes witnessed firsthand the blending of varieties, from African to Vietnamese, leading to an incredible mix that shapes today’s cannabis industry. But is this genetic potpourri a boon or a bane for the quality and stability of the strains? We dive deep into this discussion, presenting the multi-faceted implications.

The Cultivation Challenges: Clones vs. Seedlings

Colombia’s cannabis growth inconsistency raises an important debate in the cultivation community: clones versus seedlings. With commercialization shifting the focus towards high THC potency and yield, there’s a delicate balance between quality and quantity that often teeters on the edge. Jorge offers a seasoned perspective on this debate, shedding light on the lesser-discussed aspects of plant growth and stability.

The Legal Labyrinth of Cannabis: From U.S Shores to Global Horizons

Despite the swift wave of legalization in states across the U.S., the situation on a global scale remains a complex labyrinth. Countries like Canada, Spain, and Germany have varying degrees of legalization, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities for small growers. Could the potential corporate takeover spell doom for local cultivators? Jorge and our host explore this intricate web of legislation.

The Future of Cannabis: Education and Knowledge Sharing

As cannabis cultivation scales up, so does the thirst for knowledge. Jorge highlights the surge in information shared by educated individuals and university programs. But, with great knowledge comes great responsibility. The increase in cannabis cultivation demands an understanding of systemic chemicals, disease control, and ensuring the safety of consumers through rigorous testing. How will this impact future generations of growers and consumers?


Q1: What role did Neville Schumacher play in cannabis genetics?

A1: Neville Schumacher’s seed bank in the Netherlands was pivotal in consolidating and preserving diverse cannabis genetics, leading to the worldwide dispersal of mixed cannabis strains.

Q2: What’s the difference between cultivating clones and seedlings?

A2: Clones ensure genetic consistency and stability, whilst seedlings can introduce genetic diversity but also unpredictability in crop quality and yield.

Q3: How does commercialization affect cannabis growers?

A3: Commercialization places emphasis on THC potency and yield, potentially overlooking other quality aspects and creating challenges for small-scale growers.

Q4: Why is legalizing cannabis complex on a global scale?

A4: Each country has unique legislation governing cannabis use, cultivation, and sale, making it a multifaceted issue with no one-size-fits-all solution.

Q5: What’s the importance of education in cannabis cultivation?

A5: Education promotes safer cultivation practices, informed usage, and helps cultivators adapt to an evolving legal and commercial landscape.

Q6: Where can you find Jorge Cervantes’s “The Cannabis Encyclopedia”?

A6: “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” is freely available in digital form across 11 languages on marijuana growing .com and


Jorge Cervantes’s journey through the world of cannabis cultivation is not merely a tale of horticultural success but a narrative that interweaves the threads of knowledge, advocacy, and cultural evolution. His dedication underscores the essence of growth—both of the plant and the industry surrounding it. As we continue to watch the global tapestry of cannabis expand, we hold onto the wisdom shared in this episode: that education and knowledge sharing are the cornerstones of sustainable and responsible cultivation.

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