Increasing Leads and Sales on Your Cannabis Business Website

There are many ways to market a cannabis business effectively, and one of which is maintaining a website. It expands your online presence, opens you up to a broader range of potential customers, and provides your business with an additional layer of legitimacy. 

Many cannabis dispensaries and other businesses make use of websites to entice people to contact them or visit their stores, while others use their sites for eCommerce. Regardless of the purpose of your website, it’s a powerful marketing strategy. However, there’s the challenge of increasing the leads and sales garnered by your website, and this requires strategic planning.

If you want your cannabis website to draw in more clients and customers, here’s a handy guide to help you improve your site:

1 – Keep Your Web Design Simple and Mobile-Friendly

Although flashy fonts and an overload of colors may seem attractive to you, they can put off a significant number of potential customers. Most of the time, these complicated web design aspects make your site look confusing and hard to navigate. This can give them a terrible first impression of your website and may not want to visit it again. When it comes to web design, it’s best to keep it clean, simple, and accessible. Use flat fonts, a select color scheme, and get rid of the unnecessary design aspects.

Aside from having a simple but impactful web design, your website also needs to be mobile-friendly. Your website may work fine on computers but be virtually unusable when potential customers switch to their smartphones. This can lead you to lose a large number of prospective customers, so it’s best to invest in a responsive web design.

2 – Make Use of Photo and Video Content

Although keeping it simple is a good way to design your site, it helps immensely if you put out high-quality content in the form of photos and videos. These help draw your customers’ attention and help your website look its best. However, it’s crucial to make sure that the photos and videos don’t cause your site to load too slowly. A slow website completely negates the benefits of high-quality content.

3 – Add a Live Chat Feature

Adding a live chat feature to your website gives your prospective customers a quick and easy way to contact you. This way, you can answer any questions right away and potentially convert your site visits into sales.


4 – Invest in SEO

Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) solutions is one of the most effective ways to drive site traffic. By doing so, you’ll be able to boost your website’s rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. This helps customers find your website easier when they search for cannabis businesses on Google, for instance.

SEO can vastly improve the quality and quantity of your website traffic. This is a highly effective way to boost your website’s leads and sales. More than that, SEO also helps in giving your cannabis website credibility and establishing a good online presence.

5 – Conduct Conversion Audits

You may already have invested in a well-balanced cannabis website with great content, but that doesn’t automatically mean that your website is meeting its goals. Instead of relying on assumptions, it’s best to hire professionals to conduct conversion audits. Doing so allows you to track hard data and learn how well your website is doing. This also gives you a better idea on how you can improve your marketing efforts and drive more conversions in the future.

Boost Your Cannabis Website’s Leads and Sales

Maintaining a website for your cannabis business is one of the best marketing moves you can make. However, simply having a website is not enough to give you the results you want. By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you can begin to improve your website and use it to drastically improve your sales.

When it comes to web designs, SEO solutions, and data-driven analytics, it’s best to consult professionals. If you’re looking for a cannabis digital marketing agency in the US, allow Cannabud Marketing to help. We offer quality web design, SEO, and social media solutions for your cannabis business. Contact us and grow your business today!

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Brandon Quan

About The Author: A digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, Brandon Quan is wildly known as the top marketing expert within the Cannabis Industry.

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