How to Successfully Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

The cannabis industry has continued to grow in recent years, leading to a more competitive market today. Reliance on more traditional marketing methods, while successful in the past, has now been eclipsed by the prevalence of today’s social media and digital channels. Audiences mainly rely on digital means to interact with businesses and brands, so cannabis advertising has become just as important on these platforms. 

If you’re not sure how to approach it, then here are some ways to make your marketing tactics more effective for your cannabis dispensary:

Utilize Targeted Campaigns and Track Performance

Run targeted campaigns to measure your performance and understand what you should continue to market, reel back in, or expand on. For instance, you may be thinking of providing special offers as a way of attracting a wider audience. To monitor this, use promo codes and UTM tracking to gain insights into your customers and the nature of their engagements and intentions. Getting better leads requires a good amount of tracking to secure more qualified leads in the future. 

This counts in your cannabis website design elements too. If you’re marketing your dispensary using a webinar, a campaign, or a specific landing page, you’ll need to track everybody that comes in through these points of access. The goal is to get your customer through the conversion funnel, and the best way to do that is by knowing and understanding how they’ve engaged with your web pages and promotions. This will allow you to initiate better first-touch conversations and greater chances of converting your web visitor. 

As you learn more about how your consumers respond to your efforts, you can tweak your interactions by sending out personalized emails and offering freebies to keep them warm for recurring business. Stay in touch to keep yourself top of mind!

Create Engaging Content

Quality content is key to the marketing success of many products and services—and cannabis is no exception. In fact, marijuana marketing can be extremely engaging, educational, and entertaining, especially since it’s still an emerging market that is continuously gaining attention from curious customers as it becomes more and more available. 

As you go about with your dispensary marketing, take the opportunity to draft up and execute a content strategy, including video, optimized blog posts, articles, and other content that might fit your website. Don’t forget to cater content to your social media profiles as well, since many of your customers will be looking through those channels daily!

Optimize Your Content for Search

Creating good content is one thing, but it won’t serve its purpose unless your intended audience sees it. When your customers search for something industry and location-specific such as “cannabis dispensary near me,” the goal is to have your business name pop up on the first page of search engine results—preferably near the top spot. Improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your business place on those search pages so that people can find you easily. 

When it comes to SEO, you’ll need to consider several ranking factors to ensure that your methods help you rank high on internet searches. However, being more searchable is not simply putting the right keywords and leaving it up to the search algorithm. Here are some things you can do to make sure your dispensary’s SEO is effective:

  • Use targeted keywords everywhere, including your meta descriptions, title tag, page copy, and throughout the content itself. Local searches are especially useful for customers, so make sure that you have location-specific keywords and phrases in your content.
  • Make use of backlinking to improve your credibility and authority in this niche. The more other people in the industry link to you and recognize you, the more you will be recognized as a notable business figure.
  • Add engaging video and images to attract more audiences and help your conversion rate.
  • Work with a cannabis digital marketing agency to ensure you’ve got all aspects of your SEO covered. 


Digital is the way of the future when it comes to marketing any kind of product. Given that cannabis is still on its way to the mainstream market, there are many exciting opportunities for your business to grow with the right digital marketing marketing strategies. By becoming a cannabis-focused thought leader in your niche, customers and other businesses alike will learn to trust you as a reputable figure in the industry!

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Brandon Quan

About The Author: A digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, Brandon Quan is wildly known as the top marketing expert within the Cannabis Industry.

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