How To Optimize Your Dispensary Website For Conversion

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: February 15, 2022

In this video we go through one of the most important marketing strategies you’ll need to add to your arsenal. This strategy is conversion optimization!

Even if you have zero marketing budget. You can implement the things I say in this video right away.

If you run a dispensary and don’t implement these strategies you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

We cover the following:

  • What is conversion optimization?
  • Why is conversion optimization important?
  • 9 critical elements to improving your conversion
  • Developing a custom action plan based on where you are now & what you need to do moving forward

We’re about to begin. All right, guys. Welcome back to another, uh, webinar slash workshop. And this one is gonna be all about how you need to optimize your website for maximum conversion and sales. And, you know, the title does say website, but a lot of these conversion principles are going to apply to how you operate within your store and even how you operate, you know, and interact with your customers themselves.

So stick around, um, you know, this is gonna be really, really awesome, uh, training that I’m sure you’re you’re are gonna enjoy. So now, first things first, what exactly are we gonna cover? One we’re gonna cover exactly what conversion optimization is. If you don’t know what it is, you’re gonna find out two we’re then gonna cover why conversion optimization is important, right? It’s one thing, knowing what this thing is, but then you also need to know the foundations as to, you know, why it’s important, right? The next thing would be the nine critical elements to improving your conversion.

Cuz obviously once we realize it’s important, we then need to try and figure out how we can improve this thing that we find important. And then the last thing would be to develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and then what you need to do moving forward. Right? So this, you know, just like everything I do, I build out of framework, right? Teach you what the thing is, tell you why it’s important, show you how you can make that thing better and then developing a plan for yourself.

And you can go ahead and implement it yourself if that’s what you wish now, attention, please. If you can please turn off all of your cell phones. If you’re dispensary owner, marketing manager, uh, marketing specialist, even another, see honestly, if you’re, you know, tuning into this, you know, think thanks for watching, but if you’re really serious about getting better results, uh, the next 60 to 90 minutes are, are going to change your life.

Right? I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve compiled just years and years of information into some things that would, you know, that are definitely gonna help, but you know, not only just grow sales, but to make your core business better. And if you stay to the end, uh, if you haven’t already gotten it, uh, we have this awesome checklist that goes through some of the things you need to do to optimize your website better, you know, optimizing, uh, your, your website to show up better in some of this search engine rankings, and then showing how you can optimize, you know, uh, showing up better in the map section as well.

So if you have any questions about this, you know, CI rounds to the end video, you can get the checklist and then you can also schedule it free, no sales, just completely discovery, uh, strategy session with me more than happy to walk you through any questions you might have for those of you, uh, you who don’t know who I am, I’ll go through.

Uh, very, very briefly. I, I did this in the other workshop as well, but you know, for anyone that’s new here, uh, in 2018, I started a table tennis club, just very, very simple um, no budget had a lack of results from social media. I was really, really struggling to get members. Right. Cause just like everything, it was like, okay, go post on social media, go tell friends and family.

And then, you know, if you build it, uh, they will come. Right. That’s that’s what everyone says. Um, but I, I asked a bunch of people and these, uh, two, uh, two of friends here were the only two, uh, that showed up actually a few more, um, showed up. But these two, you know, played a huge part in, in the foundations of what was going on and, you know, uh, with all these social media posts and stuff like that, I was like, oh, this is great.

You know, I’m, I’m getting posts. Um, I’m getting a lot of people, uh, liking my stuff, right, saying, Hey, this is a really, really great thing, but no members, no money was coming in. So what do I need to do? Right. So then I, you know, I thought about it and I was like, okay, I need to change my strategy. And how do people figure things out just in general, they Google it, right? If you were to go to a restaurant, you type in restaurant near me, you look at the reviews and then you go, right.

So the same thing applies for this. What I needed to do for my table tennis club was I needed to figure out a way to rank my business, hire on Google so that I can improve the, the, the visibility, the awareness, and then have those members hopefully stay for the long run. Right. So here a year later, uh, you know, uh, some of my rankings, uh, grew right, got to the top of Google and you can see, I think we have about 10 people here, just a really, really awesome crew of people.

Um, some in contact with many of them, uh, right now. And then after that, you know, I really doubled down, you know, I made everything just prominent on Google, everywhere. I revisited back social media. Right. I got some of those, um, accounts starting to rank higher on Google and everything like that.

But it really compounded because once people started knowing who I was showing them that I had a good, uh, business, right. You know, good customer service just to overall good experience, you know, uh, word of mouth started coming and then we tripled our membership. Right. You can see, we got so many more people.

So ever since then, I was like, okay, I can turn this into an actionable skill for a, a lot of other dispensaries and a lot of other small businesses to help them grow their customer base, just like I did with table tennis. Right? So transitioning into thee marketing space, uh, I was able to take those learnings of just ranking higher on Google to help a lot, a lot of dispensaries make hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point.

Right. A lot of, uh, good video testimonials here. And then not only that, we also generate them a lot of good reviews, uh, sorry. Good results. Right. So here increased calls to the dispensary by 302%, this was an $120,000 increase in revenue in only three months. Right? So you can see here, look at this optimization, right? They were getting about 700 calls here and up here, they got about 3000 calls, the aggregate data on their us 33,000 website visits, 14,000 direction requests and 8,500 calls.

Right? So this is a lot of people who are interested in this business, in this dispensary, because if 14,000 people are requesting directions for where you’re located, you can, you better believe that they’re gonna come into your store, right? Nowadays is how people purchase as they go in. And they look at your website first, right? They go online, they type in dispensary near me.

They look at the reviews, they look at the website, they see if what you have on your website, resonates with the customers and then they go into it afterwards. Right? So these 33 website visits are essentially 33,000 people who are, are quote, unquote, window shopping. They’re going in. And the equivalent of them actually coming to the store, cuz nowadays, unless you have, you know, very loyal customers, then, um, people are gonna find you online first, right down here, generated these guys additional $40,000 every single month, 25,000 sessions.

And we have a whole bunch of case studies. If you just go to our website slash case H studies, there’s a whole list of, of, of happy client had because customers and results, right? You get that, you know, I can shower you with results, but I really wanna show you some actionable tips on how you can grow your business a lot better.

So now the main problem with, you know, marketing as a whole, right, or one of the main problems, at least, right? One of the biggest things is that like a lot of times you think you need a humongous investment in marketing, right? You need to spend tens of OU of dollars to, to get minimal return back. And you know, that’s not the case.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna show you right now. Cuz this marketing strategy is essentially gonna show you how you can leverage your existing traffic to help improve getting more sales. Right. And not really having to spend any more money, again, tons of traffic, but no sales. Right? You might be getting a lot of people to your store, right? Um, you might be getting a lot of people to your website.

You might have problems with loyalty. Um, there’s a lot of reasons why people might come to your website, but you’re not getting any sales. Right. They may look at it. And the, the, the main problem is that your website isn’t, isn’t converting properly enough. Right. And a conversion. I’m gonna get to that in a second, but you want to make sure that you can have a website that converts this traffic properly into sales because you know, it doesn’t really matter if, if you can’t do that, another thing is a low ROI.

Again, you might be spending tons of money on billboards, direct mail campaigns, uh, bus sign. Right. Um, but all of these are super, super low ROI tasks. And I’m not saying that they don’t work. They definitely, you just based on what demographics you’re targeting, which geographical location you’re in.

But for the most part, a lot of these campaigns don’t provide you a good enough return on investment for you to continually keep investing in it over and over and over again. Another thing is having a great looking website, but no orders, right? So a lot of people, their main thing to survive as a business is you need to get sales and sales is orders, right? You need to get orders, whether it’s on the website or in the store, and you can have the greatest looking website in the world.

But if it can’t convert properly, if, uh, you know, too many people, um, or having problems ordering online, right. If you’re having any of these issues, then you’re not gonna be able to grow your business, cuz you’re not getting any sales. So what is this solution to all of this? And the solution to this is focusing on conversion optimization.

Now what exactly is conversion optimization? In a nutshell, the conversion rate of something is simply the percentage of people who complete your desired action. Right? So if I went and I was like, Hey, you know, do you think you can come visit my table tennis club um, and I asked 10 people and out of those 10 people, one person came in and, and played, played some ping pong.

Then my conversion rate is 10% because one out of every 10 people who I ask will end up coming and at least playing and you know, seeing what’s going on. So in for the example of what your website or what your dispensary would look like, what we need to do is increase the number of orders per website, visitor, because that is the thing that we are gonna optimize.

We need to optimize the amount of people who visit your website and, and essentially buy something from you. Right? So our goal now is to optimize the conversion, right? And simply put, like I said, it’s the percentage of people who you want to complete your desired action. So you may have a, a website that doesn’t have like an online ordering system.

That’s fine. So then your conversion rate will be based on many people, visit your website and then go into your store afterwards. Right. Based on what we do on your website, are you seeing an uptick in sales, based on in store purchases or do you want to drive as many people to, uh, call you? Right. Um, if you can get more people to call your business, then you’re probably gonna generate more sales as well.

Right? So conversion optimization again, in a nutshell is how do we optimize the number of orders per website is? And that’s the example that we’re gonna use for now. Now your website is a hub for literally everything, right? You have Twitter, you have Facebook, you have LinkedIn, um, indeed, uh, you know, all these other social media platforms.

And the only thing that you really really own is your website, right? Because social media accounts get shut it down, Google ads, face Facebook ads, big problems with that. Right? Um, and, and the platform that you need to use as your website, because you can optimize, you can change colors, you can change text, you can change pictures, you can change video.

And sure. You know, let’s say on LinkedIn, you can change a profile picture and stuff like that. You can’t really move anything around, right. It’s not a hub. So you need to have a, a, a, a way to drive everyone to your website. Right? And for the most part, people do that. If even if you have a Weedmaps account, people are gonna go to your website.

Uh, if they find you on Google, they’re gonna go to your website anyways. Right? So taking that into consideration, this is why this is gonna be the basis of how we’re gonna optimize things, because we have a lot more freedom to make changes in customizations and edits as we see fit. Now, why exactly is conversion optimization so important? So I, I did touch on this in the 2020, uh, two marketing webinar that I did highly recommend you check that out, goes over a customer acquisition framework.

And I touch on a lot of these things, but if you’re just worried about, or just wanna know about conversion optimization, I just did a very, very quick calculation here. Right? So what I want you to see here is that based on this calculation, a 15% difference in conversion resulted in $150,000 difference in revenue.

This is, this is before we spent any money. This is before we launched any market plans. This is literally just what can we do currently on our website to help improve the sales that we make now, uh, I know, uh, when you order online, it’s pretty much you prepay, uh, you go and then you pick up in the store, but for the purposes of what we’re doing, uh, in terms of an e-commerce option, this is how people would typically buy on your website.

So first you would have your website sessions, meaning these are the amount of P people who are going to visit your website. After that, they’re going to go visit the shop page, or ideally, then they’re gonna go visit the card page. Then they’re going to go to the checkout page and then ultimately make the purchase and put in the credit card information or, or click and collect or whatever it is, how, how they come in and buy from your business.

Now, at each of those steps, you’re gonna have a volume of, of people that will decrease at each step, because everyone who visits your website, isn’t necessarily going to visit the shop page and shop page to cart page, so on and so forth. So the volume in this example here is that for these website sessions, we had 4,000 people visiting this person’s website.

And then we had an 80% conversion right, which brings us to 3,200 people that now went to the shop page. Then we went down 1100 people going to the cart page, so on and so forth. So you get the point. So what I’ve done is I’ve addressed the conversion at the top of the funnel from website sessions to shop page visits by 15%.

Right? All I did was change this top level conversion. All of these percentages are exactly the same. So taking an average card size of 60 bucks, right? Yours can be 40. Um, and these conversion numbers can be completely different. Again, this is just a sample example. The difference in annual revenue from this conversion assessment was $150,000.

So what we need to do is improve the conversions on your website, because once you do that, you’re gonna see exponential changes and growth. And this only accounts for, you know, the people who are gonna come in and purchase for the first time, this doesn’t account for you getting people within your ecosystem.

And again, I touched on loyalty and how you get customers coming back in my previous, uh, uh, webinar workshop. But the value, this value, this $150,000, isn’t necessarily you, this amount of money, right? You’re also acquiring more customers, which are gonna get you more money in the long run as well.

So this is why it’s important because we don’t need a huge percentage difference in what we do on the website to convert your, uh, visitors into paying customers, which is the most important piece. Now, here are the nine critical elements to actually improving the conversion, right? So these are actionable steps that you can take, go ahead and implement these cells, this to yourselves, like right now, right? Um, and it’s going to help you generate more sales and I guarantee you, it’s gonna make a difference in how you see what you need to do on your website.

Now, first, speak to your target at avatar, right? What are their fears and frustrations and why should they choose you? We are no longer in the space of, you know, uh, cannabis and dispensaries being this like new and novel thing, right? Um, there are dispensaries popping up left, right? San, you have your small mom and pop shops.

You have your kind of midsize that are like, you know, maybe they own four to eight. You have your multiple branded dispensaries where one person may own 10, but they’re different underneath different brands. And then you have the large national chains that are eating up all the small guys in, in for the franchise model, right? That’s you know how, however, everything works pretty much, right? Even in the fast food space, that’s a happy works as well.

So at this point, what is the difference between your messaging and the person down the streets messaging? Because you’re realistically, you’re selling commodity, unless you’re super vertically integrated, you have these amazing strains that no one could get anywhere else. For the most part, you need to speak to a specific target avatar so that you know what to say to them, to entice them, to get, to wanna purchase with you.

Right? That’s the most important thing. And I’m gonna go through, uh, step by step examples. But the most obvious example is, you know, branding yourself. Let’s just say, you want to kind of sell to, uh, females over males, right. Which is fine. But the way you kind of do your messaging is gonna be slightly different because if your target market is towards females, you’re gonna do different things and targeting towards males.

So on and so forth, right. Maybe you’re selling more of a luxury cannabis brand, right? So your messaging is going to be, uh, more luxurious, right? Cuz you’re selling a hire to your product. So you can’t talk about, oh my product’s so affordable, all this stuff, but you’re selling like it for a ridiculous amount of money.

Right? So that’s the first part. The second part is using video to engage the audience. Now the amount of dispensary owners that I ask, can I say, okay, why should people, uh, you know, come to you instead of someone else, a large portion of people, not only do they say we have the best customer service and the best bud tenderers, but they also say the vibe, the atmosphere, right.

It’s a very welcoming atmosphere. And we make sure that the people who come into our store really enjoys what’s going on. Okay, great. Right. If that’s your thing, I’m, you know, I think that’s a good thing, but then I look on their website there’s they have nothing to do with their store. There’s no pictures, there’s no welcome video.

There’s no dispensary tour. Like their website itself is not welcoming at all. And like I said, how do people find you? They, you, online first, they go to their reviews, they find your website and then they go into your store. So if you’re not giving off that welcoming vibe, right on your website, maybe you don’t have a video tour or dispensary tour saying, you know, Hey, you know, my name’s Brandon, welcome to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You know, so happy, you know, know that you’re able to take time out of your day to check us out. You know, I just wanna walk you through the types of, in inventory and the types of stock that we have and the bud Penners and all these things, right? A simple one minute video to introduce you as a business goes a really, really long way because people are buying from people they’re not buying from the store itself.

They wanna make sure that the overall experience is really good. And which is why this is important. Third thing, leveraging social proof, showcasing reviews, prominently on the homepage. And then also adding credibility with awards. So when you go on order on Amazon, right, you go on order on Amazon, you, again, you look at the reviews and then you’re gonna have a couple reviews that way, your decision, maybe there’s like some bad reviews.

And you’re like, oh, I don’t know if I wanna do this. But for the most part, you’re gonna go to the product that has the best reviews, right? and um, if you don’t have reviews and social proof on your store, then you’re missing out on a tons of convergence because people buy off of a word of mouth. They buy off of credibility, they buy off of what they see other people buying online because people have like a, a propensity to, to do things that other people do.

Um, and they only do that when they know that those people made a good decision and the reason, and the only way they can know that is by showcasing your reviews and showing that you’re a good business and that, uh, you’re providing a product that makes their customers happy and therefore will make you happy as well.

The fourth thing is just getting the basics in order. This is something that’s so easily, um, just glossed over. Right. And, um, it’s just having your phone number available on the whole page of the website, right? Like, uh, you saw on the results, how there was a dispensary that got 8,500, 8,500 calls, but you know, a lot of people are asking, Hey, do you have product in stock? Hey, do you have a, um, what are your hours? Hey, you know, uh, all this, all these things, do you have any deals, right? And when you get on the phone with a potential customer, the chances that you’re gonna sell that customer skyrockets exponentially.

So I ha make sure you have your phone number, all these easy things so people can contact you on the homepage. Cuz that’s super, super important. Again, I’m gonna touch on this. You wanna make sure you have clear CTAs on each page. So CTA stands for call to action and you wanna make sure that you have buttons that direct and prompt your visitors to take an action on the website.

And again, I’m gonna go through all this, um, you know, later down in the slides, but you wanna make sure that you of essentially verbs, let’s say shop now, order here, view our menu, right? Instead of just nouns that are like menu. Um, because when you tell right tell when you, when you tell your visitors or the people visiting your website to take an action, there’s a higher chance that they are actually gonna take that action, right? Don’t leave it up to your customers to make it to decision.

Because you know, a lot of times they’re just not gonna make any decision. The fifth one is using special deals that entice customers to buy. And again, this, this goes without saying, but people love deals. People love sales. People will spend money that they weren’t initially thinking about spending unless there was a deal.

Right? And I tell this to people all the time, like 50% off doesn’t mean you’re saving 50%. It means you spent that 50%. Cause if you weren’t gonna buy it in the first place, then you weren’t gonna spend that money at all. So that is the psychological buyer behavior that people fall into. So if you have really good deals on what people may or may not buy, they’re gonna come in and purchase where they might not have purchased in the first place.

Six, make sure your website is mobile optimized with an easy click to call function. So on your website, the majority of people who find you online will come from mobile. They’ll come from the cell phone and they’re gonna look up online. And the majority of designers and web designers build out websites that are desktop based, right? They look good on desktop, but once it goes into mobile, there’s a big issue.

How many times have you tried to, you know, go on a person’s website and you looked at their mobile menu and then, you know, you just didn’t know what was going on because the layout, the UI of the website wasn’t built out properly. So you need to make sure your website’s mobile optimized cuz over 50% of online traffic now is mobile and not on desktop.

Seventh is leveraging live chat. So live chat is just now I would almost say it’s a mandatory thing to have on your website because the way people get in call contact with you is they would call you, they would go into your store directly. Uh, they would go, um, fill out a contact form, maybe fill out an email form.

They would do all these different things. But live chat is the only alternative that customers would would think about messaging you cuz nobody realistically who’s filling out your contact form and emailing you anymore. Like not very many people, right? But a live chat for people who can’t talk on the phone at the time or are a little bit more introverted or you know, for whatever reason, they just want to talk to you online.

You need to make sure you have a live chat option on your website. Cuz again, you want to capture customers because the lifetime value of these customers are super, super important. Eight sites speed matters, goes without saying, how many times have you clicked a website? It took three seconds to then you clicked off of it.

You need to make sure your website, uh, loads properly. Cuz this is a very important piece. Cuz if your, if your website takes too long to load and your customers are just clicking off it automatically, then, then they’re not even gonna see any of the good things that you have on your website and nine. Uh, these are for the people and the owners that have multiple load locations, it’s creating individual location pages.

And what I mean by that is let’s just say you own eight different locations right in, in California. Sure. And out of these locations, all of your listings, all of your locations you have on one page. So you have nine, right? You have locations one through nine on one page on your website, right? If I’m coming from location three, I don’t care about locations.

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, because it doesn’t matter to me. Like I don’t care about it because I’m not from those locations. So you need to build out individual location pages, not only to improve conversions, but it’ll also help with SEO as well. And I’m gonna, I’ll talk about SEO. Um, it’s a bit more technical, but I’ll have a separate workshop to talk about SEO, but creating individual location pages will help you customize customers needs and wants based on where they’re located.

Cuz if you have nine different locations, you better believe there’s different kind of uh, um, uh, I guess vibes is the word, right? You’re gonna have different people who like different things in these different areas. You’re gonna have different people in different demographics. You’re gonna have different buying behaviors.

You’re gonna have different, um, you know, uh, financial right, uh, levels of, of where and how people can buy. So by how having different location pages, you can truly curate and, and tune in how you wanna make sure that people, um, are going to like what they see on each of those location pages. So now that we’ve covered these things, I’m gonna go into more detail onto kind of, uh, my thought process behind improving and optimizing these nine critical elements.

So, well first thing, figuring out what your customer avatar is, what are the pains, frustrations? What are the goals and desires? What are the fears and implications and what are the dreams and aspirations, right? Because at the end of the day, you’re, you’re, you’re selling a commodity. You’re just selling this thing.

That quote unquote just gets someone high, right? And for the most part, um, you need to find a red that can truly talk to who these customers are, right? Who your potential avatar you know is right. So what I’ve gone through is I’ve done, uh, a little bit of research, a lot of research on the different demographics and how we can truly break down, um, your customer avatar and what we need to do to essentially sell to them.

Right. Um, again, the, the main example is, you know, you have male purchasers and female purchasers, you have different generation purchasers like millennials, gen X, baby boomer, baby boomers, and all of these different buckets of people, they have similarities between themselves, but then they have differences between everyone else, right? And as such, we need to make sure that we can create a marketing message that resonates best with whoever you’re selling to.

Right. And this is going to be verified with your own customer data, right? This is obviously just general research done by, you know, uh, These guys are really good, but you know, at the end of the day, you to see what your customer demographics are, right? Who are you selling to? Are you selling to a younger generation? Are you selling to an older generation, right? What is your mix of male to female? Um, how are people purchasing? Can people afford, uh, more expensive products in your area? Are they, you know, do they wanna buy cheaper products? Right? All of these different things goes into the messaging on, on what you can sell.

So overall total sales across generations follow pretty much along these things in terms of how people purchase. You have millennials between 23 and 38, which take up the bulk of it, which is 51.4, 9% of purchases of, of who buys cannabis. Again, this is overall. So your specific percentage numbers may differ for gen X, between 39 and 54.

You have 25.7, 4% for baby boomer, between 55 and 73, you have 15.8, 4% with a silent gen 74, you have 1% ish for gen Z. You have 5.94. So you can expect this to shift, right? Because as this gen Z gets older, right, they’re gonna start eating up more of this pie as dispensaries get more and more legal and more states, the consumption of cannabis is gonna start at a younger and younger age, right? Um, whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, that’s a completely separate story, but you have to make sure that you know who you are talking to.

And that’s the main point. What is your ideal customer avatar in terms of gender and generation? Right? So between gen Zs and millennials, gen X, baby boomer, and the silent generation, the lighter purple is gonna be female. And then the darkish blue or it’s dark purple right. Is gonna be male. And you can see it’s pretty, even 60% is mostly the sales between, uh, females and males.

Whereas millennials are about closer to 70. So 67 to 33. So gen Z, we have 62 male gen, uh, 38 female, uh, millennials. We have 67, uh, male to 33 female for gen X. We have 62, uh, gen X. We have 62 male and 38 a female. And you get the point, baby boomer, 60, 40 silent generation, 65 35. Okay. So what do we do with this information? Right.

Um, here again is a breakdown of how people buy. And again, I’ve done a decent amount of research and I think this is gonna be incredibly impactful for how you break down what you need to do to help convert your customers better. So taking a look at this again, figuring out, uh, do you sell more to millennials? Do you sell more to gen X? Do you sell more to gen Z? Um, you know, more males, more females, you know, that sort of thing, right? We then need to break down what do those, uh, demographics like? Right.

So millennial customer avatar breakdown is exactly this. The first thing is they share social value. So almost 50% of millennials are more likely to buy from a company if that purchase supports a cause. So if you have a company that, uh, is partnered up with, you know, kind of social equity programs or some sort of, of, you know, again, some cause, right, some sort of program that you partner up with, they are more likely to buy from you because at least according to this study, right, have, you know, are, are, wants to purchase and want to think that their purchase is going towards a good cost.

Right. Which is very, very admirable. Right? So the example here was that, uh, these guys, common citizen, uh, I can go to their website or you can check out their website. They use a brand story to make sure that their stores are not just a place to buy. Right. They wanna work with, uh, um, the community. Um, they wanna promote social activism, but it’s super important that this needs to be an authentic way.

This can’t be just like a one line saying, Hey, you know, we donate 2% of all of our net profits to blah, blah, blah. It’s like no, uh, truly partner with them. Right, right. Create branded content that goes and shares your social values. Right. Super important. Second thing is curating helpful experiences, right? Millennials are highly impacted by the cannabis retail shopping experience for 10 millennials say that tender recommendations were very influential in their purchasing decision, right? That’s a lot, that’s 40%.

So 40, 40% of people who of millennials who come in and buy right. Are influenced by the bud tenderer. So what does that mean can mean a lot? You can have bud tenderers that are super manipulative, right? That just steer these guys to, uh, you know, getting the most expensive product and stuff like that. Obviously that’s not what you wanna do, but I bet you, if you look at the top dispensaries and look at their reviews, the best reviews always come from their experience with the bud.

Tenderer, it’s always, ah, John help me with this. Sally helped me with this. She was really, really awesome. I really appreciated her help. Right. So me making sure that you don’t just have on your website, Hey, we have the best bartenders. We have the best customer service. Like no, when, uh, someone calls on the phone, right.

Make sure the person’s smiling, make sure they’re happy and welcome them. Say, Hey, you know, welcome to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So happy that you can call us, how can we help? Right. That goes a super long way in, uh, and ensuring that these millennials have a good experience with what’s going on, right.

Be sure to curate the best and most helpful experience to draw in this demographic, a beautiful store with integrated technology and diverse product selection is a great start, but knowledgeable bud tenderers will likely seal the deal, right? So it’s not necessarily just about how good the store looks while that will help.

It’s a people to people business, which is what I always say. And again, I also always say is improving store reviews. 97% of millennials read local business reviews online that’s 97. That’s pretty much a hundred percent, right. Um, everyone reads reviews online. First. They want to make sure that the customer experience is flawless, right? And you wanna make sure that you check your reviews regularly to see if there’s anything that you can be doing better, respond to both positive and negative reviews, but avoid being confrontational, voice your understanding and show that you’re listening to feedback and taking action on improving your service.

There’s no business out there that will always get five stars. Uh, maybe there’s one or two, but there’s no business out there. That’s gonna get five stars all the time. So take that as constructive feedback unless a person is being ridiculous, right? Um, you need to make sure that you have really, really good in, uh, store reviews so that you can help people coming in.

And this all relates to conversion, right? This is what you need to do both in your store and online to make sure that you can improve conversions. Um, just overall, now let’s get to gen X. So the gen X customer avatar breakdown follows these main things. And again, Flowhub go check them out, got some consumer demographics that I think you’ll really like now, gen X has the highest brand loyalty across all generations.

If you can get them in the door and provide a great experience, expect them to return things like remembering their names, specific characteristics about their preferred product that will provide extra touch to solidify the relationship. It’s these little things that will turn gen X into loyal customers.

Now let’s touch on the loyalty that I was talking about, right? You need to make sure that you can have a way to capture gen X customers to get them through the door and make sure that they have a good experience. This loyalty is gonna come a long way. It’s not just one $50 purchase. It’s they’re gonna come back and purchase from you years and years and years in the future.

Right? Um, the example that I always use is that Starbucks, uh, lifetime value for their customers is, um, $14,000. And that’s a lot of coffee for them to buy, but that’s because they keep coming back almost every day and they come back for the rest of their life, right? So you need to make sure you cultivate loyalty with your customers.

Now I, the biggest thing is like a lot of people use SMS and you know, I, I think SMS is still the best way to go in terms of open rates and, and how people will engage with you. But they, they, they send out, they, they like using emails, right? You know, um, in this study it says one great way to continue reach gen X is to send a monthly newsletter.

This can include news or existing specials, relevant information regarding your store and products, right? So there is a customer demographic that still likes email. So by having a newsletter, but not necessarily a newsletter, but like a V I P program that gets people through the door. This is a way that you can keep in contact with them.

In addition to doing SMS marketing. And then as we’re touching on is updating your website, right? 72% of gen Xers use the internet to research businesses, right? They go and check you out. They go check everything about, about your business and then see if, you know, if they want to buy, right. So this means you’re going to have a, you’re gonna need to have a seller online presence, or you’re gonna lose customers from this demographic, the best websites share some basic commonalities they provide.

Um, they are clear, concise, and provide important information such as store hours, live menus and online, right? The basic stuff I’ve been telling you, uh, for, for a while now is make sure you have your basics in place, right? Update your website regularly and make sure that, you know, when these people, when gen Xers come in and they wanna purchase, you have a website that is primed for, uh, for the them to come and purchase.

Um, now the baby boomer customer avatar breakdown, this is the last one in terms of the breakdown, you can go and check out what everyone else does, but I, these are the three main ones. So biggest thing is watching for misconceptions, right? About 68% of boomers use smartphones and they make 20% more online purchases in millennials.

I take it in that set, right? So they actually make more online purchases than millennials. I don’t know exactly what the reason is. Maybe it’s cuz like this level convenience is unparalleled to what they’ve experienced before, but they use internet, right? They make orders online. They purchase online more than millennials, right? So you need to make sure that you can capture the attention of these boomers and make sure your website’s easy to navigate and deeply informative videos.

Right? The welcome video, um, are popular media type for boomers and they can portray your message much more clearly than text or images use video on social media, email and your website, right? Like I said, all of these things kind of come into your overall marketing strategy. If you truly wanna differentiate yourself from a, you know, these other dispensaries, this is what you need to do.

These are the additional steps that you need to take in order to grow your dispensary. It’s not like, Hey, I’m gonna put up a store and have a one page website. No, this is the next level of how you need to make sure you get your messaging put in place. Now next thing providing in-depth education. So boomers are more likely to experience aches, pains and health conditions.

Obviously just cuz of age, according to this research, uh, 90% of boomers, um, cannabis, consumers believe that it relieves pain and 97% of in favor of cannabis, if it can help a sick loved one. So again, this is more so on the education side and I know a lot of people, uh, there’s regulations and restrictions on the claims on what you can actually say it does, but making sure that you provide educational information is super, super important.

And if you are located in a population that has a huge baby boomer, uh, population, you need to make sure you have these things in place, right. They, you know, take the time to educate boomers on different product type, like CBD, CBD edibles and uh, tinctures and how they can help specific ailments. And again, uh, you have to follow whatever regulations and restrictions you have, but this in-depth education piece is very, very important and is the difference between people, uh, in the younger generations.

And then I think this is relevant for everyone, right? Um, focus ons from a service, right. You know, pay attention when they walk through the door, um, ensure that their questions are answered, right? Um, because this customer service piece again is going to go into the loyalty portion, right? But by cultivating this trust by showing them, uh, quote unquote, a good time, right.

That they like working with your, whatever it is, they’re gonna keep coming back over and over and over again. So to quickly summarize, we have the baby boomer and you, you know, watch your misconceptions. They purchase a lot online. They provide indepth, provide in-depth education for them and then focus on the customer service for gen X, customer avatar breakdown.

You wanna cultivate loyalty, right? You wanna reach them with email, you wanna update your website. And then for the millennial customer avatar breakdown, you want to share social values, right? You wanna support a cause you want to curate helpful experiences. And then you also want to improve in store reviews as well.

Um, and that is a breakdown for, you know, these three subsections. So again, millennial customer avatar breakdown, you want to share social values, like having a cause you want to curate health experiences like, you know, making sure that, uh, the, the overall buying experience is really good and that the bud tenderers that they’re working with or that are talking to your customers are very important.

And then you also wanna improve in-store reviews for the gen X customers. You wanna cultivate loyalty, right? Um, these are the guys that are gonna keep coming back over and over again because of the good relationship you would have with them. You can reach them with email, they use email a lot, and then you need to update your website, right? 72% of these guys of gen Xers using internet to research business.

So this is something you need to do. Then the last thing, uh, baby boomers, I like this. That is so crazy to me, but, uh, they make 20% more online purchases than millennials. So watch your misconceptions, make sure your website’s easy, easy to navigate because they will purchase on your website as well, provide in-depth education for them, right? Uh, along the lines of health benefits, again with re with, uh, relation to your compliance, um, regulation.

Um, but showing them, you know, how this can actually help them as a product itself, not just to get high. The last thing is focusing on customer service. This is the catchall for, I think all three of these customer demographics. And you wanna make sure you, you, you have a good customer service for them as well.

Now, if we were gonna break down by state, right, we can see that we have gen Z millennials, gen boomers, and then silent gen broken up into these different percentages. So for Colorado, we have 19% gen Z, 47% millennials, 20% gen X, 13% boomers, and then 1% silent. And then you can see based on medical and recreational, there’s a slight difference, right? Gen Z has 17% people, um, who are purchasing cannabis.

Millennials have 48%. Gen X has 21% boomers have 13%. The silent generation has 1% for the breakdown in California. Look at the gen Z purchasers, right? 27% millennials, 37% gen X, 18% boomers, 17% silent gen 1%. Right? And then for recreational, we have 19, uh, for gen X, uh, gen Zed, uh, millennials, 49%, 18 for gen X, 13 for boomers, and then 1% for the silent gen, right? And then it slightly differs again for Oregon where Oregon has, uh, 12% gen Z, uh, millennials, 38% gen X, 25% boomers, 24% silent gen percent.

So in Oregon, the distribution of millennials and gen X and boomers is higher than in California and also higher in, um, Colorado. So depending on where you’re located, you’re gonna have a different demographic, uh, of, of who’s purchasing from your dispensary. Ultimately your own sales data is gonna tell you what’s going on, but this is something super important, cuz you can go and be like, okay, I’m located in California, right? I’m gonna see what these are.

I’m gonna go. Then look at this customer breakdown to see how people buy. And then I’m gonna adjust my messaging on my website and my customer service to ensure that we can convert these people better. And then down here, if you want more information, I got all this information from flow hub, a com slash cannabis, consumer demographics.

So if you wanna take a look at their website, I’m not taking credit for this. I’m just letting you know that I found this and I wanted to put this towards my audience. Cause I think it’s really important. So now going back to curating your own game plan and speaking to your customers, you know, what are their pains and frustrations, right? Are they baby boomers and their pains and frustrations are litter really pains, right? So you want to now recommend and educate them on better cannabis products they need, right.

Goals and desires. They want, you wanna make sure that, you know, they can get the product that they want. You’re giving them the good customer service that they want, that they can order properly on the website, make it super easy to use fears and implications. Um, I don’t know, maybe there’s a stigma, um, around the different things that, uh, other baby boomers might think about in terms of cannabis purchasing.

Um, so you want to alleviate some of those pains as to, you know, why should I use this, use this drug, uh, that can potentially, uh, negatively affect my life. Right? So talk to those fears and, and implications and, and then show them like how this can help, right. Dreams and aspirations. I mean, you know, you’re selling cannabis.

So I don’t know about too much in terms of that, but by focusing on kind of these four quad quadrants more, so these three, you’re gonna be able to curate your own game plan to say, these are the pains. And then how do I solve them? Right. That’s all it is. You are selling a product that is solving some person’s problem.

Some person’s issue. Some people want it for pain relief. Some people just want it as a recreational drug, right? Some people need it for medical use, right. Um, some people just, you know, wanna do it for fun recreation, right. And how those people buy are going to impact the messaging you send out. Similarly, if you are in a area that has a more affluent community, right.

And they can afford these different strains, right. Give them a reason to wanna buy it. Right. If you’re vertically integrated, you have these strains and you have like 50 different awards that, that you’ve gotten for these trains, like put it on the website, right? Um, the, this is this different type of messaging is how you’re gonna get, um, like truly convert customers in terms of a long term game plan.

And not just like, how can I make a quick buck and put up a billboard and hope people buy, um, what resonates with your customers? So like I said before, the majority of your reviews are going to be the staff. The staff was helpful and friendly, right? Ramon and sh Chanel helped me. The staff is friendly and quick for the staff is friendly, right? Friendly and staff pretty much goes with, with a lot of these reviews.

So when you are looking at your reviews, I don’t know about you, but I very rarely write reviews. And if I do one of two things happen, I’m either very, very upset with the business because they just did a bad job or whatever it is I bought from them. Or I loved it so much that I wanted to, you know, give, give back and say, Hey, thank you so much for providing me this product.

Right. Um, and those are two important emotional standpoints in a customer’s journey because people buy things for the most part emotionally, right. They emotionally want something, they feel the need to have it. Right. Um, and what you you need to do is look at your reviews because your reviews are where your customers were at pretty much the highest point emotionally.

Right? So you go in and you see, wow, they really liked Ramon and Chanel. Right. What did these guys do to, you know, make this person happy, right? What was the thing that they did? And you take that and you use that as a blueprint. You use that as a system to make sure that each and every one of your staff do exactly what these guys did, because it’s not just about how one or two people do it.

You probably have a rotating, uh, um, staff, right. Of bud attenders. So imagine if everyone acted like in this example, like Ramon and Chanel, right? You need to go in and make sure that you have these systems in place so that your bud tenderers do something that resonates with the customers and helps them come back.

Cuz you better believe all of these guys are probably gonna come back to the dispensary again. Right. And it’s not just gonna be, um, about the staff. Sometimes it could be about the great store layout. So that goes back to my previous point about, um, if people are talking about your great store layout, put pictures, do a tour of your website, uh, do a tour of your dispensary on your website.

Because if that resonates with people, then people are gonna love it. Right? There’s so many different things that you can do and figure out what resonates with your customers and make sure that you take a look at your reviews and then just do what they say because your customers are the one that’s buying from you anyways.

Now, leveraging video. So this is something that I was talking about before and why this is important. Obviously I can’t have a video here, but this clip behind this thing for Jaran is a video. And this is pretty cool cuz they have a really awesome store. Like, you know, look at this display, look at these awards, look at the back menu.

Like this is some really, really awesome stuff. This is pretty cool. And if, if I’m looking for an experience, uh, I think these guys are out in Vegas. So if I’m looking for an experience and I want to go to the best store, that like looks amazing and I see this video, okay, I’m gonna go there, right? Because this is, uh, something that’s captivating to me.

They don’t just say that they have an awesome store. They’re they’re literally showing it. I think I saw another store and they had a, a drone footage. The drone actually flew into this store and did a, a full tour of the store. I’m not saying you need to do that. You can do something as simple as taking your phone saying, Hey, check us out, blah, blah, blah.

And showing this store and, and welcome them. Or if you don’t think your, your store is up to par for whatever reason, um, then just have a welcome video of, of you and say, Hey, you know, welcome to blah, blah, blah. I am owned, blah, blah, blah. Just wanna say thank you for taking the time out of your day to come check us out.

Um, you know, I guarantee you’re gonna have a wonderful time, you know, just talk to our awesome bud tenderers. Here’s our manager, boom. Um, you know, they’re gonna help you out with anything, any questions you might need all the way from, uh, uh, you know, the best THC products or, you know, if you’re looking for, uh, a more health, um, per on different products, more than happy to help you here, we’re all experts.

And we’re gonna make sure that your purchase or your experience here is gonna be, be the best experience ever. I literally just made that up off the top of my head. It was a 32nd kind of clip that I think would go a long way into differentiating yourself to someone else down the street. Uh, now leveraging social proof.

So this is what I was, this is what I was talking, uh, for the awards. So yeah, so for this leveraging social proof, uh, about the awards, you can see here, best bud tenderers, best dispensary, best delivery, service, best cannabis company, best dispensary, uh, staff dispensary of the like, look at this, right? So imagine you’re a customer and you’re like, oh, I wanna go to the best dispensary.

And I see all of these awards at the bottom, right? I’m immediately gonna be like, okay, this, this meets my need. If I want the best dispensary. So I’m gonna go here. Right? So coupled with this awesome video and coupled with these awards, you can see the difference between you this and just a website that just has like a standalone static page and no awards or anything like that.

And you might not have any awards. That’s fine. But what you can also have is you can have reviews, right? You can get reviews. Leveraging social proof is super important, right? Michelle and AAL were awesome. They both held me tremendously. This is literally the best dispensary in LA probably is definitely gonna go back or something.

Right? But this goes along the, the, the foundation of like people buying on Amazon, you go on Amazon, you go look at the reviews and there’s gonna be five products that are pretty much the same. And what’s the differentiator between them. As long as they, they fit your, your baseline needs the reviews.

It it’s always the reviews. So by having reviews, you don’t necess need the awards down here, but by having the reviews on your website, it goes a really, really long way, convincing your customers that they need to come in and purchase from your business, getting the basics in order. So super, super simple stuff.

Again, that is like just, just definitely overlooked. Right? So one of the things you need to do is making sure you have the contact info easily found in the header. So you have multiple locations. Boom, you can put it here. If you have like 20 locations, then you can just have it like this. So when they visit the page, you have the address, the hours that get direction, the amenities, the info, all of these different things, patient details, recreational medical, like I think this is almost too much.

Maybe, you know, this is a, a lot of information cuz you want to get, you know, you want, uh, your customers to find exactly what they want right away. But you can see here, the contact information, boom on the homepage, right? You have all of this, you have these clear call to actions here, shop. Now you have a, a, a phone button here so people can come in and call, right, same here.

You have this phone number here. So when people come in and buy, you have these basics in order, because as, as good as your website might look, you might have this awesome video. You might have all these things, but you know, if the website takes too long to load because the video’s, the video’s embedded on the website, or, you know, you’re your, the contact information’s buried in the footer, right? People are just gonna leave.

Right. You know, they don’t have time to, to, to waste and, and finding the contact inform. So it’s super important that you have the basics in order, such as having the phone number in the header, um, making sure that you have the hours and all this on the website, and then also having these calls to action.

And like I said, these calls to actions are prompts, uh, towards, uh, telling people what to do on the website. So I’m telling you to shop. Now, I’m telling you to shop rec, I’m telling you to shot med because these are going to, uh, prompt your visitors to take an action. This doesn’t just say rec med and then, you know, um, menu, right? Cuz menu is a, is a no right.

Um, rec medical, just all just, just descriptive words. So, um, you wanna make sure that these have an action to tell your customers to, to, to do something on your website, special deals. So, you know, just like, uh, any store you go to Walmart, you see the rollback, right? Um, these are super important to have on a website, right? You look at these online e-commerce businesses like fashion Nova.

They sell all of these, these clothes and stuff, right? It’s always deals. It’s like, I wanna look at these deals. I wanna get 50% off. I wanna get all these stuff. Like you wouldn’t imagine the people that barely shop on someone’s website. They only go to the deals page to see what’s available. But I’m not saying only have deals, but you need to have some sort of deals to get customers through your door.

Uh, because like I said, when you get customers through your door, the percentage chance that they’re gonna come in and purchase from you, skyrockets exponentially, once they purchase, once the chance is accurate, they’re gonna come back skyrockets exponentially. Once they come back and purchase 2, 3, 4, 5 times, then you know, they’re gonna keep coming back and you have a loyal customer and that’s gonna come over and over and over again.

So now it’s not $50 once a month, it’s $500, you know, every single year or even more than that, it could be a thousand dollars every single year, cuz you’re always providing a good service. And where did that come from? That came from just having a good deal on the website, cuz you know that this is gonna get people through the door.

So by having these coupons, just have it simple. You can print these out or tap on the coupon you want to use on your phone and show the coupon on your phone in our store. Or a lot of these online ordering menus have, uh, the, um, it built in right as a menu. So you just say, Hey, purchase online and then get this, get this as a deal.

So by having these deals, it gets customers through the door, increases the chances that customers are gonna buy from you. And then you’re gonna turn them into our lower customers. If you use those for, uh, loyal, um, uh, factors that the loyalty framework, uh, that I provided you on the last video. Um, and by doing that, you’re gonna exponentially increase the total volume that you’re selling in sales because you’re gonna get a recurring customer base optimizing for mobile 4.8 billion people now own mobile phones.

I’m sure this is a lot more now. Uh, so you’re outta five consumers search for local businesses on their smartphone and then O and then I’ll restart on that. optimizing for mobile, uh, 4.8 billion people now own mobile phones, right? 30, uh, three outta five consumers search for local businesses on their smartphone and Google reports that 40% of mobile consumers turned to a competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience.

Right? So if you have a bad mobile experience, then, uh, you’re probably gonna leave the, it takes too long to load customers. Didn’t get what they want, whatever it is. So by making sure you optimize for mobile and doing things like when click on the button on your phone, this needs to pop up. It’s no it’s not acceptable for having your customers highlight the text, go into their dialer, paste the text, and then have to dial value.

That’s way too much friction. It, it takes way too long for your customers to get what they want. So you need to make sure that there’s a call button, um, that there’s a hyperlink on mobile that, you know, people will come in and call because mobile’s super important. Uh, it’s over 50%. Now that of people who use their mobile phones.

So it, it turns into a big thing that you need to make sure that conversions are taken into consideration. And this makes your messaging even more important reason why I say that is because when you view websites online, the amount of space people have to read shrinks a lot. So you can no longer just have big blocks of text because on desktop, it doesn’t look like much, but on mobile, it just takes up the entire page of text.

No, one’s reading three paragraphs of texts on your website. Believe me. So by having messaging that truly resonates with people in a much more concise way. That is how you’re gonna convert your customers a lot better because not only is your messaging better, but on mobile, you, your website looks better.

You’re gonna convert more people convert, more people get more sales, leveraging, live chat, uh, adding a live chat feature on your website will typically lead to a 20% increase in conversion rate. 20% increase. That means two out of 10 more people are gonna comment and purchase from your business than they wouldn’t have before.

And that’s because you’re providing them a level of cut customer service that they would expect in a store, right? So it’s all about changing your online presence to be as good as an in-store presence or not, will never be as good, but be similar to cuz like I said, people purchase online first, right? And people look with their eyes and they see what your web website’s all about.

So if your website isn’t, uh, optimized properly, if you don’t have a live chat, if you don’t have your phone numbers, it’s gonna be incredibly difficult for you to be able to get capture customers, right? You spent millions and millions of dollars sourcing the right location, uh, building your store, doing the construction, uh, forming inventory and all these things and putting up and signs and all these things.

But you forget the important piece about how people will find you in the first place. And it’s about doing these things by leveraging live chat, by making sure that there’s a way that customers can contact you when they want to get in contact. Cuz that’s all that matters, right? Reducing friction of how your customers can get in contact with you.

So leveraging live chat is such an important thing because if you can increase your sales, your conversions by 27, by 20%, it’s it’s gonna be game changing. Right? So have a live chat, get your operations and systems in place to get this done because this is a very, very important piece. No, one’s gonna message you via email anymore, optimizing for each location.

So, uh, this Spencer you out here, I think this is Maggie’s farm out in well, these locations, right? Uh, Denver, um, and uh, in Colorado, sorry. And um, they have individual location pages for each of locations. So they have Colorado Springs, north, Colorado Springs, south, you know, and on each of these pages, it has the information related to each of those locations.

Right? Cause you can imagine if you have nine locations and out of these nine locations, you have all of the hours, all of the phone numbers, all of the, the menu buttons, all the different things on one page. I don’t care about Colorado spring, south. If I’m in Colorado Springs north, it, it doesn’t matter to me.

Right. Because it I’m just not located there. Right? So by having different locations, it’s, it’s important to, uh, to be able to not only for SEO reasons and ranking hiring on Google, but to be able to customize, uh, your messaging towards where you’re located, right. You know, welcome to the best dispensary and north call Colorado Springs, right.

That’s different than, you know, uh, uh, Manitou Springs. Cause it’s gonna be different, right? Pueblo, no east west, right? Because all of these messagings are gonna be slightly different from each other. So overall I’m gonna go back over the nine critical elements now that you have a better idea of what each of these things are.

So the first thing is speaking to your target avatar, right? What are their fears and frustrations? Why should they choose you? So we went over, um, the demographics of generations. So boomers silent, gen X, gen Z millennials, um, might be missing one, but we went over a bunch of these and we spoke about how these different demographics act right.

And what they do, how they end up, you know, making purchase decisions. So this is super important by having your messaging, right? Cuz this is going to impact conversions, not just in the short term, but also in the long term as well. The second thing using video to, um, to engage the audience, right? It’s important that if your main messaging or if your main thing of why people or dispensary is how friendly it is or how they like your dispensary and they like the atmosphere and the vibes, you need to showcase that on your website because they’re gonna find you online first.

And if you think that the vibes or the atmosphere of your dispensary is your key differentiator, you need to make sure people see that at least online in the first place, third thing is leveraging social proof. So you wanna make sure you have these reviews on the homepage because just like if you were to go purchase something on Amazon or just like you were to go visit a restaurant near you type in restaurant near me, you’re going to see the reviews first.

And you wanna make sure that a lot of people are really happy and not just like a half, you know, half-ass effort, right. With just like a no profile picture and like a name. And then like from customer, like those don’t do anything. Ideally you wanna have some sort of widget that has these Google reviews cuz people trust Google reviews.

Right? Uh, you wanna also add credibility with, with awards if you possibly can. Um, so up here char did a really good job having the reviews there, super, super important. And then they also had the, the video in the back, which I, I really, really like, um, getting the basics in order, right? Contact information info, easily found in the header ensure there’s clear calls to actions on each page.

So this is this one here, right? Having the phone number up here, having the hours, having the calls to action, having the phone number, making, just doing the simple things, because this is what people are gonna find you for. They’re gonna look at your menu. They’re gonna look at your hours. You’re gonna see how they can contact you.

Right? So have all these things here, um, so that you can get people through the door, uh, special deals. So this one right here, uh, by having coupons, by having discounts, um, by loading up your online ordering system, you can have these discounts that will end up changing some customers and turning them into lifetime customers, which is the main goal, right? So you’re not gonna have the bulk.

We’re not gonna wanna have the bulk of your sales at a discount, but you’re gonna want to use this as a way that you can get people through the door. Sure. You may take it down margins, the first purchase, second purchase, but you can use these and use them as upsells to get people through your door. And maybe they’re gonna come in by, uh, some other product, um, making sure your website’s mobile optimized with an easy click to call function again.

It’s again, it’s no longer acceptable to have a phone number on the website and not be able a call it directly on my phone or on your phone. Uh, I don’t want to copy and paste, copy the number, go to my dial or paste a number and then call right too much friction. You’re gonna lose your customer that way. Um, leveraging live chat.

So leveraging live chat again, incredibly important. Uh, something that you need to do. Having the live chat feature on the website is gonna lead to 20% increase in conversion rate. That’s it’s just math. So, um, by reducing friction, by letting your customers contact you easier by having a customer service system, that acts a lot like if these customers are gonna come into your store directly super important, cuz they’re probably gonna ask you a question and then may it could purchase right after that.

Right. You know, what would you guys recommend? What edible would you recommend? What strain would you recommend? Should I get these pre-rolls or get these flowers, right? And then by having these customer interactions, you’re gonna generate a sale, right? Generate that loyalty site speed matters, goes without saying, but if your website takes too long to load, then you’re gonna lose the customer anyways.

And then the last thing is creating individual Google pages because people in different locations don’t care about the other locations. They only care about themselves. So you wanna make sure that if you have a north location, a south location, you create different location pages because not only will it help in ranking on Google better, but will also help you differentiate between what these different customer demographics would want to buy from you.

And yeah, so that’s pretty much it. This is why it’s so important because you’re gonna make more money. That’s pretty much it, right? 50% difference in conversion, 150,000 difference in revenue. I promise if you do all of these things, right, you’re going to see an increasing increase in conversion because these are the principles of how people buy.

It’s just buyer psychology, right? People buy because a message resonates with them and you have a product that they want. So, so by making sure you optimize for these things, whether it’s on your website, whether it’s messaging coupons through the door, all these different things by optimizing what you need to do, um, for your business, you’re going to see an increase in conversions and not have to do any marketing because you are, um, you are essentially leveraging your existing track because if you’re getting 10 people, if you’re getting a thousand people visiting your website, you’re already getting a thousand people with whatever marketing methods you’re using.

So you’re not spending any more money. You’re just doing different things on your website to make sure that you can leverage those conversions a lot better. And so, yeah, that’s about it. Um, thanks, uh, for waiting this long, I promised, uh, if you stay for this long, I have the checklist that goes over a lot of stuff that I spoke about.

And a lot of other things that I didn’t speak about either just go to Canna, bud, and you’re gonna get it right there. If you need help with anything, just literally anything. Uh, you have any questions with, on marketing questions about what we do as an agency and what we do to help, um, you know, or just as a quick, uh, brief overview of exactly what we do.

Uh, so we do help on a lot of these things. We focus on the customer acquisition framework to help increase dispensary sales. So we focus on building awareness, uh, increasing conversions and then increasing loyalty for your brand as well. Right? That turns you your positive feedback loop of how you can get more customers.

So, you know, uh, my name’s Brandon, I’m the founder of Canna, bud marketing. Uh, we’re a dispensary, um, spec, we’re we not a dispensary, but we specialize in helping dispensaries make more money. That’s the bottom line, right through a lot of our marketing strategies that you get completely for free, um, in this video.

So if you need help, anything at all, feel free to, uh, go to this link right here, Canada, bud back schedule. You can schedule a free, uh, very quick just strategy session where I break down exactly what we do for your specific dispensary. So if you like any of these things, um, and you know, this was valuable to you, right? This call is nothing to do with sales, right? I’m not even sure are gonna be a right fit for each other, right.

It, you know, there’s a whole lot of different factors that go into it. Um, so you know, there’s no risk at all, just, you know, book, uh, something in our calendar, right? For whatever works for you. And then I’ll see you in there. But if you, uh, liked this, um, the strategy or feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel can about marketing.

You can give us a like over there, we also have our podcast, the dispensary marketing podcast as well. But overall, I just wanted to say, thanks guys for staying on this, uh, this webinar at this workshop. And I will see you soon take.

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