How To Market Your Cannabis Dispensary with Euphoria Wellness

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: July 11, 2022

Euphoria Wellness MT was established in 2008 and is based in Four Corners, Montana as a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary. Locations can be found in Bozeman, Missoula, Hamilton and Butte.

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What’s going on you guys, we’re back with another episode of the dispensary marketing podcast. I’m your host Brandon Quan, the founder of Cannabud marketing, the number one marketing agency for both Canada and the United States for cannabis dispensaries.

And I’m joined here by Sawhill. He’s a CEO, founder, president, all the above of Euphoria Wellness. And then I’m also joined with Chad and Victoria, the head of marketing also with euphoria wellness. So welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on guys. Thanks for having us. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So, yeah, let’s just hop right into it.

So, typically I start off with, tell us a little bit about yourself in a bit, bit about your business. So I know soft hill probably is gonna intro with everything about euphoria. So let’s start off with Chad, and Victoria, about a little bit about them, then we can transition into so about, you know, euphoria and stuff like that.

Well, I think the best way to describe what we’re doing here is we started in the medical cannabis industry here in Montana. We’ve moved to the recreational. we definitely, within our strains, we have over 40 strains and within our strains, we focus on terpene, unique terpene profiles. So there’s a bunch of new strains coming out.

I mean, on the daily, we have new strains coming out, but we like to focus. We have some of the old school strains, some of the new obviously, but we, we focus a lot on the terpene profile and how it’s gonna benefit the person or the patient to direct what effect they would like from it. Not just, not just all this has the highest THC number, but where it’s actually gonna steer you, what it’s gonna do for you and what benefits you would get out of it.

Nice. And how did you guys get started with you for, were you either straight up from the beginning that SA he’ll poach you from somebody else saying that you guys are the best marketers out there? How did, how did that, you know, kind of relationship get started? I actually met Sahi and his crew at he Fest one year and saw the product that he had and the way that he approached the employees.

And I haven’t, haven’t really seen it anywhere else. I’ve, I’ve worked for multiple companies since I’ve started working. Right. And my biggest issue has always been, I I’ve always worked up in a company really quick. My first job was at taco bell. They made me manager of the store at 16. They’re like, we’ve never made anybody this young, a manager, but we see your drive and I’ve always worked up and hit a point where the person above me just doesn’t care.

Right. And whenever you’re giving it your all, and you’ve got somebody above you not caring, it affects the whole team. Right. So that was something that I picked out very quick from Sahi, that he does care. It was blatantly obvious. So with him caring, having an amazing product from there, I kind of harassed him, called him up and just blew him up.

I was like, why, why are you just going this in Bozeman? Why is this not euphoria, Montana? Right. And not long after that, he opened up second shop in Missoula and now we just opened up our fifth one. It’s it’s grown insanely over the last few years. Right. But with a good leader, good product, good crew.

Like you’re, you’re bound to have success. Awesome. So I’m, I’m just curious myself. So there was one comment and again, you know, on, on the YouTube world, that’s super surprised that people are, you know, actually watching these podcasts and stuff like that. Some guy was like, Hey, I watched all of your videos.

Uh, I became a budtender for the first time, you know, really appreciate you putting all this out. So to add value to him specifically, or maybe, you know, kind of up and coming people wanting to work in the cannabis space, what kind of advice would you give to kind of like this guy that might wanna work himself up the ladder from, you know, maybe just starting off as a bud, then maybe going to manager general manager and then maybe head, of some of the departments.

Like what would you say helped you out best for you to climb that ladder? I would say education and, and knowing, knowing the product, what it does. I mean, being involved, right. Being involved in it. Yeah. It’s, we’re hitting a point where we can actually study into it. We’ve had, we’ve had research on it over the years, but not like we’re getting nowadays.

So personally I’ve been studying it over the last 13 years. I’m diabetic. I noticed that it helped me with my diabetes at a young age, and I wanted to find out why, what is it that this plant is doing that all these different medicines people want to give me aren’t doing and is doing it naturally. Right. So just what we’re finding out, especially like I keep going back to terpenes that they’re, they’re very important.

We’re finding out new stuff every single day. So education, I believe is a huge part of it. There’s a lot of people that are, that are testing this out. There’s so many new people into this because it’s been a bad thing and had a bad stigma over the years. Right now it’s opened up and people are like, well, I’ve seen this person do it and they’re not crazy.

And they’re not like they’re seeing positive effects with it. So more people are stepping into it and testing it for themselves, but they’re, they’re not educated in it. So when they come in, they may think they’re asking a crazy question. But in reality, there, isn’t a crazy question in this. There’s, there’s so much to learn so much that everybody can benefit from that.

I feel like compassion and education are probably two of the biggest things in this. Right, right. And so would you say, you know, that’s kind of what helped him again, climb with the latter sort of thing? I think that Chad is, I think the major thing is like the drive, right? Like getting things done, moving things over, you know? but there’s, two, four, you know, you may end up with a boss that does not want, they they’re very restrictive and I’m very like open.

So we’re like, yeah, dude, go get it done. And the question is, is can you actually get it done? And they, and most of the time he’s been able to get it done. So, you know, he got the whole shop in Hamilton open. I mean, he was like, the reason why we opened up the Hamilton store, I probably would’ve not opened up in Hamilton because he was never knew a person down there, but he’s like, yeah, let’s get this happening.

So, we’re like, all right, dude. and you know, we were like, one of the first missions was like, well, where are we gonna open the store? And he was like, very confident he was gonna get, you know, the city council like turned around on Thursday, don’t worry. Sohi it’s Tuesday. They’re gonna have a vote.

We’re gonna be turned around. I’m like all, but, it didn’t go 100% that way. But then he was like, well, I found this other place in the county, man. Yeah. And it’s in a city, so, I’ll get this going in there. And I was like, all right, dude. So, he got it going and got the landlord, you know, got him set up and everything.

So then we’re like, all right, dude, here we go. So then we did our portion of, of the help, but that was, I think, you know, defining for me like that. Plus, you know, I will probably say this like 12 times in the podcast understands the culture of the cannabis game. Right. And that’s, what is the main thing, where it’s like, okay dude, I have, and have been around cannabis for a long time in this area.

People know me, people know what I’m about. I can really, you know, help that portion of it out. So, that’s where it comes, you know? And it comes from like, okay, yeah, he’s also helping out, but he understands like the culture of those people. Right. You know, and the people that are the users or medical maybe, or recreational, however, however, the however they want to come to the store.

Right. Right. So let’s rewind a little bit. So take us through how, you know, introduced you founder, CEO, president, all of the above how did you get to that point in the first place? Did you always wanna start, you know, kind of a company like this, were you dipping your toes in some other ventures? Like how did the start of euphoria actually, you know, begin? Well? I would say that, you know, it was a, it was actually like a three, three pivotal part project.

Uh, one is, is, Hey, I was always gonna wanna start my own business kind of, I just didn’t really know what it was. Right. I was like trying to get a job I’m still in college. these laws were changing, a friend of mine was like, Hey dude, they’re gonna have some city licenses open up in Bozeman. You should get a city license.

We can turn around, maybe sell it, make some cash real quick. And so we went down there, got the license and we were one of the first people to get the license. and then, but turns out that these license were very unique compared to other business licenses. You couldn’t sell them. They were nontransferable.

So there was a different type of license. And, then, you know, we started to pivot the conversation. Well, what happens if we opened up a dispensary, then, you know, we can maybe get this thing going this and that. Well, at the same time, I’m in college so that I had some, attorney friends, and that’s also a very good motivator too, is, politically being collect, you know, connected or having some kind of political influence is very helpful.

Not only in when we obtained the license, but was able to open up a, a store in the city where not very many people that were able to open up and hadn’t opened up hard to get someone to lease. This is 2008, you know, we’re talking way before testing way before everything else. you know, I’ve been in the game so long, in the cannabis industry, a lot of people were still getting raided, cuz this was all, you know, still during the Bush era, people were getting, you know, so it was a completely different time in cannabis, compared to what it is now.

And so we got the space and once we had the space, we didn’t realize that, it was just gonna kind of blow up on its home. Right. You know, even without having, at that point, we were doing zero marketing because some of us were scared to even talk about it. Right. So you’re like, dude, we don’t, I don’t even know if we’re gonna put a sign in the door.

Let’s just go ahead and see what happens. But word of mouth, which has always been a very strong way that we have marketed, we were able to really just get it moving and that during that time period, a strong driving force was the doctor connection. You know, people trying to get the medical cannabis card.

Then if you had the doctor and we, you know, and once we had the space, the doctor was like, whoa, let’s just start hosting the clinics here. Right. Which then just led to a massive kind of explosion and growth there. it was almost kind of a little bit too fast too, but you know, as, as that explosion happened in Montana from 2008 to 2011, there was a little bit of a, a, you know, I would like to say backlash from the community, maybe the, the community that doesn’t really appreciate cannabis.

Cause it got a little bit out of control. They didn’t understand what they had voted for. the law was very open. It was like very similar to the California law turned into the wild, wild west of cannabis, you know? Right. where can they smell where? So, it got dialed back and it got dialed back very quickly.

And they also did like an operation in Montana. It was called operation. We be gone to help, help eliminate some of the bad actors in the cannabis industry. So there’s a lot of people that ended up getting rated during that time. And a lot of people were like, whoa, we’re gonna go ahead and step back from the business.

And and at that time we kind of were doing the same cause it’s like, Hey, do you want to extend your lease? some of the people that were holding leases were a little worried now because they were like, well, can my property get taken? What’s gonna happen. So there was like an increase in risk rent, let’s say.

Right. and so during that time we decided, Hey, we were gonna stay open for another year. I think 2011 at 2012, we closed down our store dispensary, like in the city officially we went to like a delivery only service. And so we were doing the delivery only service. And then, and we had a small little, like, you could come pick up your medicine.

I was actually in my garage. yeah. and so that lasted for a while. and then during that same time period, while we were doing that, my cousin who is a marketing, person in Las Vegas, because my original company is called SOS and that’s actually the brand that was actually the dispensing brand and everything.

Um, so then when we went down, we were like my cousin, he got a job offer to do some marketing for a person that was gonna be opening up your four year wellness in Las Vegas. They also wanted to have a cultivation and such. And they took him around to kind of show him how the cultivation was gonna get developed.

And he was like, bro, this doesn’t look right. I’m gonna ask you guys a couple questions. They didn’t really know. He was like, why do you even know about growing? I don’t understand. He’s like, well, my cousin has been doing this like quite some time in Montana. He’s like, you guys should be talking to him like, and so, and he is like, and he comes to Vegas often and likes to hang out here.

And so I was flying down and before I even knew it, he was like, you gotta meet up with these people that, started the euphoria brand, which was Joe and, Larry and Darlene and such down here. And, then they, they, you know, we helped them actually get their setup going both, you know, in the cultivation aspect heavily.

And then in the dispensing aspect, you know, monetarily helping, ’em just kind of understanding the system and the culture as best. We knew it at the time, which, you know, the culture in Las Vegas completely different than the culture in Montana. Right. And so we did that from about 20 14, 15 and 16. we were here and then in 17, I think the law started to shift back in Montana to where it was gonna be a lot more open system.

And so we decided, Hey man, instead of opening up with the sots name, reopening, let’s reopen with the euphoria wellness name. Right. And so that’s where the euphoria wellness brand started probably 2017 in Montana. And the sot brand had been growing ever since. And then the, so brand became the number one provider for all the cannabis for EEU 40 wellness in Montana.

Right. And ever since then, we’ve been running the EU four year wellness location in Montana. We probably ran it for about two years and I think God, 2018 or something. I, yes, we started the, Missoula location, like Chad said. And then shortly after we were like, Hey, let’s just start the Butte location.

Cause it was a midpoint. and then, the Hamilton location probably what was it? 2019, we started Hamilton. You said, yeah. So 2019 we started Hamilton. And then, I mean, heck right after that, it was COVID, isn’t that interesting to think about like when you go backwards in time, you’re like, whoa, but then yeah, going forward, you’re like, wow.

So like literally Chad was open for maybe a year or two before we had to then deal with all this COVID stuff. And I mean, I was traveling all the time with all the dispensaries and that had all shrunk down. All of us, you know, were like trying to stay isolated and trying to do the dispensary in a completely different manner.

Like running an entire business through COVID was quite challenging. But luckily we were able to be deemed decentral helped us stay open through the entire pandemic or, I mean, a lot of businesses suffered even heavier losses than we did. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. What, what, what a story? This is, this is why I like doing this, cuz you don’t typically have conversations like this and you know, just again that, that the whole entrepreneurship stuff about like I’m gonna start this, then there’s a whole bunch of things that goes wrong and it’s like, you decide to continue doing it or not doing it and you couldn’t do something else.

Just super, super fascinated about that. Just like, you know, on a personal level. so do you plan on expanding into, more states, more cities sort of thing, or is what you’re doing? You know, you’re gonna keep what you’re doing right now. Montana has a lot of territory and I guess, you know, us staying focused and our license being kind of, so old and us being one of the first operators, technically we actually had the first, provider or MMP license in Montana.

And then our provider license was pretty low too, but so we actually had the number one license for a while there, but now they’ve re switched and really allocated all the numbers and such. So it doesn’t matter. But, we have a broad scope to expand in Montana and we really haven’t gone into another state.

I mean, if somebody wanted to partner with me and I, you know, kind of came to me like Chad or something, they’re like, Hey man, this is, you know, I have a plan. We could make it happen. We need your guys’ expertise. Right. You know, similar to what we did in Vegas where I was kind of approached, right. we would consider it, but we’re not actively going out there cause it’s hard to find people that are, you know, driven, wanting to do all the work and make it happen.

And inside our state, I think we still have a lot of opportunities, little low hanging fruit let’s call it that can still be taken advantage of. And and it’s gonna be a completely ever changing market, you know, in, in the cannabis field too right now. And for me being more as business entrepreneur, and I know you don’t know much about myself as well, but I’ve been switch shifting gears also into real estate.

So, ah, you know, we’re kind of doing a little bit of both. And so I don’t know, I mean what another state would look like, but it could ever, it could happen quickly. You know, we were, I never thought I would be in Nevada. I never thought I would even live down here. So, but, but here we are. Right. Yeah. yeah.

I mean, look, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s really hard to find, you know, I guess, I guess Chad and Victoria equivalence, right? It’s like, yes, everyone has these big plans of, Hey, I wanna do this and all that. But like I find, you know, personally, there’s just, you need to have the right people in place to do different things.

Right. And as soon as you think that boom, you know, spread yourself super thin and then that’s, you know, kind of where a bunch of problems, you know, come about. Right. Absolutely. You know, absolutely. So on the, you know, kind of your, you know, the euphoria slash solds, you know, stuff that you have going on, as you know, there’s a bunch of competition coming up, there’s seemingly infinite dispensaries just popping up, you know, everywhere.

So I always like to ask, you know, you know, what do you guys think are your key differentiators? And then what are your customers also saying that they like about you? well, you know, some of the things that I think Chad mentioned earlier, one of our key different is is the employees, the employee retention, the company culture that we built here, you know, reflects that.

I think sometimes it, it does come out in the products 100% because that, that is what makes the quality so good is that the people are passionate, not only are Victorian Chad passionate about the marketing and you know, when we started the Hamilton store and he was very passionate about the Hamilton store still is, but we have other people that are very passionate about growing the product or doing the conversions or making thes.

Right, right, right. And then on the marketing side, how are you guys bringing in more people you mentioned, word of mouth was a really, really big one. but kind of what is your guys’ process to essentially, how do you, you know, you’ve opened up more locations, how do you continue growing? I’ll give you just, you know, three examples of some of the marketing stuff that Chad Victoria and some of the other people have come up with through euphoria was, you know, we just did what sidekick Sunday, you know, to help out with, we’re gonna, you know, bring in a friend, I’m sure you’re gonna see some of these as we put some.

Yeah. And then, you know, trying to do something with referring, you know, people getting their bags, bringing back, we’re trying to be very unique on the marketing and promotion aspects of weird things. We do. I feel like I haven’t seen any of the other dispensaries around us even try to compete on those kinds of weird sales.

We do a lot of sales relating to sports events, right? We do a lot of sales, almost every holiday we’re known for doing a sale where a lot of our competitors, at least in the Montana area, before recreational were closed down. Right. And, we’ve stayed and, keeps staying open. That was probably another people are still closed on holidays.

And that’s definitely one of the things that differentiates us is that the one time people are gathering together and probably consuming the most out of the year or on those holidays. And, you know, being able to come in, not only get great service on the holidays, but get crazy outrageous deals, right.

And, you know, walk out with a smile on their face and be able to go spend time with their family. And you know, that definitely that makes a difference. People call us cheers that that’s the number one thing that all the stores here is that we’re like, cheers, you walk in and everyone already knows your name and knows what you’re gonna get.

Right. Right. So what are your, what are some of the, you know, your, I guess your most memorable slash favorable or even most successful kind of, you know, campaigns like this you’ve done before? no. Not to put him on the spot at all. honestly, we, we always have a blast at hemp Fest. That’s, that’s where I originally Mets hill the event.

And over our block party, this four 20 was insane. yeah. That, that marketing technique that we did there, we, we passed out coupons and had shirt deals and, introduced our clothing line to most of the cannabis community that was down on front street and sent them to the store and basically had lines going out, for quite a while that evening talked to the bud tenderers and yeah, we were slammed sounds like, yeah, absolutely crushing.

Cause like one, one of the things that I, I always talk to a lot of, you know, you know, kind of owners or whatever it is about is like, what is your way to kind of capture customers into your ecosystem? Because I’m sure as you guys know, word of mouth, word of mouth is pretty good. Loyalty is relatively good, you know, in this space.

So it’s like the small things that you guys are doing, like staying open on holidays, you’re automatically capturing customers that you would’ve otherwise lost because you know, everyone else is closed. Right. So it’s not only that you’re getting that one time boost from being open over the holidays.

You now may convert, I don’t know, maybe 10 to hopefully up to 50% of the customers that came in now they’re gonna become loyal to your brand. Cuz they know that you’re gonna be open all the time instead of going to someone else. Right. And a lot of times when I look at marketing campaigns, it’s like, how do I run this campaign to get, you know, you know, a marginal boost in sales because we did this one thing.

Right. But I think it’s vastly overlooked looking at the lifetime value of your customer and saying, okay, John came in and purchased a $50 product one time, but now he’s gonna come in and purchase three times every single month. He’s now worth 150 bucks every single month for, you know, however long you guys are open.

Right. So it sounds like you guys are doing very, very well on that end. are you doing anything else to kind of like get customers through the door? I mean, a lot of times the main thing is like, you know, we have good product, you know, our bud bartenders are friendly and stuff like that, you know, but maybe any outside of the box thinking that other dispensaries don’t normally do, we’re hidden, sorry.

I was gonna say we’re hidden the marketing as hard as we can. We are still limited just due to law. I mean, we’ve, we’re on different platforms such as Instagram, but we have to have a private page currently. Right? every avenue that, that we can, we maps the radio, weed maps, Leafly the radio, every way that we can get our name out there and give people a chance to, I mean, just get ’em in the store, get ’em to get a chance to see what we have.

I definitely feel that our customer service and our product shine. So once the people actually get there and get that initial in the, in store $50, right. You, you pretty well lock ’em in, I mean, it’s, it’s kind of hard to beat us at that point. I mean, not to sound too big headed on it, but I know that we have amazing.

I know we have amazing team. We pride ourselves in that, right. So just to get people, getting people there without the word of mouth, because that is your number one way, but you have to make people, even for it to hit the word of mouth, you have to make people happy. You have to stand above everybody else for that to, to show in what they’re saying.

And so every avenue that we can are weekend, our clothing line, the sot clothing line is strain specific off the strains that we grow. And I don’t know, it’s, it’s a culture thing. People are proud of it now that the stigma’s starting to die. Yeah. People are proud to wear this stuff around. And I know just personally weekend came, didn’t have our kids.

We decided to go on a mountain drive just to go enjoy the mountains. And we’re in the middle of nowhere. And there’s this guy that pulls up on a dirt bike wearing one of our sweaters. yeah. And we’re like, we’re, we’re in a Durban poison sweater out in the middle of the mountain, in the middle of the mountain.

So it’s and just to ask him about it and to see him be prideful in it and see his excited, well, he had never even been into our store before he had heard about us. And so he is just wearing your, the shirts on me. He wasn’t, he, he only, yeah. Repping our brand and didn’t even know it. The clothing line is honestly, like, I feel like the, one of the most unique things about us, I have never really seen any other dispensary that has a purple shirt or a D and poison hoodie, you know? Right.

We’ve also done collaboration with grassroots and that’s cool. We’ve got, we’ve got pretty cool gear it, the clothing line brings people outta their box as well. I’ve even had not long ago. I had an older gentleman approach me and just almost was in shock that I was wearing a sweater that said a marijuana strain and had a marijuana leaf on it.

And he’s like, basically, like I’ve got a box of the stuff that’s like hidden away. Like he’s still hiding his clothes. Like he’s gonna get in trouble for his clothes, but right. Right. Culture is a big part of it and killing the stigma. That’s cool. so did you, did you have something you wanted to add between there? man.

No, I think I got it covered pretty well on the, cuz I was just saying, yeah. The thing that I, I find that the few, couple unique things that probably they’re, we’re doing and some of it’s related to them as well is just like every week they, you know, the sales are unique. They’re not very, you know, and they’re very different.

Like I was trying to say the sidekick thing than like the bag sale or some of those are very interesting. I mean, you can’t, those would be unique. Other things that are unique is maybe like the can card we’re working with like a payment solution place. So they’re like gonna advertise us out. They also just put us in like with an app leaf fire, which also like allows us to like get our patients to like more marketing, you know, direct campaigns to them.

Um, you know, using the same kind of similar things. It’s harder for us to market. So, can card was kind of doing that too, where they’re gonna try out some people in there and if they’re in our location, we can hit ’em with like a special or something like that with the geo thing, we’ll see how that all kind of works.

But I mean, we were the first ones to do the can card in, in the entire nation. And so they’re trying to be, big on it too. So we’ll see if it works or doesn’t work, but, I think they have a good play and a very good system. And so far a lot of our employees have been using it. Nice, nice. So for a lot of the, the offline stuff, the traditional marketing methods is, you know, I don’t know, social media, you know, SEO stuff, Google ads, Facebook ads and things like that.

Um, are you leveraging any of those kind of traditional forms of media to help generate sales for you guys? Well, obviously we’re working with you right on the SEO stuff, which we have seen a lot of stuff, happening in our, in our thing. And honestly, when we’re now tracking Google a little bit, you know, I think we’re attributing some definite traffic and I, and I see a lot of people are using Google to get to us whether it is, you know, the maps or a phone phone quick, cuz a lot of people, you know, they’re like, is this place real? Let’s call it.

And you know, when someone answers and they’re like, you four, one lets yeah, we are open. Okay. Yeah, come on by. You know? Yeah. so that, that is starting to bump up. I have seen a tiny bit of traffic now increasing on the online sales, getting to convert from the website into a card and getting that checked out.

I’ve seen, you know, just cuz we were at probably like a very low number it’s increasing, you know, slightly because our market is also a very hard market to penetrate compared to, I know where you’re in Ontario, Canada or something like that. Toronto. Yeah. Toronto. Yeah. So that market, you know, people are like, the internet website, no problem.

I got you. Here’s my email address that try to have that same conversion in Montana is not, not the same. People are very leery of the internet sometimes or even doing anything over the internet. They’re like, whoa, whoa. Or even having that was so common when we were in the medical, like on the medical side is a lot of times we would have to help people make an email address so they could even get their medical card.

Right. It’s it’s, it’s a changing thing, both in the cannabis space, on the stigma side and then it, it appears using the internet in itself. Right. well, yeah, exactly. You know, knowing your market, you know, where like sometimes our market in Montana is very unique. I tell people all the time we’re about 10 or 15 years behind a major city or another city, you know, around us, even perhaps we’re just in the scale of where people are doing.

It’s a, it’s a massive, benefit in a mass, you know, can be a there’s pros and cons to both. Right. Right. In the sense of like it’s a community wise, people in Montana are loving it, you know, but then when it comes to maybe business wise, we’re just a little bit, you know, people are a little, apprehensive we’re slash even don’t don’t care we’re on our own time, you know? And that’s how we like it up there.

Right. Right. So getting into the nitty gritty. So we spoke about all the different things you’re doing, you know, both offline and online wanted to kind of dive in about, I don’t know if you have the numbers on this or anything like that, but essentially trying to boil down what your most effective marketing strategies are.

So again, you know, for other kind of, dispensaries out there, hopefully not competitors. but for you guys, you know, what, what, what would you kind of boil down the main things that are working out the best for you? I mean, like I was telling you earlier, if we look at and Chad and Victoria probably agree to this, the days that our we’re running our sales, whether it be an event and then she’s doing a t-shirt sale that follows where it’s like, Hey, we’re your strain and you are gonna get such a, and that’s what we’re saying, we’re doing a sale to the level of like, and I will try to reiterate this in a way where, okay, we’re trying to get people to change their habit of just bringing back their exit bag.

And so we’re saying, all right, let’s offer. I don’t even know. I think we came up with a $10 eighth on the day, if you actually bring your exit bag. So if you bring your exit bag, you’ll get a $10 eighth that day. And we wanted the sale would be so ridiculous where if you forgot your exit bag, you would want to drive home, go pick it up to get the deal back, you know? And so those days that we’re doing these different types of sales, we’re seeing the heaviest increase in traffic, you know? Right.

And some of that is coming from word of mouth. People are buying and you know, some of the deals are like, okay, like for football, you know, super bowl Sunday, you know, we picked out two teams, they both had like their own strains. They kind of had like an edible and like a joint. It was like, we called it, you know, I can’t use the word, the party bowl pack yeah.

Don’t want to get you in trademark trouble here. but so you know, we did great, you know, cuz then people go and talk about it with their friends cuz they got this same deal. They’re like, well, what you got that for? What price? Well, let’s drive over there and get another one, you know? And so, those things are really working for us.

I think, the Google is working for us in the sense that we’ve seen the numbers go up. It’s very hard for people that may have that are new. We’re trying to ask people like, Hey, how are you hearing about us? But on some of the new stuff, just like you said, it’s a repetition of it. Like I couldn’t just tell you, well we shouldn’t do the cause the Google numbers are starting to rise, but it may still take another 12 months before it’s hitting its like peak penetration, you know, where you’re, you’ve penetrated the market, you’ve changed the website enough, you’ve done all the optimization enough.

It’s very similar to Victoria running the new ads on the radio for us, she’s penetrated one market, we’re doing three months, but, and in three months we’ve seen some traffic. So now we’re like, okay, it wasn’t zero. You know, we may have got three or four, but the real number that we’re all trying to hit is what’s the cost of customer acquisition, right? We’re running these radio ads.

What is the cost for customer acquisition coming in? You know, are we getting, way more bang for our buck on the Google cost of customer acquisition? Or are we getting it way better on the radio ad for customer customers? And it maybe, you know, that completely differentiates between markets, you know, between not only Montana is Sova in between how we can, you know, penetrate the Bozeman market versus the Missoula market.

Right. Totally different people. Right. You know, the radio may penetrate them way better because those people in that market are way more artistic. They’re way more into music. They’re way more into the play. People in the Bozeman market are way more into business, into college, into engineering, into architecture, right? So doing the different ways, but both groups can be highly users of cannabis, right? You just have to figure out what we’re gonna do in the penetration cost of customer acquisition.

So we move it over to her on the radio thing. She’s gonna penetrate one market every so often and then we’re gonna see the results. We’re gonna continue to expand and keep putting in some more market spend on those areas. You know, we’re able to now move some of our budget into market spend from our original target goal, which was actual production.

You know, you can’t market something if you’re not producing the product correctly. Right. And so now once the product is gonna be pretty produced with our new facility, almost being done, we can start moving some more money into marketing and that’ll start actually being a whole new thing. And you know, Victoria’s been doing a great job like for our in house marketing on just like the Instagram ads and you know, all the other little things that are like helping really push the little things that help tweak it.

We also have these TVs in the store, which are also, you know, a little unique selling point, but it’s hard to say just like you said, you know, okay, well what does that actually, you know, does that actually call someone in and get us another customer tomorrow? Cause they’re like, Hey dude, did you see that crazy star wars ad? But it’s a combination, right? The cool star wars ad plus the entire, you know, deal that they’re getting on the cannabis, you know, related to the product that they’re getting.

Right. Cause now if we ran a special, just like what Chad was saying, I give you a $10 eighth, but it was garbage your experience. Isn’t gonna be what it needs to be to come back to the store. And we’ve tried to make that a, a real selling point. We’re trying to, you know, in fact we’re trying to be ahead of the curve.

We feel like, okay, well, Hey, if this is gonna get kind of dry old, let’s actually have a promotion on it before that point. Yes. To where now at least they actually have a good experience with that product. And that is a huge whole, once again, we’re going back to the culture. If you don’t understand cannabis, you don’t understand product.

You think it’s all the same. You think everyone’s gonna have the same experience with whether this or that. It may not be the case. Right. And that is also getting a lot of input, not only from the marketing team, but from the bud tenderers, Hey dude, this product isn’t selling, we’re gonna have to discontinue it.

Hey dude, this product’s getting gold. Let’s go to a say, Hey dude, this people aren’t happy with the price on this. We need to change it. Okay. You know, cause they’re getting all the feedback, you know, customer comes in, Hey, I want to go, I, I’m not buying this. It’s too expensive. This and that. But it’s us as leadership to be able to take all those things in and quickly adjust our business, to then make sure that those patients and customers are getting what they need.

Right. Right. So on the, that exit bag strategy was super, super interesting. Cause like that’s something people can relate to. It’s like, gosh, like I really wanna get this, this thing in and you know, let me go drive back home and come back to you guys or at least tell a friend, Hey, they have this crazy, crazy deal.

Go check it out. Right. So I’ve been again, just kind of just brainstorming. So cannabis face, you have your different kind of categories of products that you saw, right? You have your flower, pre-rolls concentrates, edibles, tinctures, vapes, so on and so forth. Right. What I’ve been seeing again in my very small sample size is that typically people are, are relatively stuck within the category that they want to purchase.

If the perch and buy person buys flowers, they typically buy flowers and not really any, anything else. So the cross product selling, of these, the, the cross selling of these products is a little bit tricky, right? So I was always thinking that, you know, would it potentially be a good idea mixed up with your kind of exit bag strategy to maybe not, give a deal on the exact same product that the person is buying, but maybe cross pollinate your products.

Cause then you have two separate verticals that your customers are now gonna purchase on. Right? They’re gonna purchase on maybe the edible side and maybe the flower side, increasing your card size. So on the exit bag strategy, we may change products and we may be one product, but like we said, we’re targeting target.

Okay. So like right now you’re probably seeing flowers, probably 50% of all sales, no matter what, right. So now if you’re hitting most of your market, you do a sale on flour. It’s getting 50%. It’s also our best product, easiest product. If people actually started doing the math, here’s another little secret for, the conversion rate.

If you can just sell the flour as flour, right? You’re gonna get the best bang for your buck. Right. Right. When you start doing conversions, it might be because a, your product isn’t selling B, you have mold, some kind of remediation is being done, right. C will do love the cartridges and everything. But in the end, honestly the cartridge price is probably getting, that’s why it’s getting pushed up, right.

Is because in order to do all the conversions, it’s coming back. and that’s kind of one of the areas where it’s like, okay, what are we gonna do next? but one of the ways we found it best to do that mixed bag is when we go back to the super bowl sale, right. They were able to do this party pack right. In the party pack.

They were like, well, here’s your two A’s for your two teams. Here’s some edibles for you and your friends. Right. Here’s the joint now. And you might, and the deal might be so good because Victoria convinces me to make him so deal. and Mariah too. we’re trying to get the people in, that, that they’re like two, it doesn’t make any sense.

I’m getting the cheapest deal. I should just buy the pack. Right? Exactly. the mathematically, it just wouldn’t even work out. Whether you were just an edible person, you’re like, Hey, I should just buy the edibles and I’ll just take the free flour or whatever. But now you have this other product that you’ve got pretty much practically for free, and that’s what we’re pushing on you.

Right. But the thing is so good in this deal that maybe you take it home and your buddy is an edible guy, but he is like, what? You got that for? What price? Okay, fine. I’m gonna go get that pack too. Right. And maybe we’re hoping, and we’ve had actually some decent luck to convert people from one product to another product.

They’re like, Hey, mm-hmm, the issue. And the hardest ones are not converting. People from flour is they may not have the apparatus required for the conversion. If that makes any sense. Correct. Right. I give you the oil, but now you don’t have the rig torch and all the other stuff to go along with it.

Right. I give you the flour. You may not have the bong bowl and everything else to go along with it. Yes. And those are the things that we’re now seeing, but sometimes we’ve decided that if we’ve purchased or put those in the store where I think that this may be one of the reasons why we’re selling, we just have these little like dad kits or five or $10, little happy kits that these guys have been putting in the store.

And, people end up buying them. I think probably cuz they’re like, dude, I just bought all this flour and now 10, 15 bucks, I’m gonna need a pipe and a bowl roof. Right. And, but the thing is, is they’re not gonna for us, has been, is they’re not gonna go out and buy the heady glass piece. Like Chad represents everywhere and Las Vegas and everything, you know, which we would love to be selling.

They’re looking at the China cheap glass, which is unfortunate for us, but it’s a step, right? Yeah. As now moved you into that step, into that new variable. And then I can maybe push you along with its more. Right? Right. It’s an introduction to the culture. Honestly. I’ve seen situations where people are so set in their ways.

There’s like, Nope, I don’t do edibles. I don’t do edibles. I’m gonna get this pack and I’m not even gonna do anything with the edible. And then I see ’em back in there and they’re like, I tried your edible, your edible is different than other edibles. I’ve had, it works really well and it tastes good. Can I get two packs of gummies? And they never even hit that market before, but because we put it in that bundle and opened up their eyes a little bit.

They’re like, Hey, maybe this is my thing. I didn’t even realize it. It was. And yeah, likes said that does open up a whole new market into starting to get even basic class stuff. But education there, people have had an issue with the oil and like, I don’t have anything to smoke this with. Well, you can put, if you’re smoking bud already, you can put oil on top of your bud.

Don’t touch it after you hit it with a lighter educate. ’em a little bit. So they’re not getting like oil over their finger, but then they come back and they’re like this oil thing I’ve been smoking for 50 years and I couldn’t get high anymore. And all of a sudden I’m smoking concentrates on top of this and you guys opened up a whole new world to me like education.

I, I love, I love our bundle deals. It, it hits so many good aspects, price wise. It helps the customer brings other people in cuz they are crazy enough deals that people go and grab family members, especially on these holidays and stuff where that’s seriously. How I found out about euphoria. I was told by a friend to go down to the store, get the deal I saw how ridiculous surprises were in general in a great way.

I mean, I was a single mom at the time and ended up a patient. And a couple months later I got called and asked if I wanted a job. And four years later here I am working in marketing all because we ran a crazy deal. Right. like I said, you know, the J the journey of, of just how life goes, it’s just like, it’s just, you know, who, who knows just all the way from a bundle, right? Just from, from this one thing.

And like, yeah, like, yeah, like this it’s no matter who I speak to in this space. I ask them, you know, again, along these marketing questions, cause I love getting different perspectives about what’s working for them. Obviously, if it works in one market may not work in the other market, but that education piece always plays a humongous role.

Like I had another interview with, you know, a guy, a few days ago and he said the exact same thing. And it was just something as simple as like sometimes the products like, you know, in Toronto, they’re like in packages and they can’t like open them up and they’re like in the plastic. So he actually smokes all of, or most of the product, he takes a video of him smoking the product and he is like, Hey, this is what the bud looks like.

You know, this is kind of how I felt about this. And he was like, yeah, like the education piece, that customer service piece about how you treat your customers and it’s not necessarily, how can I upsell you into the most, the highest profit margin product available, but it’s literally like somebody’s coming in, they’re saying these things and you know, really helping them out.

Right. And I found, and it’s good. You know, I think there’s a lot of things that are probably not necessarily the best in this space. Right. But I found that a there’s a lot of people that are super open on the education side of things, the intention of everyone is always, Hey, how can I help this person out best? Right.

So, you know, I’m very, very happy to hear now that I have a deeper insight onto what you guys do and how you guys are operating your business at that. You’re one of them. So just that’s, that’s pretty awesome. , that’s really what get gets people coming back. I mean, you could really have the best product in the world, but if you have terrible customer service, they’re not gonna come back.

Right. Right. You know, you, and having that education aspect makes the customer comfortable asking you those questions that leads them to buy more products. And you know, that that really is everything. And just even being satisfied. I mean, if somebody comes in there, like I can’t sleep at night and the person hands them a sativa and they’re like, well, I really couldn’t sleep after that.

Instead of being like, Hey, this purple, it’s gonna make you hungry, but it’s also gonna make you really sleepy. I’ve had a patient that, I mean was almost begging. They’re like, I haven’t slept in so long. I can’t get sleep. I was like, easy dude. Let’s, let’s get you some purple or we’ll see how that treats you.

Right. Came in the next day. And I thought he was gonna jump through the window. Like I was kind of throwing off at first, like, is this guy coming through the window to like take her money? Or he’s like, I slept last night. I haven’t slept in so long was like, so exuberant about it. Like it’s important to be able to hit what they’re after and not just be like, well, we’ve had super glue sitting on the shelf for a couple months.

Really need to get it outta here. Just, just take some super glue, super glue. Do good for you. Like actually learning it, like getting on that level with them. It means a lot. That’s what’s gonna bring people back. I mean, if I went to a store looking for something that I was telling ’em I need to sleep. And they sent me with a sativa, if I weren’t educated on it.

And then I were wired and couldn’t sleep even more, I’d be like, whoa, those are the wrong people to go to. Right. I probably wouldn’t go back there. Right. Right. No, love it. Love it. So I’m sure as you guys know, the, the, the landscape, the whole cannabis landscape has changed like significantly .

Um, are there any kind of marketing things that you guys used to do that used to be really, really good. And like now don’t work anymore. The prime example is like weed maps. Right. You know, first to market, they were the only ones doing what they were doing. People are spending tens of thousands of dollars on weed maps because, you know, they’re getting the return, obviously now, not so much, it acts more of a directory website than anything.

Um, are you finding that the same with you guys? Like, you know, has what has changed in kind of your marketing? Well, what did I tell you earlier? We’re behind in times 10 or 15 years. So that right now WEAP is crushing it for us. They were job. my that’s that’s I’ve had, I’ve had multiple conversations with people saying, yeah, I spent, you know, again, tens of thousand dollars on weed abouts a month.

Yeah. Just not working anymore, but I’m like, keep, keep it, keep it, you know? So was it squeeze, squeeze the juice. Yeah. Right now you got, probably got about three years, you know, or two, three years left and then it’ll be dead just like the other market, you know, very similar to where they were about five, 10 years ago, you know, and most of those markets such as Nevada, but you know, some of those things I can lead maps.

I don’t know if you’re very familiar with how they actually do their marketing scheme. It’s very interesting. You know, like to get those top positions, they kind of put ’em up to bid. And so you had these cannabis companies, AKA with deep pockets that, you know, had marketing budgets that didn’t know where the money should go.

So they’re like, let’s bid up the top spot at weed maps. Yeah. You know, which is then, made their business model thrive for so long where that didn’t work. So well, I don’t think in Montana, there was a lot of spots where us dispensary owners are like, you want us to do watch bit on that. All right. Give us the bottom spot for 300 bucks.

We’ll take that one. You know, which then ends up actually being like the third or fourth spot because there isn’t that many people even using it, you know, like every dispensary is, you know, and, in Montana, smaller market, we’re having a lot of small people. They’re still starting to get their business open, you know, and you’re deciding, well, Hey, am I buying a grow light? Or am I putting up an ad on weed maps? Right.

You know? So those are some struggles as well for people. Right. Right. Yeah. So most of the marketing stuff you have when you started, right. It just continued working for the most part. At least I’ve done that a lot of the things that we’ve been doing, I think have been very unique to us. I feel like we, I mean, I don’t know, once again, we might be tweeting our own little horn.

Um, I feel like we, we we’re like little trendsetters in Montana in the sense of like doing the word of mouth things, doing very unique, little sales, doing like the events. Maybe we were very unique. I think even in the way we hosted, he Fest the first couple of times, you know, that’s probably what led to Chad coming to us and, you know, has he been saying it, I mean, this year, they’re probably gonna, you know, we’re gonna leash Chad and Victoria on he Fest and he was gonna come in for the mic day because that’s all they need for, less work for me.

But, that has been unique. You have fun with it. Don’t lie. the whole thing is all about, the, the culture and that. And so I feel like we’ve been able to keep our uniqueness and our quirkiness working, you know, and, at least because we really haven’t right now, I, we feel like we’re kind of pivoting to more conventional ways of marketing, such as social media, such as the SEO, such as the radio, such as obviously we can’t even be on TV, but, you know, we may do some more stuff that is like in that traditional space of marketing.

Yeah. You know, one of the things I guess we’re gonna now try to do is try to see if our new dispensary can, we can do the whole ribbon cutting ceremony and bring it all in, bring the, you know, the commerce in, because now I guess one of our goals will be how to be a little bit more politically active and get a little bit more political friends, you know, and that’s where, you know, you just saw us put the cannabis Guild on our website and we’re trying to now, become, you know, more representative of, you know, not our brand, but the culture, you know, statewide so that we can actually put some, some stuff, you know, there’s, there’s a few things that have upset me about the new law.

You know, I don’t really like the way the medical patients are being treated. I’ve always felt that the medicine was number one. I mean, that’s also kind of Chad brought that up too. I mean, we educate people, but I mean, I do see a medical value in cannabis, which is now getting pushed out with the recreational market because it’s just like, it’s recreational.

I do not mind people using cannabis recreationally. It’s safer than alcohol. You know, there’s no reason for it not to be used. It’s helped me get a safer product out there to people, but let’s not forget the people that actually do need it for medicine. Right. And it’s not all about just the tax dollars on this thing.

I don’t mind taxing the right people, but let’s have an avenue for medical people to be able to access their medicine safely, at least, you know, in our state of Montana, I would love that to happen. I love that it’s still happening in Colorado. There’s other states like Nevada, where the medical program is practically obsolete.

You know, you’re just saving some taxes, but they are pretty heavy taxes. So, you know, that’s, that’s the major shift, you know, that I would see, you know, like Chad, they used to be medical, this big medical program. We were helping people. And now, now that I feel like it’s kind of getting lost in translation, you know, or minimized, right.

I mean, I just had a chat yesterday. I apparently have a lot of chats. when he, he specifically staying in the medical, you know, pharmacy space, right. Yeah. Because that, that’s where it comes from. It’s like, you know, the intent is how do we help people the most. Right. and a lot of times it’s like, okay, just whatever government is just like, Hey, how can we make the most amount of money from this thing? Because now it’s popular and we can sell a lot of it.

Right. But I think a lot of it is lost in the, you know, the R and D side about how do we specifically look at now the genetics and the strains and how these things specifically help people. Like there’s a whole world out there just purely on the medical side where I do think that it’s, it’s lacking. And especially here, like in Canada, you know, we’re fully like country’s fully legal.

Right. And we could have been a really, really big exporter of the IP and, and research and development of, you know, cannabis. Right. but same thing, right? It’s like, how do we tax the heaviest, how do we make the most amount of money? And that’s it. And it’s unfortunate that like the main push to make cannabis legal was it was this, you know, drug that can help a lot of people.

Like that was the main reason for a lot of things. But I found that it’s really turned into, okay, how can these different entities make the most amount of money, which is quite unfortunate. So it really is. And, and especially with the government, I mean, every government’s now just looking at, at cannabis as like their little cash cow to get whatever programs funded, which a lot of us come from background in cannabis that we want positive programs funded, you know, maybe education, maybe outdoor recreation, maybe, you know, Montana was very into the conservation of their outdoor spaces.

And we were able to kind of help get that in. But, you know, the amount of money that was allocated was very minimal compared to what actually should be going into our conservation or our education, you know, in Nevada, they, literally took all the money out, you know, they were like, well, since there’s the cannabis money, let’s just keep that in an education.

We’ll pull all of our money that was going into education out. And it’s like, no, that wasn’t the plan, the plan that was supposed to be an addition too, you know? So yeah, yeah. That can be a completely separate con like I, you know, I can do very, very end. Like, yeah, it’s just really unfortunate. This is the case, but, you know, yeah.

Anyways, bringing it back to kind of like the, the marketing stuff. another big thing that I think really contributes is, you know, you know, like the reviews, right? Like you said, it’s the word of mouth, but online reviews are essentially online word of mouth. Right. you guys doing anything different to do that, to generate, have you seen our review numbers go up? yes.

I, I have, yes, I have. Yeah. Yaro. There’s probably reason for that is because once again, they were like, Hey, let’s, you know, put a thing on rewards, you know, that’s, I mean, maybe Victoria can explain a little bit more, but that’s what, and, you know, weirdly enough, we knew that it was gonna help you with your SEO matter because now as the reviews on Google are piling in and you’re doing your work, it’s correlating.

Right. You know? Yeah. We did this challenge for not only our bud tenderers, but our customers that if, basically they gathered as many reviews as they could, the winning store got some in store credit, but we also told our customers, Hey, leave us an honest review. We’re not looking for a five star review.

Even we just wanna know what you think of us. Right. And, at the end of the month, we’ll pick a winner for, you know, what we see as our favorite review. And we’ll give you some stored credit and we chose a couple, couple people. Not, not that we’re not looking for five Star’s review, but we’re not asking for yeah, we weren’t asking.

We obviously, yes. We were looking five, five star reviews. So we weren’t like, Hey, you give us a five star review. Yes. Or else . No, that’s awesome. But I feel like it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s surprising. Like, I don’t know, there’s some sort of statin, like, you know, people believe online reviews, like as similar as like a person review.

And this definitely wasn’t the case. Like honestly, I would go on Amazon, look at pretty much two identical products and the only differentiating factor for me buying or not buying is how good or how bad the review is. Right. Yeah. So, you know, that’s an interesting way that a lot of people and the, the best way to general reviews it, like you said, is like, it’s just ask me.

Right. It’s like, Hey, can you please write your review? That, that sort of thing. and it’s definitely worked out. So like, you know, I wanted to bring that up cause I saw you guys were crushing it. So, you know, I wanted to see, you know, if you guys had any secret sauce that you can share as well, so that’s great incentive, incentive, incentive, whole love incentive.

You gotta make sure the incentives are aligned just for everyone. Right? Yeah, exactly. And honestly, I think some of the reviews that were picked for winners were also critiques. You know, you actually gave us a critique on our business that helped us grow it or make it better than, you know, you were in the thing, but, you know, there’s, you know, you know, out there there’s people on both sides of reviews, but so far we’ve been doing good.

And I think now we’ve moved that promotion over to weed maps. So now we’re gonna try to blow up weed maps and then we’ll come back to Google. People, get a little bit of chance to do something different, you know? Cause then the same people aren’t writing the same reviews, you know, we get a lot of repeat customers cause we have a heavy customer base.

That’s very loyal to our brand. Yeah, of course, of course. so now on the SMS and email side, I know you said you’s really 10 years behind, but everything else is, everyone else is doing. are you guys leveraging SMS, email, you know, significantly? Is that a big part of your, retargeting strategy? Not so much of the emails.

We’ve definitely talked about working into that, but we have worked with I, was it iHeart Jane? No, it, the spring big that we did the messaging that’s through and now we’re moving it over to leaf fire. So the leaf fire app, which also has its MMS and SMS built in service. So we can send out a message through the app center.

That’ll hit everybody’s yeah, anyone, we, we have a phone number for, it’ll send it out too. So does that connect to the purchases? I believe. Yeah. If it’s, it doesn’t connect to the purchases, it actually is set up to where whenever we’re setting the patient up, the initial setup for it, we ask ’em if they would like to add their phone number, we’d send out messages, we’d all send out a bunch of junk mail.

It’s strictly our promotions. Right. And most, most people are on board for it. Like, yeah. I’d love to hear about your specials. It does have like a backside analytics where we are able to see, you know, who’s receiving our messages, who’s responding to our messages, that sort of thing. So we’re able to kind of target our audience, see, you know, like what age group is really responding to these, like it, how effective is it? But it does track everything from if they order online, if they, you know, look or open the message, to yeah.

Basically, really dial in and know. Well, interesting. We also had trouble getting everyone to give us our phone numbers originally. Cause people were like, no, but then when we ran a couple of deals that were so hot on the text message, only people were very upset that they didn’t hear about the deal. Ah, yes, yes, of course.

And then they gave the phone and then they were ready to give us anything that we wanted. Right. Well, you need to get, I’ll sign up for Google right now, Instagram, what you want exactly. 10. Well, you you’re you’re aligning the incentives, right? Yeah. but yeah. What other question? I, we do have another meet here that I don’t too.

My apologies. I mean, just about finished it up. I mean, you know, just kind of, let me see, let me scroll through these. I just wanted to make sure I got at least all your good questions answered. And if you’re, if you have a good time and your viewers want us to come back, we can make a, a round two of this appearing for sure.

Like I’m more than welcoming a lot of it’s for me, myself. And like I enjoy this conversation thoroughly. so I guess the, you know, the, the last question, I really like to ask is like, okay, whatever way you deem, you know, kind of golden nuggets, but what would you kind of give as your final golden nugget to, you know, maybe take a dispensary to the next level.

And again, like I said, it could be sales, marketing end, it could be culture end, right. Be operationally, you know, what would you think you would say that is very important? You know, the leadership, the, the culture, employee retention, those things are, you know, finding out how to best use your employees perhaps.

So then move out, you know, knowing your market. those things are all basic, you know? but yeah, I feel like the cannabis is a very unique space and a lot of people get into it without the, the passion or the cultural aspect that they may 100% need behind themselves. You know? And it’s unique, not only in the employees that want to come work, but they’re, they’re also very passionate about cannabis.

I mean, almost this is very unique, to say, but we hire a lot of people that are very passionate about cannabis, like, you know, and in the sense of whether it be selling it, but you know, some of the questions that we ask, we’re like, Hey man, are you, are you an actual user? We only have one person that I would say that is an actual non-user in our, in our company.

Right. And you know, it’s not that we’re using it. She actually works out great. But weirdly enough, she is probably one of the most educated people in the C she’s a biologist. So she loves the biology of it. And so she, you know, wants to do all the education is really researching it, you know? And when you would ask her patients base, you know, like what’s happening, that goes back to the education piece, you know, where, she’s very good and able to do that.

So I, I’m not saying you have to even know, or even try cannabis. She’s able to do it without it, but she has that same passion to help the people with the cannabis plan, you know, and has changed her mind on cannabis entirely like it has on mine. Cause I’ve seen it help so many different people in different aspects of their life.

So, hardly ever see anybody that is unhappy, you know, or very angry. I will say that is very nice. You know, when you’re in the store, what most of the time cannabis users are good people, you know, overall no fantastic. Fantastic. And the last question is where can people get in touch with doesn’t have to be yourself? Where, where, where can people get in touch with euphoria if they wanna get in touch? Where can people, we’re on Facebook, I’m on LinkedIn.

If they want to hit me up personally there or on Facebook as well. We both have the euphoria website and mine is out there. And Chad and Victoria euphoria wellness Mt. On Instagram also will take you on a link to all of our different Instagrams. They are private, but if you’re 21, plus you can definitely follow euphoria wellness as well.

You can find us on weed maps, Leafly, Instagram, Facebook, but yeah, euphoria wellness, Mt. Dot com would be the best way to go and find all those. Right. Well, thank you much. What’s that? I said hit up our SEO guy. We should, we don’t pop up in the first few searches blame. Brandon likes me, all that stuff.

How let’s see how good he’s doing. well look awesome. You know, lovely. You know, I think this is a really, really awesome chat. Something we weren’t able to do. I know we speak occasionally, but this is something, you know, that, that I really like, that we did. but that was it for another episode of the dispensary marketing podcast.

Like I said, I’m your host. If you need any audits done for your dispensary website or for your dispensary and you need to take your, you know, sales and marketing to the next level, hit me, but that’s it for me and see you next time. Thanks guys. Bye. Thank you, Brandon. Thanks for having us.

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