How To Increase Your Cannabis Dispensary Sales for FREE

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: October 3, 2022

I started rolling out this incredibly easy-to-use feature on my client’s website and it instantly increased the number of customers they were getting.


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What is going on? Dispensary owners back at it again with another video. I have a really awesome video to share with you. this video’s gonna show you how you can get cu customers for exactly $0. Yes, gonna be completely free. And I’m gonna hop into it right now. So if you’ve been following anything that I’ve been doing, I followed this customer acquisition framework. The first one is awareness, right? Need people to know that you exist in the first place, because if they don’t, then it doesn’t matter. Then you need to convert them into paying customers, cuz you can have a million people knowing who you are. But if they are not buying any of your product, then again, it doesn’t matter. And then the third one is loyalty. at the end of the day, your brick and mortar location, right? There’s a specific radius that you serve around your store and a number of customers that you’re capped at in terms of how many customers will keep on buying from you. So what you wanna do is you wanna make sure that all the customers around your store are as loyal as possible, because when that ends up happening, you’re gonna get more sales. When you get more sales, you can invest more into awareness, convert more customers, get more loyal customers, so on and so forth. So, this is the basic customer acquisition framework for how you should grow your dispensary. And what I’m gonna touch on in this video is actually the loyalty portion. And the loyalty portion is actually then broken down to four additional things in order to keep customers loyal or to keep loyal customers. The first thing you need to do is have good customer service. You need to have good pricing, you need to have good product and selection. And then you also need to have a good buying experience. I had another video which outlined some of the Google reviews that some of the top dogs in the dispensary space are doing. So be sure to check that one out, because it goes through in much deeper detail on these, four subjects. So in this video, on these, four pillars of loyalty, I am then gonna talk about the customer service portion and then the buying experience portion. So when I say customer service, this typically falls in line with like John or Sarah Remi remembered it was my birthday, and then they were able to provide me a discount on this thing. Or you know, you’re always, the bud tenderers are always greeting the customers at the front door with this smile. They’re always knowledgeable, so on and so forth. And then the buying experience is more so tied into like, do you have inventory? Are you in a good location? can I buy your product easily? you know, can I find your store easily? All of these things kind of tie together to make sure that overall the experience that the customer gets is good. Um, so one in four pretty much tied in with each other, but I like to keep them separate because they’re both very important things. Now, I want you to have this mindset for your website because your website is your store. It’s just online, right? And the way people find you is they go online first and then they go into your store afterwards, right? Very few people are just driving around town looking for a, a dispensary, then hopping into any random dispensary. They’re gonna go Google. You find you online, look at your listing, click your website, see if you have the product, potentially buy online, then go into the store or understand that your store is there and then go in afterwards, right? So you need to have the mindset that your website is your store. And most people don’t think that. They just think that your website is this random thing that just sits on the internet, doesn’t do much. Maybe it just looks good, but what it actually does is it drives people to go into your store and purchase your product, right? Just like how you spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on your physical store, you need to invest the time, energy, effort, and money into building your online store as well. And I don’t just mean slapping an e-commerce menu on it and calling it a day. No. You need to make sure your website is this immersive thing that helps guide the customers to making a, a purchase on your website, right? So when you think about the in-store customer experience, right? You have a couple customers that maybe they walk in and then they buy what they want right away. Some people walk in, then they just walk out. Some people know immediately what they want. They’re gonna go get the product and go buy. They don’t need to talk to anybody. Some of them may talk to the bud tenderer, get an opinion, and then purchase something they wouldn’t have. But almost always, and I hope you’re doing this inside your store, is that you’re gonna have someone greet your customer with a smile upon entering that’s just good customer service and helps you build a greater community around your store. And we need to do the exact same thing online, right? when Apple first got started, with their products, one of the things that they prided themselves on was their customer service. I haven’t needed to reach out to Apple customer support lately. So I’m not sure if this is still true. but one of the main value propositions as to why you would pay a little bit more for this expensive product is because the customer service was really, really good. So we need to now take a good in-store customer experience and also provide a good online customer experience. Because when you do that, you’re gonna help build loyalty, you’re gonna get more sales, you’re gonna have more purchases, and your overall gonna have a better business, right? So how do we do that? The very simple thing you need to do is just install this live chat on your website and make sure you reply as soon as possible, right? And like, is this seems so simple and it seems like something you should do. Um, and it’s almost so simple that you’re like, Yeah, this video’s a waste of time. I don’t know why I should have watched it, right? But would you rather me give you a solution that takes millions of years to implement and cost millions of dollars, you know, a couple thousand dollars? Or would you rather me give you a very quick fix that you can do right now to help you achieve customers right away? So to give you proof of this working, we’ve actually rolled this out to a few of our clients. Um, and I wanna show you the types of conversations, and, the, the volume of, of chats that they’re having. So we just rolled this out. So you can see September 13th, the 28th, they had 40 new discussions with customers in only 15 days, right? And as we continue optimizing this, and as we get better at chat and as our customers understand that there’s a live chat on our website that they can interact with, this number’s going to go up, right? the specific service that we’re using is Talk Dotto. This is the one we’re rolling out for our clients and it’s completely free. It’s not sponsored whatsoever. I mean, I wish it was free . I mean, I wish it was sponsored. but it’s not. this is the one that we’re rolling up because what we are doing for our clients is finding the highest leverage opportunities that doesn’t cost a lot of money, or maybe it does cost a little bit of money, but it helps them gain much greater returns later on, right? Because all this really boils down to is, is this stuff in your business? Like, is this stuff that you’re doing within your business making you more money or making you less money, right? And you wanna do the things that make you the most amount of money as possible. And by installing the simple free live chat on your website, you’re gonna get more customers, you’re gonna have more discussions, and then you get more people coming in through the door. some other features it has, it has a ticketing system that you can go ahead and open and close and, and just like any customer service backend, and then you can also have, a knowledge, base. So, in this specific scenario for this client, they’re getting a lot of questions based on delivery. So how much does delivery cost? Where do we do delivery? Can I purchase weed online? Can I get a refund via delivery? All of these are surrounding around delivery. And what this does, it makes it easy for your customers to get the questions for what they want, right? and when I talk about conversions and having a high converting website, it’s all about reducing the friction it takes for your customers to get what they want, right? And ideally it’s like, how do I reduce the friction it takes for them to purchase a product? But sometimes it’s like, ah, I want to figure out where do you deliver? I want to figure out what your hours are. Or I want to figure out like if I can order online or how long things will take. All of these things play into, let me scroll back up this whole buying experience and customer experience angle. Because the better you can do these things and the better things you can do ahead of your competitors, the better your business will be positioned, just overall in the long run, right? So other features like this, and I don’t know, I can maybe do a separate video going to everything, but honestly the thing that I want you to get out of this video is that installing a live chat, responding as fast as possible, and then you can have tickets and a knowledge base here that will allow you to get, to, to provide the FAQ and the knowledge that customers are a asking frequently, what will this result in? So it’s gonna one result in, in increased conversions, right? People don’t just ask random questions to businesses. If someone is asking you a question about your business, you can bet they’re an interested customer. Like I don’t go around to random people’s websites and go, Hey, do you have this product available just for fun? It’s like, No, I’m interested in buying this product. And if you can speak with your customer, whether it’s online, whether it’s on the phone, whether it’s in store, whether it’s via email or a live chat, you’re gonna increase that percentage chance that that customer will end up purchasing from you. The second thing that it’ll do is that it’ll increase loyalty. You’re providing a better customer service, which will give your customers a good experience because they’re more likely to come back, right? When you have good loyalty, customers are gonna come back. Your base of your customers are gonna compound over time. And like I said, the more things that you do, better than your competitors, the better. Now, is this a one fix all? You’re gonna make a million dollars from this thing? No, but we are improving conversions. We’re making your business as a whole better so that you can then grow your business over time. There is no quick fix in business. There isn’t like, I’m gonna implement this strategy and boom, you know, make a million dollars. No. It’s like, what are the things that we can do better day after day, month over month, year over year to help customers coming back in so that my business can be the best business possible, right? And obviously this will all contribute to increasing sales, which is what everyone wants, right? So very short, very simple, very sweet video. Um, and if you wanna work with an all-star team, that’s me, , and the rest of our team here at Can Bud, who always finds high leverage opportunities like this and, high leverage opportunities for your business, you can work with us. just schedule, a chat with us completely free. I will go through your website, we’ll talk shop, we’ll see what strategies we can implement for your business. Just go to and I’ll see you over there as normal. If you have any questions, just, you know, write something comments below or you can shoot me an email, Thanks for watching the video and see you guys later. Bye.
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