How To Get More Google Reviews For Cannabis Dispensaries

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: June 3, 2022

In this webinar I go through:

– Why reviews are one of the most important & easiest things to do when it comes to increasing your sales

– How to tap into the power of multi-channel communication (Email, SMS, Physical) to increase your review count

– Online reviews are a TEAM SPORT and to succeed you need to get the entire team on board & bake a focus on reviews and reputation management into your team culture

– Why you MUST acknowledge and respond to all your reviews (good, bad & indifferent)


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This webinar isn’t gonna be super long, but it’s just more so outlining how important Google reviews are specifically for like conversions and stuff like that.

Because it’s very simple to say, Hey, I wanna get a bunch of, reviews for my business, but like ask you how important that actually is. I think this is probably one of the most underrated things that you really don’t need to spend tons and tons of money on. I mean the alternative for a lot of dispensaries is, Hey, we’re gonna go spend $10,000 on a billboard campaign where I really think that if you start leveraging the power of Google reviews, it’s really, really important.

So, you know, first things first attention, please, don’t worry if you’re on your phone, that’s completely fine. But just have to put this slide in there. just, just because make sure people, you know, pay attention. but in terms of what we’re gonna cover today, we’re gonna cover one.

Why reviews are the most important and easiest thing to do when it comes to increasing your sales? Like I said, it’s one of those things that everyone thinks that they should do. One of those like easy to do, but easy not to do tasks. and I really think that this is really gonna shed some light on how important they are.

Number two is how to tap into the power of multi-channel communication. Just very fancy word for just like different ways. You can communicate essentially how you can get reviews from your customers and clients, email, SMS, and physical, to help you increase, your review count. the third thing is online reviews are a team sport.

So this one is a little bit, this is why you need buy-in from yourself and the conviction to understand that, okay, Google reviews are important. and that you need to then, say, okay, how is a team? Can we help grow the reviews, as a, as a, as a team, right? And the last one is why you must also acknowledge and respond to your reviews, both good, bad and indifferent.

I’ll talk on it a little bit, but reviews are essentially like when you get reviews, the person who’s giving you the review they’re polarized emotionally, right? They’re either super, super happy with the service that you provided or super upset with the service that you provided. So you’re gonna get a lot of five stars and a lot of one stars.

So it’s super important that you respond to these reviews, not only for like SEO and marketing sake, but also so that you get a, an idea as to how your customers are interpreting your business, which is really, really important. So give you some context, for those of you who haven’t, you know, seen these slides already, I’ll go through it very, very quickly.

So you know, all the way back in the day, pre COVID 2018 started table tennis club. and funny enough, like with like a lot of businesses, a lot of startups, like just minimal budgets, you know, not really any group results. You wanna figure out a way how you can get more sales or in my case, how to drive more membership.

Right. so when I first started, I had to ask like, you know, a bunch of my friends and only, you know, two of my friends ended up coming to the club cuz I actually needed to take some pictures and stuff for social media. Right. So I was posting on social media all the time, telling friends and family and like, you know, really no one showed up.

So then I really need to figure, okay, what is a strategy to help grow this club? Like how do I increase memberships? Right. And I was like, ah, simple enough, whenever anybody wants something, they search for it. So table tennis club near me, whatever it is, they’re gonna type that in. And then they’re gonna find me on Google.

So then I hit the books, did all the YouTube videos, did all of the different things that you can do to learn about SEO. And I actually started, you know, getting some traction. and I grew the club to about, I think there was about 10 members here. and then after the SEO started kicking in, we tripled our membership and I didn’t do any paid advertising or anything like that.

So we grew from two of my friends. They’re not even members to about 10 people to about 30 ish people, which is really, really awesome. and I was like, okay, boom, light bulb went off in my head. If I can do this for myself, I can go ahead and do this for other people. Right. So when I trans transition all the learnings that I have all the way from like kind of freelancer doing it to myself, to an agency, to where, you know, we have a bunch of happy clients.

I have a YouTube playlist of all these guys. I, you know, giving me some happy words, which is really awesome. but more importantly, also the results that we’ve gotten for our clients. if you are familiar and you’re on this call talking about Google reviews, you’re probab probably familiar with the back end of the Google, my business account, right? So some of the results we’ve gotten for our clients, we increase calls to, to this dispensary by 302%, which is really awesome.

I mean, in two months they’re able to see a significant growth in the amount of calls they were able to get. the aggregate data of that was 30 thou 33,000 website visits, 14,000 direction requests and 8,500 calls. So, you know, it’s taken a long time to get to this point, but we really have a system here at can bud to, you know, drive results, right.

Especially with SU and web design and conversion. That’s essentially what we do right here generating 40,000 of additional revenue for some really, really awesome stuff. so now into, you know, the meat and, and potatoes, as they say, why really care about your reviews and, and the reason why is because they really can make your breaker business.

Right. And think about just even how you purchase things. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be on Google. It can be on like Amazon the example, I don’t know you’re buying. So I was buying blackout curtains, you know, for, for my room. And I really didn’t know which ones to buy. So what I needed to do, because they’re all pretty much similar price point.

They all said they, they take out all the light, they do all these different things. The differentiator for me was that I looked at the reviews and that was a direct thing that resulted in me purchasing the specific product. Right. Cause I was able to look at the reviews and then because the reviews were good.

I went to go and right. So the exact same process applies no matter what industry you are. but specifically in spaces like this, like dispensaries, like restaurants, these service based businesses that, you know, or not service based businesses, but the businesses that provide a product, to people in person very, very important for you to have.

So what do people really see on Google? Right? When they type in dispensary near me, you can see the reviews are actually like underneath your name. The reviews are like the number one thing. Right? So vapor room 96 Mo green, 6 91 F and thistle 51. This is just a screenshot that I took. and what do you think, you know, or out of these three options, right? Which one do you think has the highest percentage chance of people clicking that dispensary? Probably this middle one.

Right? So even though these three are on top, you can see this one clearly has more reviews. So if I’m coming in as a new customer, I’m immediately at least going to check out this dispensary to see, okay, these guys have most amount of reviews. They also have 4.9 star reviews, all things equal. I’m gonna go to this one, right.

And reviews have become a major factor in consumer behavior. Right? So just like I was talking about before, just like restaurants. So I’m gonna talk about this a little bit later in this specific restaurant, you can see this one as 12001.2 and 4.8, when it comes to this volume, it really doesn’t make a difference.

Right? Once you’re hitting a thousand plus even a hundred plus it’s like, okay, we get it. You’re a good business. You don’t need any more reviews. but you can see there’s, this is where the greatest opportunity lies because there’s a significant discrepancy in the dispensary space, right? 2.8, 1.1 and 138, right? Even with these ones, 96, 6 91 and 51.

So what does this tell us? This tells us that this is an untapped kind of strategy where, like I said, people are saying, oh, Google reviews are really, really good, but we don’t actually have a strategy to continually get reviews over time. Right. And this is the Amazon example here. Right? Exact same thing.

Pricing is relatively the same. This one has 40,000, almost five star reviews. This one has 7,004 star reviews. So all things the same, which one are you most likely to buy? Probably this one. Right? So, there’s a study done here, by these showing you what the top factors impacting purchase decisions are.

Right. and I won’t go through all them and all the percentages and stuff, but ratings and reviews is the highest at 94%, right? With some imagery and some branding and personal recommendations, which is funny enough, 60%. So we are actually taking the consideration of strangers on the internet, which both man into our purchase decision, more than recommendations from friends and family, which is super interesting.

Cuz we know internally that like these, you know, the people that are leaving ratings and reviews there’s there are just so many people, the sample size is so much larger, larger that if 10,000 people give this thing a five star review, there’s a high likelihood chance that this is gonna be correct because people don’t wanna make the, you know, even if you give guarantees, if you don’t think our product is good, you can give it back right away.

You wanna make sure you make the right purchase first. Right. So I wanna make sure you get the ratings and reviews, you know, really, really done well, other categories, price of the product, free shipping, brand new, the product, these matter slightly less. And again, you know, for the sake, for the sake of this webinar ratings and reviews is gonna be the main thing we talk about.

So one we know reviews are good. So two, how many reviews do you need to see the conversions that you’re looking for from a business standpoint? So these are the conversion lists. So conversion is essentially how many people who see your business end up, Purchas purchasing the product or see this specific product and then end, end up and end up buying.

Right? So, we can see here that this is baseline. So zero reviews will be 0%, one to 10 reviews. You, you have a 50% increase in conversion, which is crazy, like a 50% increase in conversion from 0% actually nuts. there’s no other kind of marketing strategy that will really let you improve conversions to this level.

Now this is I think industry wide statistics. So maybe take it in terms of like you were going to see increases and maybe not these specific results, but still the same thing goes is that if you have reviews, you’re dramatically gonna increase the percentage chance that customers are gonna come in and purchase from you.

So from one to 10 reviews, we can see, we have a 50%, increase in conversion. But if you have 11 to 30, it jumps up to a hundred percent. So that’s another 50% jump, which is again, absolutely crazy. If you tell, you know, the marketing manager or, you know, the owner or whoever it else of the store that you can increase conversions by 50% or a hundred percent by getting reviews, they’re gonna be on it.

We can see here that between 31 and 100 reviews, it does still increase, but the increase is slightly less, but boom, once you hit a 101 reviews, it jumps all the way up to 250%, right? So I hope this makes all sense for now, but what I’m really trying to get at is like not only do reviews, impact buying decisions, right? But the volume of, of reviews also impact the buying decisions as well.

So now taking this into, how does this actually affect your store? I just did a very quick and simple calculation as to how much revenue you can potentially generate using these specific numbers here. So, just taking the number of potential customers, a thousand customers, this is just in total, right? So the baseline conversion, let’s just say out of a thousand customers who see your online profile, 100 of them end up converting into customers with an average card size of 60 bucks at zero reviews.

You can again, estimate gen that you generated $6,000 worth of sales from a thousand potential customers, whether they’re window shopping or, but they see your reviews in this particular situation, right? from here, if you go to 11 to 30, it jumps up to 12,000 and if you get 101 reviews, it jumps up to 21,000, right? And this is just number of potential customers in general.

So if I extrapolate that and we go 10,000 customers, cuz like eventually you’re gonna hit 10,000 customers. It doesn’t have to be 10,000 customers per month, but 10,000 customers in general, you’re gonna see a difference in sales generated from 60,000 to $210,000. Right? So this is why reviews are really, really, really important is because one, you wanna make sure you get reviews and then two, you wanna make sure you drive as many reviews as possible because this is gonna, you know, increase, oh, this is gonna increase, sales across the board.

Right. So, just wanna pause for a second. Does that don’t make sense? I can’t see anyone in the chat, but if somebody just wants to make some noise and just say, yep, I am all good. I’ve been listening. Okay, perfect. Just wanna make sure every everyone’s on board. I’m not just along here. Awesome. So what we’ve covered so far, one reviews are good.

Two. You want to get a lot of reviews. That’s pretty much it. now the third thing is about SEO and about ranking on Google and how important these things are. So we have, what’s referred to as a local pack, which is like the Google map results. When you type in dispensary near me, it shows up the results on top and then you have the organic results, which sits slightly below Google maps.

So now these are some of the percentages as to what, affects how, what affects, how you rank on Google. So review signals plays a 15%. According to this study, it plays a significant role in terms of how you can rank and then same thing here, on the organic rank and Google my business singles and review signals super, super important.

So what does that mean? It means that not only when you get reviews and you get more reviews, you get more sales, but you also rank higher on Google, which means you get more traffic, which also means you get more sales, right? So this is all a positive feedback loop. And when you’re looking at marketing for your dispensary, I don’t want it to come across as, Hey, I’m gonna do this one marketing strategy.

And this just sits in a silo that only affects this. No, it really helps across the board in terms of like one how you can run your dispensary better because you’re understanding what your customers are saying. When you respond to the reviews two, when you’re actually ranking higher on Google, because of said reviews and three, you’re actually getting more customers cuz your reviews are, are you’re, you know, you’re, you’re getting more reviews your convergence go up.

So now let’s get into how you can actually get more reviews. And it’s very simple, right? One, you need to provide a world class customer experience and you can have as many tactics and strategies and all these different things you want to do. But if your product, if your service that you’re offering to the customers you’re serving, isn’t good, then none of this matters.

So the first thing you need to do is make sure you provide a world class customer experience. And I’m gonna go into exactly what makes a world class customer experience, but you need to make sure your product is good. your pricing is good, your selection is good. And then your customer service is also good, cuz this is really, really important.

Two, building online reviews into your company culture. I’ll go into a little bit of this. Like what I mean by this a little bit later down in the slides, three, you wanna leverage the, the best tools to request reviews and ensure that you communi communicate using all channels. A common theme is that you’ll see that like, you know, just asking for reviews is like the number one important thing.

And whether you ask in person or whether use software to generate reviews, these are all super, super important. and then four it’s acknowledging and responding to every, every review because not only one does this help in ranking on Google when you respond to reviews. But when you can see what people are saying about your business, you really understand why people one like your business.

So you can double down on what’s working and then two, what people don’t like about your business. And then you can see what you need to cut at, right? and this again, very underrated tactic that provides worlds of results for growing your business. And this is even more important if you run multiple dispensaries, cuz you can imagine every action you do correctly for one of your locations.

If you do that correctly for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of your locations, you’re multiplying the magnitude of effect of how important these foundational strategies are. So, what leads to people giving a, a, a rating or review, right? one is a positive experience and this is what I talked about, right? Like you have to give them a positive and when you give them a positive experience, they will then write a good review.

Now, if you look at this one, a negative experience, the same thing. So remember how I said at the start of the, the webinar that people are polarized when they write reviews, whether they’re super, super happy or super, super upset, you need to make sure you give them a positive experience so they can write a positive review versus a negative experience, which means they will give you a negative review, right.

Other things. And I know this, this varies based on kind of which state, which you know, country you’re in, but free product samples is one. I know that’s a relatively big no-no in most spaces, incentives. and then some other things like branding, helping and guiding others, reading reviews from others and then validation from other shoppers.

Like these really don’t matter. But again, the things that I really want you to pay attention for are the positive experiences and then reducing the negative experiences. So now we need to go into what really makes a positive experience. Like what does that mean? Like sure. Okay. We wanna give them a positive experience, but how do we actually quantify that? So you make sure that people give you good reviews.

So to reverse engineer, the process of what I’m showing you, it’s like one we’re showing you how important reviews are, but two why people write reviews and what does positive experience mean so that you can then give your customers positive experience and then in turn, get good reviews, right? So the four main things for giving a positive experience for cannabis, consumers are one, the customer service, right? That’s the biggest thing you’re gonna have.

Like, John and Amy were really helpful. They remembered my birthday. and I really loved this place. It was really, really awesome. They were able to help me cuz I really didn’t know about the new product. That was fine. Right. That’s one, two is the pricing. If your pricing is too expensive, then it’s too expensive, right? So you need to make sure you price according both to value.

And according to the demographic you serve, right? If you’re in a more affluent area, you can probably get away with pricing. But if you’re an area, you know that, you know, doesn’t have as much money, you obviously need to price it lower. And especially with competitors going around you, if you’re the most expensive place the consumers are gonna know, and you’re not gonna get any customers anyways, right? The third one is good product and selection.

So if you sell a really bad product, then you know, no one’s gonna be happy about that. And also the selection, we’re finding that cannabis consumers are also getting more selective in the products that they want. They’re asking, Hey, do you have this product in store? Hey, do you do do this? Do you sell this category? These are the different things that you need to bring in, to make sure that again, this is a positive experience.

And then the fourth one is the buying experience. So by, by buying experience, I really mean like, you know, if I want to buy online, is your website mobile friendly. If I come into your store, do you have inventory available? If I come into your store, do you have a lot of people working? these are the different things that you need to consider to provide a positive experience for cannabis consumers, right? So down here are, a few common reviews on what people typically say.

Because if we understand the, what people write and what they dislike, when they give reviews, you can then replicate this. Cause if you know that people talk always about these four things, you can make sure that if your main focus as a culture of your dispensary is focusing on these three things, you’re gonna end up getting more positive reviews, right? So a couple of these, this place is underrated, great flowers, right? Great product and selection, great prices pricing, right.

Staff are hit and miss, but mostly are cool. Security gotta be more friendlier. Right? So this is something that I don’t think a lot of people take into consideration. Is that okay? Maybe the security doesn’t provide a good buying experience, right? So this is something that could potentially be worked on.

The last thing. Website needs to be updated. It’s outdated, especially mobile puts some money into like the artwork outside. Cheers. So we have both positive and, negative, review, not negative, but I would say, constructive criticism for your dispensary right down here. This place is wonderful.

Workers are extremely helpful, right? Customer experience location is convenient and clean. My experience has been quick and easy with all employees, knowledgeable products of different types to 10 coming back again. Right? So these, all of these comments fall under one of these or multiple of these four things, right? another thing service is excellent selection of edibles and other products make the trip, worth a visit across town, right? Extremely friendly and helpful love everyone there.

The prices are great. I wish they had bigger selection on shatter, but that’s a complaint you guys are amazing. Right? Great staff, selection, prices, service people, selections ordering a bit pricey, but good quality items. Right? So these four things, if you only focus on these four things and how to make this better for your dispensary, you are then gonna give, your customers a more positive experience.

Right. Which means they’re going to write more reviews for you. So coming down in here, talking about building online reviews into your company culture. So these are the number of times, consumers need to be asked for a rating or review before they actually write a review. So you only need to ask once and 68% of people end up writing a review for you.

Right. And when you come in and you have a culture of not like beating down the door, like, Hey, give your reviewer what or, or, or else it’s like, Hey, you know, thanks Mary for, you know, supporting, you know, thanks for being a regular at our store. you know, would be really awesome if you can write us a review, cuz this really helps out that sort of thing.

Right. You just have to ask them once. And they’re more, more than likely not to write your review, cuz this is above 50%. So there’s a higher chance that they are gonna write a review than not writing a review. down here just very, very simple script. Right. are we done here? Is there anything else I can do for you? No, that is all.

Thank you so much. Great. Hey, if you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to leave this review on Google, I’d really, really appreciate it. It’ll help out the business a lot. And if you mention my name it’ll look great for me and my boss. Right? Absolutely. How and where should we do it? Right. So, you know, the statistics slightly vary.

This one says 68, this one says 80%. But what I want you to take away is that when you ask for reviews, you’re typically going to get them like that’s all it is and it’s nothing complex. But the reason why you need to build this into the company culture is that the bud tenderers also need to have buying to say, Hey, you know, remembering people’s names and not just treating each person as a transaction, but developing that relationship, taking it back here, giving them that good, positive experience so that the ask for the review, isn’t something that, you know, needs like hair and teeth pulling, right? So in terms of additional strategies for driving consistent reviews, what you can also really do is have QR codes that lead directly to your review paycheck, checkout leaving a printed card with each purchase training, the bud tenderers to ask for reviews and then leveraging your existing database for reviews via email or SMS.

Right. there’s different creative things that you can do. Right? So, things like having a poster, right. at your checkout window, right? So even if you don’t want to ask it’s something that’s that’s top of mind, or having it like a really nice card having it in, these postcards, cuz I’ll tell you, when I used to do marketing for this restaurant, you know, reviews for restaurants are super, super important and there they were, I don’t know, hovering about the 50 to a hundred reviews.

And all I said was like, look, let’s try one simple trick is just ask for reviews at the end of, of the, your, your Diner’s dinner and then see what happens. Right. They blew up to like 300 to, I think 500 ish reviews in a very, very short period of time, cuz all they did was ask and they didn’t even use, you know, software to retarget people or put in reviews in the PO in, in, in the boxes.

It’s literally, how can you just ask people to get reviews, right. And it’s not just saying, Hey, you know, make sure you ask your customers to get reviews. It’s really getting the buyin to make sure, you know, you continue getting reviews and maybe it’s some sort of incentive that you can provide your employees as well.

Right now, where do you get your review link? in the Google, my business, account in the backend platform, there’s a section called request reviews. You just copy this link and then you can share this review form. I would recommend you put it on the website. You can then use software to translate this into our QR code, which will then, have everyone go to your review link and then you should be good to go on that end in terms of loyalty tools.

There’s a bunch I’m not affiliated with any of them. the two big ones spring big and Alpine IQ, right? These are loyalty tools that, you know, you can do retargeting SMS email again. to my knowledge, I think they can also, segment your purchasers into like top 10% of purchasers and stuff like that.

So if you know that you have X amount of customers who have spent 10% of the money, you know, that they’re more than likely to write your review if they haven’t already. So you can then leverage these tools to then also get more reviews and then ask them, say, Hey, you know, can you write a review and just shape it in the way that you want your content and your branding and like how you would script it out.

But again, the fundamentals of getting reviews is really, it really comes down to the ask, right? But asking only comes from knowing how important reviews are. And again, it’s a low, budget. It’s not like this massive marketing budget that you need to do, but it provides insane results. So here, you can then go ahead and do email templates about, writing reviews.

Hey everyone, positive reviews from awesome customers like you. Like I would make it a little bit more personalized than this, right? That same thing here, you can go ahead and get reviews using email or SMS, which is, you know, really, really important. now touching on the why you should respond to reviews.

So in responding to reviews, this also helps with SEO ranking on Google because when you use Google’s platform, they really like it. so, by responding to reviews, it shows Google that you are someone that is active on the Google, my business platform and will then end up ranking you hire.

What we also need to do when we respond to reviews is reducing the negative impact of bad reviews because you’re going to get bad reviews. Honestly, if your business doesn’t have any bad reviews, that’s almost as big as, as a red flag. If you do get bad reviews because like no business doesn’t get any bad reviews, right? So we need to reduce the negative impact of bad reviews.

And I’ll talk about that in a second. the third one is we need to promote the continuation of new reviews. And then the last thing that I think is the most important thing is that it helps you keep an eye on what your customers are saying about your business so that you can make sure you don’t get complacent because a lot of times, and I’ve seen it happen.

It’s like, Hey, our business is go doing great. We’re growing month over month, blah blah, blah, blah, blah. And then next thing you know, there’s, your products are really, really bad or there’s like a bud tenderer, that’s like really not nice to your customers and slowly but surely, it’s like death by a thousand cuts.

You, you, you see that your customers are not happy with whatever aspect of your business and it’s just too late, right? You’ve lost a good chunk of change. but you wanna make sure that you come in and you, you know, do better. So, there’s both ways you can go about doing this, right? So the good reviews, super easy to respond to you.

Staff was friendly. I went during the happy hour and the discount was so worth it lines moved quickly and the store has a lot of variety, right? selection. So all these different things, you can see this person who wrote this falls under those four things, good quality product pricing, customer service, and buying experience.

And it’s very easy to respond high Sy. These words go a long way to motivate us to work even harder. Thank you for your review. Now, like at this review, some of the worst flour I’ve ever purchased for the price point picked up an eighth of green crack and it was stale. Almost had the smell of burnt air when smoked.

It tastes incredibly low grade. Second time I received a bad product in a row. Not going back. Now we can look at this and be like, oh, this person is being some mean, you know, person and why are they writing these, these reviews? But if they said that they’ve received a bad product two times in a row, what do you think this says to people who are coming in and purchasing product? It says that there’s a prob like a increased probability chance that, you know, I’m gonna get a bad product as well.

Right? So when you respond to a review like this, you can say, Hey, I don’t know this person’s name, Hey person name, you know, really sorry that, you know, you’ve experienced this thing with us. We pride ourself on the quality of our products. please, give us a call and we’ll make sure that, you know, we write this wrong something along those lines, right? So even if this person doesn’t end up coming back because they don’t like you, the review will then show future potential customers that you are someone who is going to stay accountable for the wrong, the wrongdoings.

I say that in quotes of your business. So if you say this bud, or if somebody in this review said, this bud tender, did a really bad job, right? You can go ahead and reassure your future customers that this isn’t gonna happen again. All right. So this is why you should respond to views in the sense that like you wanna make sure that you always keep an eye on your business.

So you can see what is really going on because at the end of the day, your dispensary makes money from its customers. The customer is the only thing that that really matters. So if you need to make sure that your customers are really happy with the service that you’re providing, cause no amount of marketing, no amount of sales, no amount of branding will help, remove a bad reputation, especially when there’s so many other competitors in the area.

It’s really important for you to continue to, to, to get as you know, to keep your eye on the ground for, what customers are saying about your business. So in summary rate reviews are not only good, but they’re necessary again, you know, they’re not any special tactics cuz I know that’s what a lot of people want in terms of getting reviews and driving reviews and different softwares and stuff like that.

But it really, all it is, is taking the buy in of learning how important reviews are and continually pushing reviews. Right? And how do you do that? You also provide, you need to provide a world class customer experience. You need to build online reviews into company culture. You also need to then leverage software, right? So that you can, while it’s built into the company culture and everyone’s driving and sorry, I just wanna, clarify by what I mean by online reviews into your company culture.

I don’t just mean your bud tenders asking for reviews. I mean your Bud’s, behavior is predicated on making customers happy, which then also leads to reviews. Now I’m not saying the people you hire are are, are not like that. But understanding that driving a good customer experience really comes from how you treat your customers and who treats your customers.

It’s the bud tenderers and the managers, the general managers and stuff like that. So you need to make sure that all around that this becomes a really important thing because when everyone’s in line with driving reviews, that’s how you can start getting like 700 plus reviews for your business. And then once all of this is set, you can then use software to then scale that out.

Right. So instead of maybe always physically asking people, you can always go in and do email and SMS, but then always leaving like a little postcard saying, Hey, if you like this, leave us a review. Right. And the last thing acknowledging and responding to every review, which is again, super, super important.

So yeah, so honestly that’s about it. if you want a checklist, I have this really cool checklist that goes through a bunch of things on how you can rank on Google, how you can optimize for conversions, how you can optimize for SEO. go ahead and grab this checklist if you want. there’s a really cool guide at the bottom too.

It’s like 20, 20, 20, 22. I think Marty even got marketing guide. It’s like a bunch of pages. I’m not sure it might be five to 10 pages, but it’s really, really good if you wanna work on things internally for marketing and yeah. So that’s about it. So if anyone on this call also needs some help, more than have to hop on a quick consultation, just go to this link right here. schedule, find a time on my calendar and then we can chat about whether it’s Google reviews or marketing or just any other marketing strategy that you wanna work on. I’m more than happy to do that for you. But like I said, this one isn’t, you know, too, too long, it’s just going over the importance of reviews and how you can get more reviews for your business.

But I hope that was really, really, helpful and impactful. And yeah. So if you guys have any questions, feel free. Just, just let me know, but that’s it for me in terms of the webinar itself. Thank you, man. I appreciate it. I learned a lot. No worries. No worries. So yeah. Did you have any questions on that? Hopefully that all made sense.

I just essentially just reversed, engineered everything and was like, Hey, you gotta do this and work backwards from that. No, I understood everything. I don’t think I have any questions. but I will see if Becca has anything too sure. maybe we can schedule something together. Yeah. but yeah, I appreciate this.

No worries. No worries. And like I said, like the, the reviews portion, just if, if there’s any takeaway you’re, you’re going to have, right. It really plays into kind of other things that you do because like, let’s just say hypothetically, you’re optimizing for your reviews doing that means that you’re giving your customers a better, like experience.

And then that also increases word of mouth too, right? Yeah. So you have word of mouth coming along, you have conversions from the website, you have increased SEO ranking and all of these things really play a part into like this positive feedback loop to help you increase sales, versus like, Hey, let’s go do a billboard or a subway campaign and just kind of put money out there.

So yeah, looking at all of this and seeing what marketing activities you can do that also impact other areas of the business, especially if some dispensers are on a budget. That’s I think one of the most important things. Awesome. Thank you, dude. Well, no worries. does anybody else have any questions, Anthony? are you good? Yeah, no questions.

Appreciate your time, man. Okay, cool. alright. I think that’s about it for me. So, like I said, if you wanna get in touch, you guys have all my emails too. Shoot me over an email.

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