How to Attract Customers to Your Dispensary with Instagram

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: April 7, 2021

There are about a billion active users on Instagram. That’s one billion possible customers! Does that get you excited? Do you already have dollar signs for eyes? Are you planning a marijuana marketing strategy on Instagram, but unsure exactly what to do? This article is for you.

Build Your Page for Success

Making an Instagram page may seem easy, but it can actually be quite difficult to do things the right way. Don’t take this task lightly. Every detail of this page must be formed into a point you can use to hook your customers with. You can’t just copy a popular page and hope for the best either, as even they may be making mistakes. 

For example, your profile photo should be your logo. Don’t do anything too fancy! You want a constant, stable profile photo to help solidify your brand awareness. Your profile photo will show up on all the comments you make, so it’s incredibly important that it symbolizes your dispensary.

How to Build a Following

Your Instagram’s initial empty page will be disheartening. Don’t fret; you already have potential followers; you just don’t realize it. The customers who purchase from your dispensary and the people who simply walk past your door are all people you could advertise your Instagram page to. To successfully do so, here are a few examples of what you can go about doing:

1. Put your Instagram name on product packaging or even the receipt of customers. Make sure to include a small blurb like “follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and promotions” or something similar.

2. Create custom posters to stick to your walls that highlight your Instagram page.

3. You can even do a giveaway for your Instagram followers, then tell all your customers about it.

4. If you already have information about your customers, specifically their email addresses, you can use it to communicate with them. You can then send information about promotions or other things you are doing on Instagram.

5. Establishing a digital presence can be difficult, but when you properly leverage your advantages at hand (your existing customers and dispensary), you should be able to start a following. The examples above are very cost-effective. Best of all, they don’t require a lot of effort.

Sharing Great Content

So you have followers now. That’s great! What are they going to read, though? What are they going to look at? What’s going to engage them and keep them checking your page over and over again? The answer to all these questions should be obvious: content. Not just any content, however. It has to be good, creative content! Marijuana advertising can be very competitive after all. Here are a few examples of things you could put on your page:

1. Create infographics related to marijuana use or your dispensary, then post them to your page. These infographics are great to inform your users of how good marijuana can be for them and how you stack up compared to other dispensaries.

2. Creative and beautiful pictures of your product could also serve to entice people to make a purchase. They will also stay as followers of your account. These are no ordinary pictures; they have to be high-quality and look great.



Instagram can be a great boon to your dispensary if you know how to wield it. Remember, create engaging content, put your logo everywhere, and leverage your existing advantages. Standing out amidst social media noise can be tricky, but when used properly, it’s a great treat.

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