Factors That Can Impact Your Dispensary’s Social Media Presence

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: March 24, 2021

If your business is new to the digital world, and you’ve only recently started applying marketing strategies, you might be wondering how long you have to wait until you start noticing results. Whether you’re running a website or maintaining several social media platforms, you must keep in mind that it takes time.

This is especially true for running a cannabis business. Although you have a much more specific target audience, social media marketing for dispensaries is a complex process. However, it certainly isn’t impossible to attain the results you need within a specific timeframe. 

It isn’t enough to create accounts on social media platforms and begin aimlessly promoting your products. You will have to sit down and plan out your online tactics carefully. Keep reading below to find out what it takes to have a successful marijuana business through social media advertising.

Your Creative Direction

Creative direction is an integral part of dispensary marketing because it involves what you want your business’s social media profile to look like, including each post and campaign you put out. You will have to do your research and come up with the necessary assets that will go well with your branding.

It involves knowing what hashtags to use, the content you want to publish, the voice of your campaigns and posts, and the overall branding of your cannabis business. You must maintain consistency throughout your social media platforms to give your prospects an easier time remembering and appreciating your brand. 

Your Marketing Campaigns

After working out what kind of creative direction you’re going for, you need to break down the type of promotional materials you want that will produce the best representation of your dispensary. Other than that, you should know how often you’re thinking of releasing them to keep your audience interested and look forward to your regular updates.

You must have a clear goal in your mind and start with outlining your campaigns for the next few weeks and months to remain on track. Having control of what and when to post your medical marijuana advertising methods keeps things organized and prevents you from running out of campaigns to release.

Your Message to Users

Before you post your marketing materials, you need to know what message you want to send across your social media platforms so there won’t be any misunderstandings. It has to be clear and concise to prevent your customers from failing to see the point of your campaigns.

Your Content Strategy

Part of social media marketing for the cannabis industry is choosing the appropriate content to promote your brand and showcase what you want to portray. You can opt to use photos, videos, and other visual assets to attract consumers and generate better leads.

It’s up to you if you want to focus on one method or combine all the options to post on your social media accounts. For best results, you need to have an experienced team who can turn ideas into reality and develop authentic content that leads to more sales.



Cannabis advertising on social media plays a significant role in lifting your business and giving you the customers and profit you’re hoping to achieve. Remember to keep in mind the factors above, namely creative direction, marketing campaigns, message to users, and content strategy to help you produce effective results. 

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