Dispensary Owner: “We Gained 105 Customers In 24 Hours”


Ever wondered how a dispensary can dramatically increase its customer base overnight? In this episode, host Brandon Quan talks with guest Jack Watson about the remarkable growth of his cannabis store. They delve into effective strategies that not only attracted a flood of new customers but also ensured their loyalty. Buckle up as we unpack the secrets to Jack’s success, providing insights that could help any budding or established dispensary owner!

Effective Marketing Techniques that Work Wonders

Community Engagement and Pop-Up Events

Have you ever seen your local dispensary at a community event and wondered why they were there? Jack Watson reveals that engaging directly with the community through pop-up events is a secret weapon. These events put a face to the name of the dispensary, building trust and familiarity. For Jack, such engagements have not only improved local awareness but transformed casual interactions into lasting customer relationships.

Mastering the Art of SEO

In the digital age, being visible online is as crucial as having a sign over your door. Jack’s team focused heavily on SEO, enhancing their online presence to appear more prominently in search results. This wasn’t just about stuffing keywords but creating valuable content that resonated with potential customers. By targeting specific queries potential clients might have, they positioned their dispensary as a helpful resource, not just a business.

Building a Stellar Team Environment

The Importance of Trust and Autonomy

Jack emphasizes that micromanaging can strangle a business’s potential. Giving his team autonomy not only lifted the morale but also encouraged a sense of ownership among team members. This trust has fostered an environment where everyone feels they contribute meaningfully to the shop’s success.

From Hiring to Retaining: The Art of Team Management

Finding the right people is one thing, but how do you keep them? Jack stresses looking for individuals with backgrounds in hospitality and customer service. These experiences, he believes, equip employees with the skills needed to handle the varying demands of dispensary clients. Moreover, employee retention hinges on recognition and respect for their work, making them feel valued beyond just their paycheck.

Overcoming Operational Challenges

Curation and Customer Satisfaction

How do you ensure that each product on your shelf is just what your customers need? Jack’s approach is feedback-driven curation. By actively seeking out what customers and employees think about their product offerings, he can make informed decisions about what stays and what goes. Moreover, this ongoing feedback loop helps preemptively address potential dissatisfaction, keeping customers happy and coming back.

Balancing Stakeholder Needs

Jack’s strategy involves a delicate balance between meeting the needs of vendors, employees, and customers. Ensuring timely payments to vendors builds a reliable relationship, while transparent communication keeps everybody in the loop. This not only smoothes out potential conflicts but also ensures that the dispensary runs like a well-oiled machine.

Expanding Beyond Current Success

Plans for Future Growth

What’s next for a dispensary that just doubled its customer base? For Jack, it’s about taking the successful model and implementing it elsewhere. He discusses potential strategies for expanding into new markets, like North Carolina. Jack highlights the importance of community acceptance and how he plans to foster a positive image of cannabis through continuous engagement and education.

Sustaining High Staff Morale in Expansion

How will Jack keep up staff morale with expanding locations? He plans to replicate his successful management style and ensure that new team members are just as included and respected as his current team. By maintaining that supportive culture, Jack believes he can ensure the success of not just his current store but of future ones as well.


1. What was the immediate impact of improving SEO on customer numbers?

– Jack saw a significant increase in customer traffic virtually overnight, attributing it directly to better online visibility.

2. How has community engagement changed customer perceptions?

– Community events have demystified cannabis, fostering a more welcoming and informed customer base.

3. What key traits does Jack look for in potential employees?

– A background in customer service and a positive, proactive attitude are crucial.

4. What does Jack consider the biggest operational challenge today?

– Balancing the varying needs of all stakeholders without compromising on the quality of service.

5. How does Jack plan to manage multiple locations without compromising quality?

– By delegating responsibilities wisely and ensuring all team members are on board with the company’s core values.

6. What future changes does Jack foresee in the cannabis industry?

– He predicts more widespread legal acceptance and hopes for advancements toward environmental sustainability in the industry.


Jack Watson’s experience in surging customer growth at his dispensary is not just inspiring but is packed with actionable insights. From the integrity of enhancing online presence to fostering a trustworthy team environment, the strategies discussed reflect a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the increasingly competitive cannabis industry. Whether you’re a new entrant or looking to scale your operations, there’s a leaf or two to be taken out of Jack’s book!

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