Dispensary Manager: “I Should Have Joined The Bar Before Starting Cannabis”


Navigating the complexities of the burgeoning cannabis industry, Stetson Humphreys offers an intriguing glimpse into the life of a dispensary manager. With a rich background transitioning from culinary arts to cannabis, his insights reveal not only the challenges but also the innovative strategies required for success in this competitive field. This article delves deep into the different aspects that influence the operations of a dispensary, aiming to provide valuable lessons and guidance for both current and aspiring professionals in the cannabis market.

Dispensary Management and Consumer Relations: A Dual Focus

The effectiveness of a dispensary’s management is heavily dependent on its ability to foster excellent customer relations and maintain quick inventory control. But how exactly does one achieve this balance? Stetson Humphreys suggests focusing on the main clientele within a 10 to 15-mile radius and addresses their specific needs diligently. For instance, when just two to three people express interest in a new product, a small batch is ordered to test its market viability. This attentive approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also keeps inventory fresh and relevant.

The Significance of a Tailored Customer Experience

Every customer walking into a dispensary has unique needs and preferences. Hence, understanding these particulars can significantly elevate the dispensary experience. Stetson discusses the importance of engaging in genuine conversations with clients to understand whether they prefer flowers, edibles, or concentrates, and diving deeper into their specific health issues to find suitable cannabinoid profiles. This personalized interaction ensures that customers feel cared for and valued, fostering loyalty and trust in the dispensary’s brand.

Pricing Strategies in the Cannabis Market

How does one navigate the complexity of pricing in a competitive market like cannabis? The answer lies in transparency and education. Stetson highlights the variability in product pricing between different stores, which is often a reflection of market competition and access limitations. By educating consumers about why products are priced a certain way, dispensaries can promote transparency and build consumer trust, which is pivotal in a market that is still, to many extents, shrouded in uncertainty and skepticism.

Future Trends in Cannabis Regulation

What does the future hold for cannabis regulation? According to Humphreys, it could go one of two ways: an open market akin to liquor sales or a more restricted, hypermedical model. While he personally leans towards a medical-focused approach to prevent misuse, he acknowledges the likelihood of the market leaning towards fewer restrictions. This divergence in paths underscores the ongoing debate within the industry and among policymakers, reflecting a landscape ripe for change and adaptation.

Challenges and Innovations in Dispensary Management

Running a dispensary comes with its own set of challenges, from banking difficulties to advertising restrictions. However, Stetson views these challenges as opportunities for innovation. He shares how embracing challenges and continually adapting strategies can lead to profound growth and learning, not just for the dispensary but for the broader cannabis industry as well.


1. What makes a good dispensary manager?

A good dispensary manager balances effective inventory management with excellent customer relations, ensuring that the needs of the clientele are met promptly and satisfactorily.

2. How can dispensaries educate consumers effectively?

Through clear communication about product origins, pricing, and benefits, alongside fostering an environment where questions are encouraged and answered comprehensively.

3. What are the potential future regulatory scenarios for cannabis?

The industry might see regulations that lean towards a free market or a more controlled, medical-centric approach, depending on various state and federal legislative developments.

4. How important is locality in managing a dispensary?

Very important. Understanding and catering to the local customer base can significantly impact a dispensary’s success and reputation.

5. What role do budtenders play in a dispensary’s success

Budtenders are crucial as they are the primary point of contact with customers, offering guidance and knowledge that can enhance the consumer’s purchasing experience.

6. Why is transparency in pricing important in the cannabis industry?

It builds trust and informs consumers, helping them make better purchase decisions while fostering a positive image for the dispensary.


Stetson Humphreys’ journey and insights as a dispensary manager shed light on the intricate dynamics of the cannabis industry. From mastering customer relations to navigating complex regulatory waters and facing pricing challenges, his experiences offer a valuable roadmap for success in this rapidly evolving market. As the industry continues to grow, the lessons and strategies discussed here will undoubtedly serve as a cornerstone for current and future cannabis professionals aiming to leave their mark.

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