Choosing a Dispensary Marketing Company

Dispensary marketing requires knowledge of the cannabis industry, including trends in consumer behavior. Marketing is vital no matter your product or service—today, you need to generate buzz about your offerings so people will consider them. If you’re ready to take your brand exposure to the next level, here are things to keep in mind.

Your Dispensary’s Goals

Sellers have plenty of pain points, especially at the start. For example, it can be challenging to establish yourself in a particular location or carve out a niche for your brand, especially in saturated markets. When you have clear goals—gain x number of newsletter subscribers, for example—you will easily find an agency that can help you with your particular milestones.

Your Deliverables for Results

Once you have figured out your goals, reflect on whether they are time-sensitive. If you are opening a new location, for example, you might want your marketing campaign to start shortly before or shortly after you open. Deadlines can affect your choice of a dispensary marketing partner. Not all teams can deliver results at the pace you need.

Your Budget for Advertisements

Having a budget for your advertisements helps you determine the marketing activities that should be your focus. When you share your budget with your marketing partner, they can put together a more comprehensive plan. Make sure you know how to explain your dispensary’s process for invoices since this will come up when you discuss payment methods with your agency partner.

The Types of Ads Your Agency Can Run

You can reach people in many ways, but not all are suitable for all markets or audiences. For example, if you want to target young people, running ads on local radio stations or TV is not the best way. If you want to gain brand exposure online, you need to get a company specializing in the type of online marketing strategy you think you need. Ask your prospective partner about ad monitoring and revenue attribution. Your dispensary marketing agency needs to know how to measure your ads’ return on investment.

The Inclusions in Your Agency’s Services

Does the agency only manage ads, or do they provide other services? What are these additional services—graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, or another aspect of digital marketing? Will they only manage your ads, or could they create content? Understand their scope of work. Also, find out whether you own the rights to the work they produce for you. If they retain rights, they can use them on other websites.

How the Agency Handles Billing

Finally, a good agency is flexible and knows how to adjust to its clients, especially on crucial matters like billing. Get an agency that can offer multiple payment options, so you have the chance to find a method that fits your needs. Also, find out the point person for billing on the agency’s side, and make sure you have one on your end as well.



Dispensary marketing is a relatively new niche. However, cannabis retailers have unique needs, and the industry is rapidly growing. This combination of factors means that specialists have expertise on two fronts—industry knowledge and marketing know-how—making them the perfect hire for any dispensary or cannabis seller.

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