Cannabis E-Commerce Menus Explained | Dutchie, Jane, Meadow, Weedmaps

Brandon Quan | Founder

Published: February 15, 2023

Your current way of doing online ordering for your dispensary might be ruining your business. Watch this video to find out why!


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Hey guys, back at it again with another video. Here I am explaining cannabis e-commerce menus,the importance of them and how,the current way that you’re using your e-commerce menus could possibly be ruining your business. Now, before I get into all of that, I need to explain what iframe embeds are.

Now, think of an iframe as a small window within a webpage that then displays content from another webpage. Now, in the case of cannabis retailers, this allows Dutchie, meadow, Jane Weedmaps, Leafly, et cetera, et cetera, to then embed a shop onto your website without you having to go through the trouble of uploading every single item and skew and picture and description onto your website, saving you a ton of time.

However, this does come with some disadvantages, which I will discuss later. Now, how does this actually work in practice while these software companies use these iframe embeds to integrate their ordering platform onto websites of cannabis retailers? Now, how does that work? Retailer will then add an iframe embed to their website.

The customer will then visit the website, and then they can go ahead and place an order. So now, two very simple examples,for both Jane and then Dutchie over here is that I can go ahead. There is an eye frame and bet on this website. So it’s a small piece of code that allows me to gain access to the different companies,servers that then have the products that these companies are then selling, right? So for example, if I wanna buy these Forbidden Fruit gummies, I just go here at decart,you cart and checkout, place an order, proceed to checkout, boom, good to go.

And then same thing with this company. If I want Alien, og, I go here at decart, proceed to checkout, right? Very, very simple. And the reason why a lot of retailers like this is, again, it’s it’s, it’s a very easy way for you to sell products online, cuz all you need to do is embed a code onto your website, which then provides an eye frame in bed, and the eye frame in bed will then essentially handle everything else, right? Because the ordering is now going through the different platforms like the dodgy dutchy, meadow chains, and weed maps and leaf leaves, and all of them, instead of you having to manually go through it on your website.

Now, like I said, the massive benefit of this is that it saves you tons and tons of time, but there are some disadvantages which may be not necessarily ruining your business, but I think there’s a massive opportunity that will help you drive significantly more sales towards your dispensary. Now, what does all this have to do with seo?to bring it in a nutshell, Google then is a search engine that allows you to find websites.

When you search for something, Google will then look through all the websites to find the ones it it thinks that is most relevant to the thing that you’re searching for. Now, the Google’s bots or crawlers, right? They use the URLs to navigate the website and find new pages to crawl, right? They follow links from one page to another, and then the bots can discover new content.

Right? Now, if you remember what an iframe in embed was, an iframe in bed is just a small window within a webpage that displays content from another webpage, right? So Google can’t actually see that your website contains this product. It can only see your eye frame, right? So on these websites, even though all these products can be seen by me as a customer, right? I can see all of these products on the website myself, but in Google’s eyes, right? Google’s a robot.

Google can’t see these websites because all of this is done within an eye frame in bed. Another good example of this is, let’s say you wanted to put a YouTube video on your website, right? You can embed the YouTube video, right? And your video isn’t hosted on your website, it’s hosted on YouTube, but all you’re doing is embedding the YouTube video onto your site.

So it’s the exact same thing. You’re embedding these products onto your site, right? Andthe problem is, is that because Google can’t crawl these pages, you’re losing out on all the traffic that would otherwise be searching for these products, right? So if we go to this company, for example, the artist tree down here,you’ll see that they have what’s called an SEO menu, right? And you’re probably,been in conversations with your existing providers about they’re saying, get this SEO menu, get this SEO menu, pay X amount of dollars and get this SEO menu, right? Like it’s,the, the new the new and latest greatest thing right? Now,I’m not sure about the new latest and greatest thing, but I do see its advantages and which is why I’m making this video, right? So,this is just a company and they use Jane, and like I said, you probably have a bunch of other of your providers that also provide their version of an SEO menu.

But in general, how it works is that it functionally works the same thing as the iframe in embed. But the one advantage is that these pages are now getting indexed by Google, right? And going here,you’ll be able to see that,these products can now be ordered byanybody who ends up going on these different websites.

Now,to give you an idea of how I can tell that these websites are being indexed by Google and what you can see is that going here, you have these search parameters within Google. If you type in site Colon, then your website, you will see while websites are currently being indexed by Google. Because if your website isn’t being indexed by Google, it doesn’t matter whatever anybody searches online, if you don’t show up on inside Google’s database, then it doesn’t matter, right? So if we go scroll down here and we go to like, let’s say the 10th page, right? You’ll notice 12th page.

You’ll notice that there are products listing in Google, right? So this is an index of the Artist Trees products. This is, that’s all it is, right? So if I go here and I go to pancakes or Dream State,or,Liata, you can see here that the products that I ended up clicking automatically get me to the set product that I clicked on, if that makes sense, right? So,the difference here is that if I go to the Space Buds website, right? Like we remember that this website here, if we go down here, we can see that there are no,pages being indexed by Google that are related to the specific products, right? Like even if I go to this forest page here, it’s all just like it’s legal pages or it’s like old non index websites, or it’s old websites.

right here, you know, this is a conspiracy number five,just different pages on the website, right? So if you’re very curious, you can, can go about websites type in site, and then you can see kind of like what pages that they might forget are being indexed by Google, right? But even here,you can see that there are no products specifically, right? So screenshots, cropped images, blurred backgrounds like upper cervical swoosh only.

I’m not too sure what that is. I’m not gonna click on that one, but something like who we are, right? Who we are is obviously gonna get indexed by Google. But you can see here, despite all of the products that they have available, none of them are being seen by Google. So the problem is, is that when somebody types in Farmers Reserve, theyreserve glazed Apricot or apricot, however, the way you want to say it,Google doesn’t know that they can attribute this product specifically to your website.

Right? Now, if you have a million different products on an iframe embed, again, it doesn’t matter cuz nobody will see it. But if you have a million products, or in this case 833 products, you’re missing out on 833 potential pages you can have on your website that will additionally drive traffic to your website, right? So to very quickly re-summarize, most cannabis dispensaries are using an iframe bed, which is great.

Like I have nothing against iframe embeds fundamentally because of their ease of use. And I know how difficult it would be to try and manage all these products by themselves.integrating with the pos, integrating with the SKUs, it’s a complete nightmare, right? But if we can also get the advantages of SEO and know that whenever somebody types in,different, descriptions on Google, right? And I can then have comfort knowing that with all of the products that I have, I have a greater chance of capturing more of the traffic online.

And the more traffic that I, that I pick up, let’s say I want to pick up a cruise, the more likelihood a customer’s gonna want to purchase, the more likelihood a customer’s gonna want to purchase, the more likelihood they’re gonna come back, right? So,like I said, this was a very commonly asked question.

and I know a lot of you guys are using iframe embeds right now. So I woulddefinitely recommend you at least,take a look with your existing vendors to see like,if they have an SEO menu and if they’re providing it, definitely at least see if this is something that’s right for you. Now,if you’re looking for any other marketing strategies, you want to talk about this in a little bit more detail, you can schedule a chat with me in one-on-one, just go to

Or if you’re just looking for more,marketing strategies in general, you can click the subscribe button.but I’ll have all the documentation in the bottom. But for now, you guys have a awesome day. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

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Brandon Quan

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