Best Way to Research Audiences for Cannabis Marketing SEO

Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to cannabis marketing than hitting these key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Keyword rankings
  • Online sales
  • Time spent on the website
  • Website traffic

The target audience also plays a crucial role in advertising cannabis or CBD.

Cannabis SEO Strategy

It’s crucial for you to fully understand your target audience through collecting information and conducting an analysis. The data from the analysis should be your basis for creating a cannabis SEO marketing campaign. Highly qualified potential customers are important and should be prioritized. They are the ones who can lead to a higher overall website conversion rate, increasing your revenues considerably.

How can this research and analysis best be conducted? Working with a cannabis digital marketing agency that will ensure that, among other things, your website is already up and running with an installed, active Google Analytics. 

Read on for tips on the best way to research audiences for cannabis marketing SEO:

Don’t Just Answer ‘Who’, Answer ‘Where’

Identifying who has been visiting your website is actually only half of it. You need to know where they’re coming from as well. If your Google Analytics isn’t set up properly, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many cannabis and CBD companies have this on their end as well.

A simple yet typically overlooked step is to turn on the Demographics & Interests reports of a website’s Google Analytics. Audience data collection relies on that function, so without it, there will be nothing to analyze in the first place. This is what allows you to figure out the age range, average locations, and online interests of website visitors.

Cannabis advertising can be more pointed and strategic with all that customer data. Having that information allows for a clearer direction regarding demographics that should be focused on more and focused on less. The advertising can be targeted for particularly lucrative areas geographically. This can all help in the adjustment and optimization of the blog content you’re putting out as part of your marketing strategy. 

Make Use of Keyword Research

Almost all other platforms have a huge number of advertising restrictions on them. SEO, on the other hand, has absolutely none. Take the time to research long-tail, semantically related and short-tail keyword phrases with relevance to your products. Make sure to keep search intent and relevance per keyword phrase as you go along.

Collect around 25-40 highly targeted keyword search phrases, then select a top 5 from that. Research the five you chose in order to get a clear view of their associated demographics. Google Trends is a great tool for audience demographics data.

Identify Typical Questions Your Possible Target Market Is Asking

Users don’t always have to visit the website of a company when they search for an answer to a question on Google. You need to determine what the most-asked or frequently asked questions are, then publish an SEO-optimized blog on your website with that information. That way, your chances of showing up on the first page or as a direct answer improve considerably.



Cannabis digital marketing gets a huge boost from SEO. This is why determining the target audience is key, so the campaign can be crafted with them in mind. Be sure to not just answer ‘who’ but also ‘where’, make use of keyword research, and identify typical questions asked by your possible target market.

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