Backlinks – Are They Still Important for Cannabis SEO?

Much like dabbing and percolators, link-building has become one of the hottest topics to take the world of cannabis (or cannabis marketing, specifically) by storm. 

While many may not see it as something different from regular SEO, the process of creating backlinks for everything canna-related is unique in itself. However, the buzz surrounding marijuana backlinks is a fixed affair because you have differing perspectives from experts and online bud marketing veterans alike:

  • A side that believes links have lost their previous value because user engagement is much more impactful than marijuana backlinks, and;
  • A side that’s all for backlinks and believes that properly using them will bring any cannabis-related website to the A-list of search results across a range of keywords.

And it doesn’t help that Google remains quite ambiguous about where it will go in terms of cannabis link-building. 

The Importance of Backlinks for Cannabis Websites

As the saying goes: “It isn’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.” In the case of all things cannabis SEO, this means that marijuana backlinks are still the king of the heap when it comes to impact on the success and effectiveness of strategies. 

Whether marijuana backlinks are the first or fourth most important thing in the world of canna-related SEO, the fact of the matter is that they always belong in your ever-evolving strategy. When done correctly, healthy backlinks can work wonders to achieve the kind of progress that your website needs to start scaling and growing in the long run! 

Link-Building Strategies That Can Help Your Cannabis Website Grow

The American marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors to date, and you’re probably wondering about what you can do to rise high above the competition. Fortunately, link-building can potentially give you the competitive advantage needed to stand out and succeed, especially if you use these strategies and tactics to rank: 

1. Go Hard with Your Content Marketing

When it comes to achieving success in your link-building efforts, nothing gets the job done better than when you use content marketing to your advantage.

Whether you’re looking to draft ultimate guides, expert round-ups, or power pages, creating helpful and impactful informational articles will help puff up link counts to your website. Thanks to the sheer amount of attention and traffic that you’re going to get from the content that you put out, you’ll be able to get your backlink counts sky-high!

2. Create More Infographics

Here’s something you need to know: most of the fans or stalwarts of the cannabis industry absolutely love infographics—and this can be an opportunity for your link-building efforts.

Using infographics with articles or social media posts can boost the number of backlinks that you can build. This is because the combination of graphic design with valuable information will make your audience much more likely to share your content. This is why we at Cannabud Marketing love using infographics for passive efforts! 



With the growing competition as the cannabis industry expands more than people ever expected, you must invest part of your resources in link-building efforts. With this guide, your canna company gets the competitive advantage it needs to thrive and see remarkable results.

Cannabud Marketing offers dispensary marketing services in the United States for cannabis business owners that want to take their advertising to the next level. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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Brandon Quan

About The Author: A digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, Brandon Quan is wildly known as the top marketing expert within the Cannabis Industry.

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