6 Tips to Boost SEO for CBD Businesses

Countless modern businesses use the Internet to make their brand known, which also applies to CBD businesses. SEO is one of the most commonly used digital marketing methods because it yields good results. 

If your business is lucky enough to rank for the best possible keywords, but your organic search prospects aren’t making a purchase on your website, chances are your place on search engine results pages (SERPs) will drop. This gives the search engine an impression that your website doesn’t contain the relevant information that can solve the searcher’s queries, which is why it happens. 

If you want to change that, this article will help you. Read on below for some tips on how to boost SEO for your CBD business.

#1 – A Fast, Mobile-Responsive Website

Your landing page must always load fast. If it takes at least more than 5 seconds to load, chances are your website’s visitors will not make a purchase. They will then look for a faster website that can accommodate them, and most of the time, this is one of your competitors. 

In other words, they will stay on your website for longer and will search for what they need if they aren’t wasting time waiting for pages to load.

Additionally, your website should also be accessible via mobile devices. After all, most people won’t bother opening a desktop computer or a laptop because smartphones can do the same thing.

#2 – Always Fix Everything

User experience is a top priority when it comes to any online shop. Let’s say that your website ranked high enough on SERPs and was clicked on by a prospective customer. 

If a 404 error greets that prospective customer from your website, they’ll leave and go to your competitors instead.

#3 – Add Relevant Content to Your Website

The only way to convince someone to purchase something from your website is by showing them relevant information and how they can benefit from it.

There are many kinds of relevant content that you can add to your website. These could range from written blog posts to infographics and education videos about your CBD products. The latter is incredibly effective because most people are visual learners. Written posts must contain the relevant keywords, or else your website won’t rank.

#4 – Make Use of Internal Links

If your website has a blog, internal links should be added to the blog posts. Internal links are links to previous blog posts that have been written and posted in the past. 

It’s also essential to make sure that the internal links added are still relevant to the current blog post that’s being written to reinforce the keyword, optimizing your website’s SEO performance.

#5 – Add a Website Search Feature

The rule of thumb when it comes to any online shop is to add a search feature. This is important because even if a visitor goes to your website, it’s most likely that they won’t immediately find what they’re looking for. 

A search feature adds to the positive user experience, which also increases user engagement on your website.

#6 – Add Calls to Action

If a visitor goes to your website, you have to convince them that they need your product. The best way to do this is by adding calls to action (CTA) at the end of your blog posts. A simple “buy now” isn’t going to cut it because a CTA must have substance.

If the CTA works, it increases user engagement on your website, spurring the visitor to the action of buying something from you.



Effective SEO practices can help grow your CBD business. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above so that customers will flock to your brand! 

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals.  The CBD industry as a whole is considered a niche market. Marketing a CBD brand can be pretty hard, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Cannabud Marketing is a cannabis advertising agency specializing in enforcing relevant digital marketing practices to help CBD businesses grow. It’s already hard to market any CBD business by traditional means, which is why we aim to help grow businesses using digital, modern techniques. Contact us today to learn more!

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Brandon Quan

About The Author: A digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, Brandon Quan is wildly known as the top marketing expert within the Cannabis Industry.

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