5 Sure Ways to Attract More Engaged Dispensary Customers

Cannabis is becoming one of the largest industries in the world. With its legalization, whether for medical or recreational use, more and more people are interested in learning about it. It’s no surprise that more and more people are now turning away from traditional pharmacies.

With this, people are relying on cannabis dispensaries to provide them with high-quality products and customer service. However, as dispensaries begin to pop up all over the place, owners need to know how to attract their customers.

To stay afloat in today’s competitive marketplace,  here are five sure ways to attract more engaged dispensary customers.

Know Why Customers Are Shifting to Dispensaries

The key to success is to understand where your customers are coming from. Without this knowledge, it’s impossible to improve your company and boost your sales. The more customers you bring to your dispensary, the more sales your dispensary will reap.

Some people are choosing dispensaries as a way to indulge without the need for a prescription. Others are choosing dispensaries because they have grown tired of dealing with doctors and healthcare providers. A 2015 study states that “lack of options can be a powerful incentive to pay for an illegal drug, and many believe they are being coerced into doing so.”

Although cannabis has been legalized in various states, this concept still applies to people who don’t have too many options that cannabis products (for medicinal use, for instance) and dispensaries can offer.

Offer a Variety of Cannabis Products

One of the key ways to keep your customers engaged is to offer them a variety of products. As long as they’re legal and if they’re consistent, your customers will stick around. Since cannabis can be many different things, there are a lot of ways to offer customers a range of options. Whatever you decide, be sure to provide plenty of it!

What other brands do to attract people is create cannabis-infused beverages. This made about $2 billion last year and is projected to make at least $3 billion by 2025. Aside from the edibles, Canna-infused drinks can grow exponentially with this current lucrative market of cannabis products.

Brands like Cann offer social tonics, which have a low dose of THC in sparkling seltzers, potent enough to make one feel good but enough to be social. Do your research and view your competitors to see which brands can inspire you in creating your variety of cannabis products.

Use Social Media for Promotion

As cannabis has become legal for recreational use in many US states, more and more people are becoming interested in it. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that dispensaries need to hire more staff to accommodate them. To attract new customers, they need first to attract their current ones.

Dispensaries should start their SEO-friendly websites and social media pages, allowing them to interact with their existing customer base and even reach new prospects interested in their products online.

Be Open to Feedback and Reviews

The most effective way to stay on top of what your customers are saying is to make sure you review your dispensary’s reviews regularly. Don’t be afraid to respond to all the feedback you receive from customers. However, it’s also important to watch out for abuse or fake reviews.

The dispensaries that manage to make it on the map and stay go the extra mile to connect with the community. For example, one dispensary owner that reached out to local media outlets and ran coverage on his dispensary went as far as to dress up for Cosplay to help attract young, interested customers.

Keep Your Prices Competitive

Cannabis can be costly, but it’s up to dispensaries to make sure that customers are attracted to their offerings. More often than not, this means keeping prices competitive.

Of course, many customers will turn to a cannabis product (even if they are a bit expensive) once they see how great the product is. However, there are other options for those who don’t have the money to spend on high-end cannabis products.

By keeping prices low, dispensaries can create brand loyalty and inspire shoppers to return. So when the price tag on their products gets too high, dispensary owners can simply raise the prices on their non-medical products, and they will have a ready-made customer base.

Customers who bought other, more expensive products are now more likely to buy their products since they’re more expensive.


In the industry of cannabis, it is essential to remain adaptable to changes not just in how you promote your products but also in how you keep your existing dispensary customers in the loop while attracting new customers at the same time. It’s really how you interact with the people who benefit from your dispensary. How you always creatively go above and beyond their expectations that will make your business rise among your competitors!

Cannabud Marketing offers digital marketing solutions for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses to grow their marketing in the digital space. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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