3 Ways to Dominate the Modern Cannabis Industry

The wonderful world of ganja is gaining traction in modern-day society. Dispensaries are opening up worldwide, and many people are starting to get into smoking marijuana. With the wide decriminalization of various cannabis products, this natural plant’s enjoyment is expected to grow throughout the coming years nationwide. 

In the cannabis industry, many new people are entering the legal age of use, which means that dispensaries will want to seize the opportunity to run marketing campaigns. It might seem a bit off-putting to approach just any digital marketing agency you see online, which is why you’ll want the services of a cannabis advertising specialist. Whether you need medical marijuana advertising or a full-scale dispensary package, there are things you need to consider when promoting your business to the public. 

Here are some ways to gain traction in the modern market of cannabis:

1. Promote Yourself as a Reputable Source of Information


With plenty of budding cannabis enthusiasts, they’ll likely be overwhelmed with all the new terms and strains of cannabis available. Even CBD products can be a bit confusing to deal with, but compare this to the hundreds of marijuana strains with varying THC levels, and you have a whole different science. You’ll want to focus your efforts on educating people on the benefits of using the plant and how to select the right mix for the job. Many cannabis advertising campaigns often focus on selling rather than fully educating future weed connoisseurs, where misuse and bad experiences happen. 


Use marijuana SEO services to boost online visibility, as these content writers are well-versed in smoking up and will provide invaluable education for new viewers. When you prioritize this, you become a source of one of the more reputable vendors because of the value you give people online. 

2. Social Media Matters


Promoting your dispensary using social media marketing for cannabis will help boost visibility in local areas that have legalized its use. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are invaluable methods that marijuana businesses can use to do cannabis and medical marijuana advertising. Social media’s reach is far more significant and can even gather organic traffic towards your dispensary landing page on your website. 


Social networking advertising is a great targeting tool, as it can push ads to the right demographics. If you want to hide weed promotions from minors, you can do this by tweaking sponsored ad settings on Facebook and other platforms. Since people typically use their real names and details on accounts, there is better targeting for social media marketing for cannabis. 

3. Have a Well-Designed and Optimized Website


The modern user of cannabis is the legal-aged youth and beyond, especially the oldest Generation Z members and the youngest millennials. Young internet users can sniff out badly optimized websites and be skeptical about a site that doesn’t look like it was crafted with modern design trends. If your dispensary landing page looks like something from the early 2000s, then this may be met with some skepticism. People like to see clean webpages that are informative and easy to navigate, which is true for all industries. 

Cannabis advertising has to be backed up with a good website, as any investments you make in a specialized digital marketing agency will be met with failures. Be sure to invest equal amounts into the optimization of your homepage, as this is where the bulk of sales and information gathering will take place. 



The rise of ganja is beautiful to see; with lawmakers easing up on the magic plant, it’s almost sure that the world will finally see the benefits of using it. People are starting to enjoy it legally, which reduces the risks of crimes relating to marijuana. However, the battle is far from over. Dispensaries must continue to educate people on responsible cannabis use and work as ambassadors with a good track record, which a cannabis marketing agency can help boost. 

Cannabud Marketing is a premium marijuana marketing agency that provides cutting-edge SEO, website design, and social media management for all things cannabis. With our services list, the niche discussion on ganja will be something different for a change. Get in touch with us to grow your dispensary today!

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Brandon Quan

About The Author: A digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, Brandon Quan is wildly known as the top marketing expert within the Cannabis Industry.

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