3 CBD Keyword Research Tips for Quick and Easy SEO Gains

In recent years, CBD and marijuana dispensaries have been making waves in the digital arena due to the use of effective marketing strategies that highlight the product’s benefits. However, if you truly want to push your company’s reach to a whole new level, you need to up your SEO game by doing some keyword research. If done well, this can significantly help all your other marketing efforts, like content and social media marketing. Here are some keyword research tips that can help you optimize your website and your marijuana marketing efforts.

1. Consider the Search Intent of CBD Users

When choosing targeted keywords for your cannabis business, one thing should always be on your mind—search intent. Knowing why your users search using certain keywords is essential as it gives you a unique perspective on their search behavior.

If you own an eCommerce website selling CBD products, consider more specific search terms like “buy cbd vape oil” or “buy cbd oil online 1000mg” instead of more broad phrases like “what is CBD.” This is because the more specific keywords show what the user intends to do with their query. It shows the intent to buy CBD oil online as opposed to just finding out more information about CBD in general.

2. Search Volume for Trending Search Queries

If you’re running a website to promote your CBD or marijuana-based products, you need to pay attention to search volume. In simple terms, search volume is a metric that shows the average number of monthly searches for a particular keyword phrase in a given geographic area. You’ll find that many keyword research tools utilize this metric as well because of the valuable insights you can get from it.

Suppose that the search volume for a given CBD-related keyword is relatively high. This shows that many people are using that exact same keyword whenever they’re typing a search query. That piece of information already tells you a lot about that keyword. Other than being popular, it also means that it’s also quite competitive and that many other companies are vying for the same keyword. Knowing which keywords are popular or not will give you a better idea of which keywords you should use on your website.

3. Ranking Difficulty for CBD Websites

Aside from search volume, there’s also another metric called ranking difficulty that you need to consider. Ranking difficulty basically shows you which terms will be harder to compete with for existing search results versus those terms that would be easier. By combining the data you get from search volume with the ranking difficulty, you can filter out keywords that may not look valuable to you at all. Instead, you can focus on keywords used by many people but are just competitive enough for you to contend with. In other words, it can let you choose your battles and consider the ones where you have a higher chance of winning.


Keyword research can be a complex and challenging task for many dispensaries and CBD businesses. However, just knowing these tips can help you get an edge over your competitors. Consider revisiting your SEO and keyword strategies and try incorporating these tips to see how much your site’s performance improves over time.

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